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  1. She's in this home just from less than 1 year, so i don't think she's selling up the home. Is very beautiful and in a quite street
  2. yes, she spent one year to restructure the home. The source is : every person who lives in Lisbon knows it, lol . She practically disemboweled and renovated an entire building with security systems near Santa Caterina.
  3. She bought a HUGE new home in Lisbon, so she will remain in Lisbon for now.
  4. Matte88

    Wrong. The Dancer said that Madonna has a problem and "who knows" about next dates. Is different. If you are a dancer with a job contract like this with Madonna, you can't talk about infos like these.
  5. Matte88

  6. Matte88

    I like it, so quite and beautiful! Remember me some songs from Bedtime Stories (thanx for the pm)
  7. Matte88

    Please, can you help me to find "Crave"?
  8. Matte88

    There was a rumour some months ago about a promo tour around the most famous city in small venues... I remember that
  9. Matte88

    For me...are 100% Fake. Paris on Sunday? From Berlin to Rome (at Palalottomatica?) . Therr are some news about 2 dates in Rome same days at Stadio Olimpico, but in October? Open Air? Same for Bern, at Stadium? Open Air? Bah
  10. Do you remember this story on instagram?