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  1. I think her vocals were at its worst during Sticky and MDNA. There was a clear difference during Rebel Heart. For the best. Honestly that era is severely underrated. The tour, her looks, vocals, performances, etc. She was in her mid 50s and she was amazing.
  2. Imagine expecting an almost 64 year old woman doing that on stage. You guys need a reality check. Those days aren't coming back and there's nothing she can do about it. No wonder why she has problems getting older with a fanbase like this.
  3. It won't chart until August. This early streaming release is more to promote the actual release in 2 months tbh. The only way for this to chart is if it gets an unusual number of streams...but it won't happen.
  4. Stadiums > arenas > theaters > clubs She's testing venues for her next tour
  5. Waiting for Madonna could be the name of her next tour btw
  6. Hope the tracks already available are going to be remastered as well. For now I only have access to the old uploaded tracks.
  7. Nop. I saw her last tour as she was amazing. I really don't pay attention to these smaller gigs where she rehearses for a week and that's it. The Maluma thing wasn't good but outside of that what performance has she given us since the tour? Before the tour she gave us Eurovision which sucked but the billboard awards performance was nice. This is a mid 60s female popstar trying to perform while dancing and singing live after hip surgery...we have no idea if she's 100% recovered. Like if she sucks....this is a small NFT gig that not many people will witness...no one will talk about it tbh
  8. I look at this as an extra release. I wasn't even counting on this when they released that PR announcement for her birthday last year. I also don't see this as any worse than Celebration. In fact the remastered Into The Groove sounds better tbh. I do find it weird that the cover for the standard edition is a depressing black and white picture. She's not dead yet...it's a dance music celebration..it deserved to be better.
  9. wtf...i hope this is just a bad picture because it looks terrible! my god...wtf
  10. This woman will never tour again. If she does it won't end well. If that's how she was singing during the 2nd song imagine in a 2 hour stadium show lmao. I still don't know what happened to this woman...but the woman that left the stage this day and came back for the Sticky & Sweet was already...different. Then MDNA was already a decline...and ever since then it's been worse. Whatever is going on with her i hope someone helps her. I wrote this topic in 2020...and i feel like this more than ever.
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