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  1. Medellin 2 weeks ago, i don't remember where....probably supermarket
  2. Is an unofficial private stream…so…
  3. Maybe is more than a tour book. Maybe is a tour BOOK like the one for confessions and sticky by Guy Oseary or maybe is a book like the one for Madame X sell online and in Rio and….expensive…We will see..
  4. Tour Book of course. This is the only one related to him
  5. Same in Copenhagen! Arrived at 7pm, without queue and…first row for my pleasure taken… Copenhagen all time for Madonna’s concert!
  6. Drowned World Tour Milan 14 June ReInvention Tour Paris 4 ReInvention Tour Paris 5 Confessions Tour Amsterdam 3 Confessions Tour Amsterdam 4 Sticky & Sweet Tour Rome Sticky & Sweet Tour Milan MDNA Milan MDNA Rome Rebel Heart Tour , Turin Madame X Paris 22 Celebration Tour Copenhagen 26
  7. No Weinstein , No Movie. This is the story. at the end of 2024 she will try with the biopic 2025 Celebration tour streaming and maybe Biopic release second part 2025 New Album 2026 New Tour
  8. Maybe they started to print the book for the original US Dates and now they needs to reprint the dates… We will see. In my opinion there will be a tour program…as always
  9. I know of course, but i don’t think that the problem about terrorism comes from “Christian people from semitic heritage” and i don’t think that Bataclan episode comes from Christian people. This world is full of Islamic GOOD and pacific people, but is also full of totally terroristic people. I would like just a quite situation to live ONE TIME this tour of Madonna, without terroristic tension, so i hope from her a totally 360 degrees peace statement, or much better that just a message and stop.
  10. Absolutely NOT!!! Madonna will be on tour in any case during a period of certain tension due to terrorist alerts and she is certainly surrounded by pro-Israel staff (the manager for example). I hope from her a 360 degree speech, on peace, on the fact that many people are dying in Palestine too and that is good idea don't takes a clear position only towards Israel (as Oseary is doing on his social networks in these days). she needs to be diplomatic and also about her fans who will go to see her in these months. We don’t need a politically statement against Islam in these days and there are so many creazy people ready to create panic outside , especially with these events.
  11. I hope a good word for both, and not only Israel…is not a good moment to put her fans in real bad situations at the show… Public relations and intelligence first of all, but with Guy Oseary there will be just good words only for Israel…
  12. For all my shows that i saw in my life, i remember only Madame X Tour in Paris 22 was very late when she started at 00:20 …VERY LATE. For the others, Drowned in Milan, Reinvention Paris, Confessions Rome/Amsterdam, Sticky Amsterdam/Rome/Milan, MDNA Amsterdam/Milan and Rebel Heart Paris, always in time or just no more that 30 minutes
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