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  1. Honestly I would love to get the Rebel heart album she always wanted. If 2025 starts with that re-release would be amazing. It's its 10th anniversary and everything. Imagine a double album + one or 2 extra ones with demos. God I'm going broke if they actually do these re-releases the right way lmao
  2. Honestly? Starting with the most recent album and going backwards would be the best decision, specially in a time where streaming is king. But i don't believe these rumors. I never heard about this, source? edit: Just saw the ATRL posts. Exciting stuff if we get the Hello Suckers tracks!!!
  3. But they are uploading these videos in 2021. This should be future proof. You can't just think about what the general public uses currently. These remasters already look dated in 2021. You really think we'll be getting actual remasters for Hung Up, etc in the next 10 years? I mean i hope so...but you never know with them.
  4. I'm more surprised at the fact Warner Bros doesn't have tapes for all Madonna's music videos. I mean...Madonna is their biggest act ever, lmao. How is it possible they don't have this archived somewhere?
  5. These are HD. The problem is nowadays everyone has 4k TVs and these uploads are half of that resolution. Full HD uploads would make sense 10 years ago not in 2021.
  6. I still hope the movie is about how everything comes full circle for her. From the moment she loses her mom, to the moment she becomes a mom. I truly believe those 2 moments were her biggest moments ever. Plus losing all her friends to AIDS, etc...which happens in between. But the thought of the center part of the movie being the late 70's and 80's New York City is just amazing to me. It's such a fascinating time for good and terrible reasons...but the city seemed so alive back then. At leas from documentaries i watch. And if Basquiat, Warhol etc are cast in this...wow.
  7. I'm surprised by some reactions to the interview. I read it and I thought it was one of her best written interviews in a while!
  8. Why would she even lie about this? She was also given a chance to be in Chicago and lots of other great movies after Evita and decided for The Next Best Thing and Swept Away, lol She probably didn't even want us to know how many missed opportunities she had during the years.
  9. So you gave it a bad review because you wanted a different product then the one Madonna made and not directly related to its quality?
  10. Did everyone go to school with Lola? I swear in every forum there's someone that has a friend, colleague, grandma that knows Lola at this point and every single person says something different. (Usually negative)
  11. I feel like this always happens to her. Even with critics. This is an actual quote from Ray of Light review from Rolling Stone and how they open up the review: Only after saying all of this, they decided to go for a "it's a great song". Every compliment she ever got felt like they were forced to do so because it's Madonna. A little after that, this is what they had to say: This is an actual quote from the review Nowadays it's considered an album that changed the face of pop music back in the late 90's and Madonna's best work ever alongside Like a Prayer. They ended up giving the album 4 out of 5 stars. Even when Confessions came out i always felt reviews were good but they are always completely cynical, it's not even funny.
  12. I thought the Warner deal was more about taking care of her legacy and distributing her material? I really don't think she's going to be a Warner Bros act, with a new team, advisors, etc. That's still all Guy Oseary and his team. Plus...she has all those yes-people kids around her screaming "yas queen" every time she does something. You don't grow that way. I agree...i have no idea why she doesn't train her voice more. Clearly she can.
  13. They were live. I was there on 18th January and yeah.
  14. wtf...this weird discussion. S&S vocals are her worst vocals ever on tour guys, come on. MDNA was a bit better, RHT was even better. Listen to the accustic parts of the show where she sings a different song every night. She gave us performances like this: Where were these vocals during the MDNA tour or even Sticky? Love Don't Live Here Anymore, etc where usually great. Of course the soundboards are bad, specially on her dancing numbers. Plus, she was already in Japan. She was touring for half a year already. There's no miracle there. She was also in her mid to late 50's back during this tour. But i find it odd how some of you have this weird selective memory about her vocals. The Confessions Tour DVD changed her vocals for Lucky Star, Hung Up, and some others. It was widely discussed back then. About her current vocals...this is how she was performing Frozen 20 years ago: Only 3 years later, you can already feel she's not quite hitting the mark: Add 20 years on top of her already 40 something from back then...and it's not weird she sounds like she does right now. Her voice will keep deteriorating. It's called aging. And she's still giving us moving performances in her 60's, even for Frozen. I feel like her voice really recovered in general since S&S even if overall it's not as great as when she was in her early 40's...but guess what? It's never going to be like that again, no matter how much she works on it. But you can tell she didn't give a shit during S&S and did work on those vocals later. Still...go back to some recordings of BAT and be amazed how rough Like a Prayer sounds back then. She even murdered Sooner or Later a few times if i recall. This conversation about her vocals like she was always pitch perfect on tour is weird as hell. It wouldnt even make sense if she was 30 years old, lol
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