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  1. Lucky90210

    Celebrating A Classic! Forever a fun album.
  2. Lucky90210

    Medellín/Bitch I'm Loca (double single) Faz Gastozo Crazy I Don't Search I Find Crave
  3. Lucky90210

    Yes those are just thumbnails to a larger digital book that I designed while self isolating.
  4. Lucky90210

    Another great decade!
  5. Lucky90210

    This was a fun deep dive project for me to do in my spare time. Enjoy!
  6. Lucky90210

    So many crazy good photoshoots from 4 decades.
  7. Lucky90210

    Sorry the first page uploaded out of order. I put together a sketch for the coffee table book that she needs to release. So many crazy good photoshoots. It was a fun deep dive. More decades to come!
  8. Lucky90210

  9. Lucky90210

  10. Lucky90210

    She had more range in her image in one decade than most have in their entire careers. Chamelon. Not afraid. SO Fun!
  11. Lucky90210

  12. Lucky90210

  13. Lucky90210

    Having some time on my hands had me making a digital Madonna book. She needs a proper coffee table book.
  14. Lucky90210

  15. Lucky90210

    Great cd. #justiceforbedtimestories