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  1. This doesn't feel like a fan forum. Where is the optimism and support? Taking all of the fun out of it. I have a friend who nit picked it to no end and I really would rather listen to my amazing 16 track remix cd than listen to him or anyone complain. I don't get it. What's not to like about a bunch of fun Madonna remixes. I must be a bad fan because I really wouldn't even know if these mixes were new or not. I lived through it all and I just remember liking them and listening until the next single came out. I have no idea about length of time, radio edit vs this remix, etc.
  2. This 100% should a smash summer single. It's so good and I love them together. Please release this M!
  3. For promotion, In August, with the release of the 50 #1s, I would have her drop a new Everybody remix with a new video featuring "Everybody" who's hot in music today. A celebration of artists coming together is so todays vibe. Capitalize on the 40 year anniversary of Everybody at the same tome. IN OCTOBER I would have her release the Erotica 30 year anniversary edition complete with a reissue of the sex book. FIRE!
  4. Cool! M still making a list with her music in 2022. We are going to see different chart results from M now that she and we are all up on streaming.
  5. I'm sick and tired of the worry. Who cares if she is a trainwreck. Last years pride was super fun and unexpected and looks better today than it did then. She's having fun and it's not 1985 anymore so I'm going to enjoy her performance and appreciate that she is even there AND doing her classics none the less. Bring it Madonna you crazy bitch with your super fun new remix cds and ever lasting relevance.
  6. I 100% agree with you about the IC. I think they should have done the same with Finally Enough Love. It should be an expanded multi disc deluxe edition of You Can Dance titled "You Can Dance: 50 Number Ones".
  7. I pre-ordered both cd versions. Love the cover and what they are doing with it for her homepage, social media and the Into the Groove digital kick off single release. I think her booklets will be just her single covers and credits and I'm okay with that. Its not a career retrospective. The announcement got a lot of attention and so will the release. You can tell she has WB's behind her. I see a lot of acts put out boxsets and nobody knows because the artist is not involved and doesn't promote it. I give Madonna much credit for doing this for us. And I like the concept of editing the original remixes. I never thought of that. The time on Into the Groove is cut in half and it makes the remix so much fresher, cleaner and upbeat. I look forward to hearing all of the new edits. This is not the time to be mad at Madonna this is what we have been waiting for and it's already excellent.
  8. Who cares how she looks? Everyone is pretty these days, even the ugly ones. Haven't you heard?
  9. Cool. Hopefully some threads will get more optimistic and into the new Madonna era. It's inspiring.
  10. Hey, Yes it was. And his KiKI Lounge channel on Sirius XM plays really great music with plenty of Madonna. He's a cool guy.
  11. Madonna Is ‘Throwing Her Heart and Soul’ Into Biopic https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/madonna-is-throwing-her-heart-and-soul-into-biopic-details/
  12. Madonnageddon: who will survive ‘gruelling’ auditions to play pop icon? https://www.smh.com.au/culture/movies/madonnageddon-who-will-survive-gruelling-auditions-to-play-pop-icon-20220311-p5a3vc.html The hype is ramping up.
  13. I am so looking forward to the official WB announcement. I can wait. I have plenty of time.
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