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  1. Ugh she is not Janet. I can't believe how lazy Janet got.
  2. New album soon I hope. It only took 6 weeks to write and record Like A Prayer. Why does it have to take so long now? Bang it out M it aint that deep.
  3. She needs to so a deal with AMC and play it at theaters this Summer!
  4. Crazy For You is about gay men. Inspired by her nights at the Roxy. Listen to the lyrics and it will make sense. She includes it at the end of her ballroom as a reminder that she has always loved the gay community. Also, TUTBMP Is about friends lost to AIDS and the end of the NYC club scene as she knew it. Funny how two of her biggest ballads are about gay men and nobody knew it.
  5. You know Madonna has a whole album waiting to be released. Likely the first video as well. Cover art, first single art probably too. I fully think she was going to drop her album before her tour last summer but it obviously was postponed. I also think she was going to use the tour to promote the first single, we all know the ending of her show was supposed to be longer, most likely ending with her new single. All speculation but it is what I've always felt.
  6. Taylor Swift proves you can put out a quality album every two years. why does it take these Legends so long to do it.
  7. Her Boston show tickets are so much cheaper than NYC.
  8. It was dreamlike and unreal. I saw the famous opening outfit w/ jacket live! I remember it so well and running around the arena trying to take better seats (something you did as a young teen in the 80's)! I remember her humping her boom box and talking dirty lol. The whole place was vibrating with Madonna wannabes and it was everything you would expect it to be and much more. I bought her tour book and the next day everyone in the neighborhood couldn't wait to see it. And then a few moths later the Dress You Up video premiered and I went nuts because it brought it all back to life for me and the people I went with. I'm so lucky that I got to do that!
  9. It's her best concert since Blonde Ambition. Clean, modern and expensive. She sounds and looks great. Drop Beast Within and Mother and Father and it would be perfect.
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