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  1. Honestly...am i the only one that has this weird fear that the tour will have a lot of these bad remixes?
  2. Honestly i'm just happy her instagram didn't reflect her actual face. I can still see the Ciccone face all over this video and i'm relieved.
  3. I don't know why you're trying so hard. The original PR statement literally stated what this deal was all about and it wasn't about releasing a remix collection or tracks we already have. The bolded part was the main selling point of this deal. It's not weird that people can feel underwhelmed by digital releases of songs they had for decades. You really think if this PR statement was about re-releasing Everybody, Who's That Girl (singles) and a remix collection that people would've been excited? My point is...yeah it's okay to enjoy these smaller releases, i do too... but this isn't what most people are waiting for. It's the album reissues and while we don't get those, it's okay if some are disappointed, that's all.
  4. The main event for this deal was never about Frozen remixes and droplets and digital-only single releases. The main thing are the album releases that we know are coming and those are yet to start. That's why the other user said it's been uneventful.
  5. Of course it has been boring. It didn't even start lmao. The main event are the album re-releases...and that's still to come. Her first album wasn't released 40 years ago yet. It's clear that's what they are waiting for.
  6. I just want this karaoke band to be gone. I miss the feeling of live instruments, for real.
  7. I heard on ATRL that the news was supposed to break this monday but was delayed until early January 2023. I mean...it makes sense. There's literally no hype for anything from her right now. It would come out of nowhere.
  8. Oh if you ask me what career i prefer since 2018 between Madonna and Kylie, i'd choose Kylie any day of the week for sure. Madame X as a concept was amazing: A secret agent that changes identities, each song / video being a different identity, is amazing on paper. It's like ALIAS (the TV show) but done by Madonna. The execution was a MESS. I actually expected us to get videos for all songs, we would actually understand who Madame X was, why he has an eyepatch...everything was rushed, it went nowhere, we got that Eurovision performance, everything was a damn mess. The only good memories from that era was the show i saw...but even that one wasn't a happy experience per say cause the show was darker, she didn't seem to be happy, she came on stage late, etc...
  9. She literally said she wants to tour on her latest interview actually. And how she misses touring and that's the place she likes to be the most
  10. Worldwide? Not in a million years. Kylie outsold Madonna in 2 countries worldwide: UK and Australia. Everywhere else Madonna sold more. Disco didn't even sell 300k worldwide, what are you talking about? Madame X sold more than that with USA and UK numbers alone. 170k in the USA alone...over 60k in the UK, France and Italy around 30k in each. That's already 290k in these 4 countries alone. And Kylie had 3 #1 albums since 2018...in a country: UK. Even Finally Enough Love, a remix album peaked at #1 in more countries than Disco. I won't even bring up Youtube views and spotify streams cause then poor Kylie. Is this a Madonna fansite? Jesus christ...some of y'all want madonna to be a loser so bad that even facts aren't posted anymore, lmao.
  11. Kylie's latest record didn't outsell or outstream Madame X, lmao.
  12. Doesn't take away that not only Madonna made it popular and it was Madonna that the production team watched using it, and that's what matters, lmao
  13. Not only that...Cher's biggest peak in the USA since she debuted in the 60's was a #3 with those 2 albums. Like...Madonna and Cher aren't even in the same ballpark. They never were.
  14. And it's official. She's #1 Madonna's #1 albums in Australia: 1986 - True Blue (2 weeks) 1990 - I'm Breathless (3 weeks) 1990 - The Immaculate Collection (5 weeks) 1992 - Erotica (2 weeks) 1994 - Bedtime Stories (1 week) 1995 - Something to Remember (1 week) 1998 - Ray of Light (1 week) 2005 - Confessions On a Dancefloor (1 week) 2008 - Hard Candy (1 week) 2012 - MDNA (1 week) 2015 - Rebel Heart (1 week) 2022 - Finally Enough Love (1 week) - All of her albums post Erotica only managed 1 week at #1 in Australia. - Her longest break without a #1 album was from Ray of Light to Confessions. Longer than Rebel Heart to Finally Enough Love even. (for a few months) Still incredible results and show what a career she's had!
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