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  1. Gonzalo

    I haven't seen it but, according to critics, it's one of her best ever
  2. Gonzalo

    She should stop and rest, and while at it, record a new album
  3. Gonzalo

    Oh, I also have Bedtime Story storybook, one of my faves
  4. Gonzalo

    No I don't. I don't collect EVERYTHING she put out, but certain periods of her career, or eras. Otherwise I would spend my whole life collecting and I would have to be very rich. Her collectors stuff seems endless
  5. Gonzalo

    "Broken" is a rare item too. Oh, and I have the shaped picture-disc of Crazy for you 1991
  6. Gonzalo

    Unfortunately I don't. But I will. I want a sealed one and it's hard to find. Last year a found a sealed one for U$S 400 but it was gone too quickly. It's not so expensive. But the shipping and taxes make it so
  7. Gonzalo

    I have all these except the velvet edition of BS and Fever. But at least I have the Fever numbered picture disc
  8. Gonzalo

    What's the Rescue me instrumental? Pleaee tell me about it
  9. Gonzalo

    It is. But I've seen some on Ebay
  10. Gonzalo

    Albums: Bedtime story (Limited edition blue velvet) Ray of light (Limited edition) Fever (Double red vinyl) Singles: Holiday (Picture disc) 1991 Deeper and deeper (Picture disc) 1992 Bedtime story (UK 12''vinyl maxi w/hologram
  11. Gonzalo

    Is Ashley a He, She or They? I dn't understand
  12. Gonzalo

    Come back Ashely, you are missed. You always were really kind and nice to me. I hope you're OK
  13. Neither is close to my heart, but others certainly are. Kevon, on what grounds do you compare these two songs? They're both so different, they've nothing in common
  14. Gonzalo