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  1. 12 Monkeys (movie not TV show) 1984 (novel, though the movie is good, too) The Terminator (1 and 2) Brave New World (novel) to name just a few ...
  2. I’ve never liked the album version - and yes, it’s subpar to the rest of the album IMHO.
  3. 1) GMAYL (by far her worst song ever let alone lead single) 2) Hey You (when bad things happen to well-intended songs) 3) Miles Away 4) Devil 5) Dance Tonight (all three because of T&T) 6) Take a Bow (Snoozefest Deluxe. Only grace is the video) 7) Like a virgin (Always thought it was too girlie. BAT’s version is amazing though). 8) SEX (if Dita was a cheap hooker) 9) Cry Baby (even I'm going Bananas has its moments) 10) Me Against the Music (Slutty Britney and Post Guy R-Madonna would have been great. This not so much).
  4. At the end of the day, the only difference between the 2012 and the 2016 releases are the cover. The actual vinyls are identical. Someone in here posted a link. I highly recommend re-reading that article. So if you already have the releases from 2012, then all you are buying now is the new cover with the better artwork quality. That's it. Here is the link: http://www.madonnadiscography.pl/article/view/117 If you own the original releases, then you absolutely do not need any re-release because the masters which were used for the 2012/16 editions are, in most cases, inferior to the original ones.
  5. As I've mentioned before, I did order the 180g Erotica vinyl (released Aug 12th) from Amazon.com and still only received the old edition which I am returning asap.
  6. That's what I did and I still received the 2012 edition, unfortunately.
  7. Where can I find the Erotica re-issue from 2016? I bought both vinyls (BS und Erotica) from Amazon.com and received the European edition from 2012 instead.
  8. Seriously, we do not even have to talk about this: causing a commotion!!!
  9. Causing a Commotion. What more is there to wish?
  10. I am shaking quite honestly. I can't go to sleep now. What a horrible night. I feel so gutted. Hope she is fine!!!
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