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  1. I haven't watched any on those films yet, but I will. Did you know that the soundtrack to "Tourist trap" was commercially available? I had it in MP3 but I can't find it, it's VERY weird
  2. I would change her hair and wardrobe only. Perfect make-up, IMO the best of all. I remember seeing her in a restaurant in BA back in 1993. I was dining with my parents some 5 meters away from her table. People were making harsh and snide remarks about her appearance, it was outraging. I was in awe that she was there, but I remember thinking her hair or haircut was not very becoming for someone of her height. Yeah, she is very small. At one point she saw me and I was paralized, her gaze is icy, sharp and piercing. I was just 20. It was such a magical night because I was still very excited about the Girlie Show that I'd just seen two hours before, and to coincide at the same restaurant was mind-blowing to say the least. On the flipside, I don't think this show has aged too well.
  3. I don't think it's a good song, But Like a flower is, it would have suited the album perfectly should it had a different arrangement.
  4. I know. I mean the regular, original version
  5. One of my fave horror films that I can remember right now is 1987's "Prince of darkness". And 1979's "Tourist trap". And "The omen" trilogy.
  6. I watched it a month ago. It starts well but it's a mess in the end
  7. I love it. I would have included on the album instead of Mer girl
  8. I was talking about the public in general, not her fans. The public who have hated, resented or critized her from 1984 onwards. Middle America. Are you not a ticked buyer? How would you like to see her? Which side are you on because frankly I don't get it
  9. Awfully hard. The same happened to three little cats I found 3 years ago. They were, for certain, two days-born. Three months later, I had to give them away
  10. I found this dog in a park last year. She was just a few hours-born, abandoned by her mother, and badly wounded. I raised her and nurtured her. Three months later, she turned into a beauty. And when she was strong enough, I had to give her up, sadly I couldn't keep her.
  11. She could either shorten her dates or alter the choreography in order to make it less demanding. On the other hand, I like this Madonna who's not afraid to show she's human after all, people would sympathize I guess.
  12. My horse's name is Arrow, my dog is Morrison and my cat, Blue
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