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  1. Louis

    One of the more random things I’ve ever seen on TV was back in 2001 at the time of the DWT shows in London. On one of its digital channels the BBC broadcast the Nice BA show. I wish I’d recorded it to compare the quality of that broadcast with the various fan masters doing the rounds.
  2. Louis

    I loved the MDNA tour, the staging was one of her best and the set list was the perfect kiss off. I rank it along with Drowned World and the Girlie Show as her best tours.
  3. Louis

    250 for a book? I'd expect a titwank thrown in for that price.
  4. Louis

    It could be worse. Wasn’t she planning on a residency in Italy? Imagine Madame X in lockdown in Italy until April.
  5. Louis

    I’ve really enjoyed the album and show, the videos have also been excellent. I don’t think I’ve listened to a Madonna album as much as Madame X. It has been let down by piss poor management of the tour, but I still rate the whole era extremely highly.
  6. Louis

    I loved MDNA, it was Trolldonna at her prime. Dishing out Hung Up without the Abba sample was inspired, I can imagine her cackling at the fags trying to mince along to it.
  7. Louis

    Fancy the our bring cut short by an outbreak of the plague.
  8. Louis

    The only improvement would be to include Xstatic process and Intervention in the set list.
  9. Louis

    Like fuck is it her worst tour. None of her tours are completely shit, but Sticky & Sweet is her least favourite. Madame X is a totally different experience from her previous tours. I suppose my view is framed by the fact that Madame X is my joint favourite album alongside American Life. The tour is 5/5
  10. Louis

    That made me lol werk that keyboard girl.
  11. Louis

    Last night was another great show. This time we were in the stalls and it’s a little surreal seeing her so close oh, and Neil Tennant from the Pet Shop Boys was sitting right behind us. His favourite Madonna song is Borderline.
  12. Louis

    Lol we really are a nation of pissheads.
  13. Louis

    So a few more thoughts about Wednesday’s show. The warm up band which are part of the main show band are incredible, definitely worth seeing. I’d love her to work with them after the tour for a few shows of her back catalogue performed just with those four musicians For anyone going to future London shows, you’ll need to be in your seat for 8.00 to catch them. We got to the venue around 7.20 and were in our seats before 8.00 which includes time spent queuing for merchandise and a pre-show pee. The show is incredible, I loved how imaginative it was and the way different moods were created just with lighting, projections and moveable staircases The way the projections incorporated the walls and ceiling of the theatre and not just the stage was really impressive The audience and atmosphere were top notch, it seems the people moaning about the late start are mostly people who weren’t there. i can’t wait for next Wednesday which will be my second show, provided M doesn’t cancel.
  14. Louis

    What an awesome show, after two cancelled shows it was third time lucky. The performance of I Rise with the house lights on was amazing
  15. Louis

    Ok so I've booked 12th. Let's see if I can get a hat trick of cancelled shows. 😂