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  1. Tiago Lisboa Rodrigues

    The problem with Madonna doing the post production of her last couple concert releases is that it does something she doesn't even realize: it only highlights her own insecurities. The way she tries to cover her own vocals with backtracks, autotune etc.,the filters trying to cover her real age (i mean...look at those amazing close ups during Vogue from IGTTYAS) and the fast cuts trying to make it seem like she's doing more than she actually does on stage now. I'd very much prefer her to just be more chill with all that. Look at Confessions Tour. Barely any choreo during that first section. First decent dance break during Isaac and then Sorry. Overall only the last section was heavy on choreography. Still the editing is crystal clear. Her vocals even if edited in some parts, it all still feels live. Both MDNA and Rebel Heart it all just feels messy. Also...including CD audios from those "live" experiences just make me laugh. Speaking of which...where is IGTTYAS on Spotify? They just erased it like that.
  2. Tiago Lisboa Rodrigues

    Her youtube channel has come such a long way in 3 years. I mean...by this time in 2017 we had her videos spread out between 4 channels (madonna, MADONNAVEVO, Warner Bros and Warner Bros Germany). Most of them were blocked in multiple countries, many of them actually missing from her channel. Now everything is unblocked, joined together in her channel, they uploaded all the videos and everything is much better organized. We even get remixes. What's missing is videos in 4K quality, merge together multiple uploads from the same song (i mean, La Isla could be almost at 600M views by this years end tbh) etc. Btw, not sure if you guys know, Madonna currently is actually watched a lot on youtube. Look at how she compares with everyone else: Current daily avg (and decade they started their careers) Shakira: 6,366,227 (90's) Ariana Grande: 4,656,622 (10's) Katy Perry: 4,464,826 (00's) Lady Gaga: 4,105,536 (00's) Beyoncé: 3,283,286 (00's) Madonna: 2,362,705 (80's) SIA: 2,361,580 (90's) Jennifer Lopez: 1,945,919 (90's) Adele: 1,711,112 (00's) Britney Spears: 1,655,607 (90's) Mariah Carey: 1,553,160 (90's) P!nk: 1,509,191 (00's) Whitney Houston: 1,263,812 (80's) Céline Dion: 974,361 (80's) Christina Aguilera: 775,185 (90's) Kylie Minogue: 341,334 (80's) Cyndi Lauper: 313,148 (80's) Cher: 221,692 (60's) Janet Jackson: 143,293 (80's) I mean...Madonna is literally the most watched female artist on youtube from all acts before Shakira (she's HUGE in South America) and not counting Shakira, Beyoncé is the next one and she started her solo career during the 00's. It's outstanding!
  3. Tiago Lisboa Rodrigues

    It's literally the same quality as we got on other fan uploads on youtube. Don't get your hopes up. But it IS something and it's great to see them actually caring about this.
  4. What i like is that Madonna never mentioned this guy. Not even ONCE! Yet his twitter is all about Madonna: (yes...he literally singled out Madonna on this Thanksgiving post.) Is this even healthy?
  5. Tiago Lisboa Rodrigues

    She waits so much for this. By the time she releases the hype is completely gone!
  6. Tiago Lisboa Rodrigues

    It's due to the performance itself. I mean she literally starts by asking for divine intervention ( like a prayer) followed by a song where she says "we're just not ready to act, the storm isn't in the air, it's inside of us" "the wind that's beginning to haul" followed by people in masks falling to their feet, right before she starts a song with the following chorus: "not everyone is coming to the future, not everyone is learning from the past" "not everyone that's here is gonna last" while pointing to the crowd? Conspiracy theorists are having a field day with this! It's a huge coincidence and It's already making news lool
  7. Tiago Lisboa Rodrigues

    Madonna trying to make money out of the corona virus? Might as well just retire lmao
  8. Date - Views 2020/03/14 17,391 2020/03/15 24,591 2020/03/16 18,106 2020/03/17 16,304 2020/03/18 17,488 2020/03/19 21,185 2020/03/20 27,761 2020/03/21 25,115 2020/03/22 26,748 2020/03/23 30,664 2020/03/24 59,265 2020/03/25 88,389 My god...this video is having more daily views than most Madonna music videos, LOL! The comment section is all about corona virus.
  9. Tiago Lisboa Rodrigues

    Saying Covid 19 makes us all equal while being in a bathtub filled with water and roses...how? why? Also...she's kind of romanticizing this situation with some of these posts. I did low-key enjoy her acknowledging Ghosttown. That song is not only the perfect single, it's also perfect for right now. The video is also amazing so. Also...the video is having an increase in views the last few days on youtube: Date - Daily Views 2020/03/16 8,189 2020/03/17 8,632 2020/03/18 9,065 2020/03/19 9,467 2020/03/20 11,646 2020/03/21 11,686 2020/03/22 10,876 2020/03/23 11,821 2020/03/24 14,201
  10. Tiago Lisboa Rodrigues

    With everyone in quarantine she should give us this now or older tours
  11. Tiago Lisboa Rodrigues

    Sounds like it's happening faster this time!
  12. Tiago Lisboa Rodrigues

    How can you be overrated when you're the industry's standard and the best selling and most successful woman in said industry? Her YouTube views suck but all that is due to the fact Madonna never cared about her legacy...and yes...that's hurting her in the long run.
  13. Tiago Lisboa Rodrigues

    Honestly, God Control is one of the most expensive music videos lately and Gaga is doing...Stupid Love Power Rangers crappy videos so...
  14. Tiago Lisboa Rodrigues

    When you're selling a tour book more expensive than many of the tickets for the same show, there's something wrong with it. But please go on and defend her.
  15. Tiago Lisboa Rodrigues

    Or...you know...I want to buy it but I don't want to pay for a book the same amount as 2 tickets maybe?