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  1. Tiago Lisboa Rodrigues

    I mean...she records and releases a new album every 4 years. That's hardly attention whore behavior. I do hope you're right! She was going to direct 2 movies. One was canceled. Then there was another right? She was directing another one right? "She'll be helming Taking Flight about ballet dancer Michaela DePrince". But this was announced exactly 2 years ago. Is it safe to say the plan is also canceled?
  2. Tiago Lisboa Rodrigues

    2 years ago all we got were those selfies. Those damn selfies. This is a step in the right direction.
  3. Tiago Lisboa Rodrigues

    She doesn't even have a record deal and her deal with live Nation is complete. I have a feeling she's ending this tour and we won't hear about her recording career in a long time.
  4. Tiago Lisboa Rodrigues

    They only bothered to send that song to radios in the USA and Italy. It's weird. The entire album campaign was a bit messy
  5. Tiago Lisboa Rodrigues

    Medellin and Crave for the USA only. That was it as singles go.
  6. Tiago Lisboa Rodrigues

    Yes...i do mention that in my text. Because it's sad to see her going down that road FOR ME. Where in that text did i say she shouldn't do all that? It's her life, her choices. As a fan it's only okay for me to not enjoy it and if i want to comment on that...it's my right to do so. And yes, of course you can disagree with all of that post of mine, but me generalizing her fanbase...i mean...we got to the point Madonna is shitting on her biggest fans. It's clear a lot of people are frustrated with her this era and how this tour is being handled. Never in a million years ever did i expect a Madonna tour to be this dramatic. I mean...i'm clearly not alone. She was performing in stadiums 10 years ago and she's loving fado bars so much that next era she might be performing at bars exactly. She's been alienating her fanbase for years. It's quite obvious. Of course she's always going to have the diehard fans show up at her shows...but she's gaining a reputation of being unprofessional, hours late, and now...canceling shows left and right. These are simply facts. Her touring numbers don't lie. And yes...she will tour arenas i'm sure...and it's not all bad. Once the woman hits that stage it's all amazing. Her voice is better than...since Drowned World Tour (fight me on this tbh). Her presence is still all there and i loved going to the Madame X tour. It's the lead up to the shows that have gone wrong. All of this could be corrected of course...this isn't all "doom & gloom" for Madonna and not all is her fault. But a lot of it is. And going on Instagram posting videos on how "a queen is never late" after making people wait 3 hours for her show with no phones, no AC on, no nothing...she's really not helping is she?
  7. Tiago Lisboa Rodrigues

    I never said she should change to please me. Nice made up narrative you got there. No one in here is saying she should settle down and be with someone her age or that she should work with this or that producer or what she should wear or not...and in no way am i saying what she should do next. She can do what she pleases. That said, as a public figure and as a fan i can and have the right to open up this topic and comment on her awful change of behavior from the late 90's to 2020. I don't need to "step away" because i have an opinion. In fact, the OP isn't a diss at Madonna and it comes from a place of someone that actually cares and doesn't kiss her ass every single time. It's okay to be a fan of Madonna and still not enjoying every single thing she's doing. Specially with the rough year we're having right now as fans. (unless i also can't comment on that shameless lottery program, going on stage 3 hours late, "is she performing or not? is she canceling 2 hours before showtime or not?" etc).
  8. Tiago Lisboa Rodrigues

    I knew someone would post something like this. My original post is bigger than that. I see a woman with determination in both those years you mention. I see someone with a hunger and someone who knew what she was doing. Someone that even if you didn't like her, or even cared for her, you could see she knew what she was doing, had an audience and respected it and "fed" it as well. One was simply more mature than the other. But both were totally in control of their careers. That's not happening in 2019. Going from a stable relationship, respecting her audiences, presenting tours that you know people will care, going fully prepared for televised performances in your 40's to going to boy toys 40 years younger than you, changing your body / face, wearing grillz, padding in your ass, making tours 80% with album tracks, half-assed performances like Eurovision, the one she did with Drake, the Billboard awards and making her biggest fans waiting 3 hours for a show isn't evolving. Sounds more like de-volving for me both in terms of confidence in your appearance, in knowledge of your own business, etc. As you age you're supposed to become more confident, wiser, etc...this isn't happening to her, clearly. I thought i made it clear in the OP, sorry.
  9. Let's sit down guys cause this is going to take a while and i'm about to vent a bit: I was just watching Oprah's 1998 interview and then the Live Earth performance from 2007 for the first time in years...and i was thinking about how she looked like a completely different person back then. Not just physically, but her attitude as well. I also realized...it was the last time we saw old school Madonna on stage with no major cosmetic surgery and before the drama hit her marriage, before Hard Candy, before S&S tour and before she was considered to be "following trends instead of creating them" as people say. She was just...so cool and confident on that stage! Amazing vocals, dancing 100% of the time, choreo on point. That's who i fell in love with. A lot is said about how Guy Oseary taking over changed things...and even though i agree, it's also okay to point out how this was the point Madonna as a person changed, right? Am i alone in this? What do you guys think happened at the end of that marriage that shaped Madonna to being the person she is right now? She literally went from being an english housewife that writes children books and has a british accent to excessive plastic surgery, dating boytoys, an overall less secure person than before to the point she's not even comfortable on letting her ego share a talk show with other people. I mean...her Graham Norton show appearances even from 2012 to 2019 are night and day honestly. Career wise she always progressed in terms of ideas and you could feel an artistic evolution from her first album until American Life. Re-Invention Tour and the Confessions era was her "damage control" phase and worked for her. Why? She knew she had to deliver. Thinking only about herself and her artistic growth wouldn't get her anywhere and this IS a business after all. She was still modern, but doing 70's inspired disco music and that attracted multiple generations but everyone thought she was the coolest. i remember it so well. It was also the first Madonna era i was a fan of hers. My parents loved her, i was almost 18 and loved her. My cousins weren't even 10 and loved her. How did we go from this to wearing grillz, dating boy toys, that Drake kiss, Bitch I'm Madonna phase, whatever she did at that VMA award where she told that Aretha Franklin story that went nowhere while dressed like...that. Going completely unprepared to Eurovision. How bad her vocal preparation was for that and even the BB Awards performances, and most of all...how unprofessional she became? She was going through hell during S&S in 2008 and somehow she always kept it professional. Yes she could start a show like half an hour after its initial time...but nothing major. How did we go from that stadium tour to a theater tour that couldn't be worse organized, from that lottery program, to delayed shows at the start of the tour, then each city, then cancellations 3 hours before showtime, to Madonna saying she's being censored by the UK's curfew? Like...she's been performing there since the 80's. She always did her shows because she showed up on time. How can she not realize all this? I always loved her, and i think i always will...but Madonna since Eurovision has been even harder to be...likable, even as a diehard fan. Never in a million years i ever expected Madonna to perform to an audience of over 200 million people completely unprepared like that. Is she really living in such a bubble that she doesn't realize everything bad she's doing to her career? Has she been told so many times how great she is, she actually started to believe she was? She was always great at this business because she knew her strengths and lows...which right now...she doesn't. Speaking of which...i won't even mention the fact she went on doing a stadium tour in 2012 with basically album tracks (and hits completely changed from their original versions) from an album that didn't sell 2 million copies. Just 4 years before, she did a stadium tour and of course...she did hits. You NEED to know your audience. Somehow...she doesn't anymore. And yes she was always bitchy, sometimes cocky, always had a dry and sarcastic sense of humor, that's still there to this day. But she was always a pro. A hard working pro. And we could always count on her to deliver and she was always the best at doing that. Now she can still be...after waiting for hours...in venues with no AC on, after we stressed for months over lottery programs, canceled shows, reschedules, etc. We also started to witness her victimizing herself more and more. Yes ageism exists...but you can't blame everything on sexism, ageism, etc. Look how she handled the SEX era. Watch those interviews from back then. She outsmarted everyone by being witty and confident. Now she cries on instagram. What happened? What do you guys think about all this? And please, if you're pretending "this is the same madonna as always"...let's not fool ourselves. She's a totally different person and it's okay to admit. I love her and will always. That's why this is a bit hard to witness. Even harder to see her vocals being so amazing right now. Where was all that before Eurovision? Madame X album recordings (it's clear she had no vocal training before doing this record), etc? Do you think all we need is a better team? What's next for her? What do you still expect from Madonna?
  10. Tiago Lisboa Rodrigues

    RIT was one of the least physical tours? I actually say that about Confessions. First section only Like a Virgin could be a bit demanding. She walks and poses for most of Future Lovers, Jump and Get Together. If you think about it...her first actual dance break happens in Isaac followed by Sorry. Third section you only got Let It Will Be. It was basically the entire last section that was physical. RIT you still had that Vogue/Nobody Knows Me moment. You got Express Yourself, Hanky Panky, Die Another Day, Don't Tell Me and the last section from 5 songs, 4 of them had heavy choreo.
  11. Tiago Lisboa Rodrigues

    This Madame X era is turning to be so frustrating for me. Like...her creativity is still in its right place...but the execution isn't. It's clear the 3 years she spent here in Portugal did nothing good for her. She stopped training her body and vocal chords. What do you get? Your body rejects training when you start doing it again and your voice fails. By the time she recorded the album her vocals were almost non-existent and started the promo campaign still with no vocal training in place (Billboard awards, Eurovision, etc). She already started the tour with amazing vocals and you could tell she had vocal training...but after a few months, she sounds even better! This Sound of Silence performance was literally planned from yesterday to today. She probably rehearsed it a couple times and this is how great she sounds? I wonder how Madame X album would sound if recorded right now?
  12. Tiago Lisboa Rodrigues

    We've known this woman for years / decades. I can only imagine what it's like for her to cancel anything career-related. I mean...it's in her blood. Her 90 something year old dad still works lol.
  13. Tiago Lisboa Rodrigues

    What David Fincher footage? What?
  14. Tiago Lisboa Rodrigues

    It's clear by now she KNOWS she's not performing 2 shows in 2 days in a row let alone 3 shows 3 days in a row. People are paying hotels, transportation, etc to see her only for her to cancel the day of each show. Why? Why not make the necessary cancellations right now? I mean...how hard is it to talk to her team about it right now? This isn't a simple injury. She knows what's going on with her. Madonna was known for being a professional and now suddenly i'm missing those days we didn't know if she was coming late on stage or not. Now she might show up or not? She's doing theaters at those prices. Her hardcore fanbase is the one she's screwing here. This isn't really something she's going to make people forget. If she tours again, a lot of people will fear something like this again. We have a lot of fans traveling through countries. If not this, the late night starts. If not that...the lottery programs. This tour has shown us Madonna and her "team" are barely on speaking terms with Live Nation really. I know a lot of people here will dismiss this post...but let's look at her touring career 10 years ago and now. This has nothing to do with lack of hits on her shows or ageism. It's her behavior. She's not thinking about her audience and what it takes for people to go watch her show. Now if we do get to have a ticket after all the lottery problems...she MIGHT or not show up. Even if she shows up she MIGHT or not show up on time. This was not happening years ago.
  15. Tiago Lisboa Rodrigues

    It's her fault and her fault alone.