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    Wait...did i miss something or the Boston dates are the first ones cancelled due to her knee and she did so 3 days before the dates started? There was another one in NYC that she cancelled like the day before right? Hardly a "will she or won't she show up"., specially when she has done exactly 39 shows already, which is exactly the number of shows the entire The Girlie Show had. And you saying there's a chance this isn't about her knee is a bit sad considering everyone that has been watching some shows always reports on her favoring one knee to the other one, Madonna complaining of pain, etc. It's clear she's making an effort to not cancel anything. And "no one will ever know the truth"? The overdramatics with your post...it's not like she's been canceling 50% of her shows on the day they happen and people only know once the day starts. This woman until the tour started had canceled like 15 shows during almost 40 years of a career. This is probably unprecedented before for any artist of her caliber. If there's one person that deserves their fans trust is Madonna. She NEVER gave us reason to believe she'd cancel a show or 2 because she doesn't feel like performing or because she's over it or something. She's having fun with this tour and it shows. Let's give the woman time to recover. She deserves it. edit: just read your username. if you're the same one from Madonnatribe your post content is explained now. i shouldn't have bothered with this essay.
  2. Tiago Lisboa Rodrigues

    That "she's too old" narrative has been in full swing since 1993 at least. Almost half of her life ago. So nothing new. I'm sure if the doctors felt she couldn't perform more this tour they would tell her to just cancel or delay the entire thing. Let's just wait and see. She has basically 2 weeks with no shows and i'm sure she has multiple doctors working on her and i'm sure they know what her problem is. Knee issues are the worst. I had tendinitis on my knee and and i had to stop for more than a month...but i was in my 20's and not in the middle of a world tour.
  3. Tiago Lisboa Rodrigues

    huh? It's exactly the opposite. Read all fan reviews. She's really loving the Madame X Tour for sure. I mean come on. It is a show done and planned by her. I'm sure it wasn't Live Nation that told her to perform 90% of the Madame X songs in there. She's doing the show she wanted to do and i'm sure she's loving it. It's simply her knee doing bad. And it's an injury that already started before the tour started anyway. They simply didn't count on that.
  4. But it's not his song. He literally corrected Mirwais english on that track. The song itself was written and composed by Mirwais. He just polished the english lyrics and made a few changes in the composition right at the end of that minute and a half on a 6 minute song. Hardly his song. Not even the intro is his. He literally wrote all this in his instagram stories. Now it's "his song"?
  5. Tiago Lisboa Rodrigues

    If people actually believe Madonna at 61 goes on tour every day, does 90 shows in like 6 months to make no money...they can't be serious. For sure. Can you imagine Guy Oseary planning a tour to make no money?
  6. Tiago Lisboa Rodrigues

    Me too. I'll see her on her 3rd show from her European leg so the bitch needs to be okay
  7. Tiago Lisboa Rodrigues

    Except her knee is better now than it was a like a month ago when she even canceled a show. It always gets worse when she does 3 shows in a row. I'm sure those 3 weeks with no show around Christmas and New Year are going to do wonders for her.
  8. Exactly. I still can't believe this is 2019 and we don't have anyone decent taking care of her social media / youtube channels. No 4k music videos. No remastered albums with extra tracks/demos. A netflix deal to release all her tours there. A decent SEX Book re-release. Something like this. And use all this to create hype for a new era. She used to be able to find the middle ground between what she wanted to do and what people wanted to hear from her. It's like she forgot about the 2nd part. Look what Kylie Minogue has been doing. She knew her market, and released a mature album while being dance at the same time...this year she released a Greatest Hits album and did Glastonbury and honestly? Her career is better now than it has been since she ended the Aphrodite era. I even look at J Lo, Mariah Carey and all of them are kind having these resurgences lately and it's great for them and their fans. I also know it's a bit unfair to compare since these girls are 10 years younger than Madonna but still...i feel like her career since she left Warner Bros and since she got Guy Oseary for her full time manager it was all a mistake, honestly. All this allied to the fact she doesn't know how to live in a social media environment plus the fact the traditional media was always cruel to her + mistakes like that Eurovision performance...is it even profitable for her to release studio albums right now when they don't even sell half a million copies worldwide? (that plus all the music videos she did for Madame X era...)
  9. But Justify My Love wasn't Madonna's fault though. Girl Gone Wild was a song sung by someone else that Madonna bought and changed a few lyrics here and there. Same for Turn Up The Radio. Or even Heartbeat for Hard Candy. It's not uncommon for musical producers to use voices to sing in demos not intended for them as far as i know. What's the problem with Erotica? All this sounds more like Madonna wanting to know what each producer has been working on, enjoying something and buying that same song and not paying everyone that worked on that song until she started working on them. But wouldn't that be a problem with those producers directly and not Madonna herself? Madonna never had problems when she is with everyone involved in one room and they create the material right there.
  10. I was checking how great Mariah's team has been recently with her career and how they have worked their asses off to actually go back and re-certify old singles, some albums etc. To the point she's actually now ahead of Madonna even though we know who has sold the most. So, i've been trying to figure out what albums could get more certifications but it's kind of hard to do it specially for material pre-soundscan era (1992) but still, i'll try. Give me a hand with it and i'll update the OP with your infos in case mine are wrong: ALBUMS: You Can Dance - over 1.8M copies sold, possibly more. a 2 x Platinum certification has been talked about for years. (Now certified: Platinum) Like a Prayer - over 4.5M sold. I'm almost sure under the new metrics and with streaming numbers for this album material, it could be certified 5 x Platinum right? (Now certified: 4 x Platinum) The Immaculate Collection - This is the most obvious case. Certified Diamond (10 x Platinum) but it could be at leasr 12 x Platinum. It's missing 2 Platinum certifications for sure by now (Now certified: Diamind) Ray of Light - Certified 4 x Platinum. Last confirmed sales were 4.9M if i remember it right. a 5 x Platinum certification is long overdue. (Now certified: 4 x Platinum) Confessions On A Dancefloor - Last confirmed sales were over 1.8M. Shipments included + streaming points it could push it to 2 x Platinum (Now certified: Platinum) Hard Candy - Over 800k sold. Streaming points + shipments for the album, plus 4 Minutes success, i think it's safe to say a Platinum certification is possible for it by now. (Now certified: Gold) Possible certifications to be added: 6.5M in album certifications missing from her. SINGLES: Borderline - Confirmed sales of around 950k. Could be Platinum by now (Now certified: Gold) Like a Virgin - Confirmed sales of around 2.4M. Could be 2 x Platinum (Now certified: Gold) Material Girl - Sales are over 1M. It has no certification when it should be at least Platinum. Crazy For You - Sales of over 1.6M Should be Platinum. (Now certified: Gold) Angel - Sold over 1M. (Now certified: Gold) Dress You Up - Sold over 600k. Should be Gold. (Not Certified) Live To Tell - Sold over 800k. Should be Gold. (Not Certified) Papa Don't Preach - Sold around 1M copies. Should be Platinum (Now certified: Gold) Open Your Heart - Sold over 670k. Should be Gold. (No Certification so far) La Isla Bonita - Sold over 780k. Should be Gold or honestly...even Platinum at this point considering its streaming points. (No certification so far) Who's That Girl - Sold over 550k. Should be Gold. (No certification so far) Causing A Commotion - Sold over 480k. Some streaming points, and an update on these sales could possibly allow it to be Gold by now. (No certification so far) Like a Prayer - Sold over 2.4M. It should be at least 2 x Platinum. Possibly even a 3 x Platinum considering its one of Madonna's biggest streaming hits. (Now Certified: Platinum) Cherish - Sold over 600k. Should be Gold. (No Certification so far) Vogue - Sold over 2.9M. Madonna's best selling physical single ever in the USA. With streaming points, it could be 3 x Platinum by now. (Certification: 2 x Platinum) This Used to Be My Playground - Over 1M units sold. Should be Platinum. (Certification: Gold) Frozen - Around 950k sold. With streaming points it could be Platinum. (Certified: Gold) Ray of Light - Sold over 1.1M. Should be Platinum (Certified: Gold) The Power of Goodbye - 490k confirmed sale. Not sure how updated they are. With a few sales and streaing points, a Platinum certification is possible by now. (No certification) Die Another Day - sales of over 500k. Should be Gold. (No Certification so far) 4 Minutes - Sales of over 3.1M. Should be certified 3 x Platinum. (Certified: 2 x Platinum) Possible certifications to be added: Up to 15M in single certifications missing from her. (the most optimistic bet) It's incredible how her 80's hits were completely forgotten by Warner Bros, even while Madonna was with them. VIDEO: ??? Is any info missing from my list?
  11. Tiago Lisboa Rodrigues

    So whatever happens i won't get the Japanese version. Got it. Thanks ahahah
  12. So i'm finally trying to buy Madonna's SEX Book. I'm all over Ebay and i'm trying to understand the multiple editions that are actually out there and worth to get. Is there a difference between the USA version and the UK one? Why is the Japanese version so...requested? (that's what i get at least) What is actually inside the book? You get the platic wrapper, the book itself, a CD with Erotic and a Comic, right? Is there something else i need to get the complete edition of the book? And do all editions supposedly come with all this? Thank you all for your help. I have a friend that managed to get a complete book by...30 euros. I was on the floor when he told me. So damn lucky!