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  1. Are we sure? Usually those AI HD upscales don't really increase the quality and videos look like shiny plastic. This isn't it.
  2. I started to think this with the Frozen music video. Now i know it. This isn't some simple fake AI HD remaster. This is from the original tapes. Too much detail we couldn't see before that wouldn't be possible with an upload like that. They didn't simple perfected the video they had access before. This is an actual, legit remaster, just like Frozen. I didn't even know she had red eyebrows, LOL
  3. February 9: https://www.instagram.com/p/CLDVd1SBGkT/ Sounds like she has been done this a couple times during this month and now she re-shot scenes...who knows anymore
  4. If this is the same woman about to direct a Hollywood movie in a few months we'll get that in 2025 for sure...seriously. Her face has changed more than her outfits in a year.
  5. The music videos she could probably do these remasters i think. As long as she credits Warner Bros. I am hoping for a deal like Prince though. Let's hope.
  6. WEA? That's Warner right? God i wish we could know what sort of meetings Madonna is having with them for the past year. Warner holds the rights for all these recordings and i'm sure a deal HAS to be in place for her biopic. She might use some unused demos and old pre-madonna songs that might not belong to them...but she needs her music from her Warner days in there as well, unless she does a Glee or Mamma Mia and uses covers of her own music, lmao. I remember when there were rumors she was going back to Warner last summer right after Interscope removed Madonna from their page.
  7. Some fans have a hard time looking at a woman that doesn't have hits anymore so they say she's over when in fact... she's doing better than anyone at her age. Still #1 albums, best selling theater tour ever just last year, best streaming numbers than anyone from the 80s or prior among female acts, etc. How was Tina doing at her age or Cher? Or anyone else? In fact Look at all the women now hitting 50. 10 years younger than madonna. Mariah is always everywhere during Christmas but no one gave a shit about her album. Jlo released s single like 2 months ago and no one cared. Kyli
  8. Madonna is in Kenya and you guys are waiting to see her at the Superbowl? I know she still has like a month but i really can't picture her doing safaris with such a big show about to happen, even if she just has a little cameo. But i hope i'm wrong.
  9. Now that's she's done with Universal i really can't see anything like that happening, unless she has the right to that material
  10. The thing about the implants is that it doesn't match her body shape. And now that she doesn't even have any muscle on her legs, it's even worse. Everything else looks amazing actually.
  11. This is the "real Madonna". It's just not the Madonna you wanted her to be. Doesn't make her any less real. Maybe this Madonna got tired of the REAL Madonna...the one that was the disciplined, no fun-allowed person from before? She comes across as someone that's actually having fun with her life for a change and resting and enjoying her money for the first time after spending 30 years trying to prove herself and us something. Maybe after decades trying to be the perfect performer, the perfect wife, the perfect mother that won't even allow her kids to watch TV or have a phone she realized
  12. They are dating for over a year already. More than half of her relationships didn't last this long, lol.
  13. The way he dragged Warner Bros. Yikes! When even musical producers mention this in interviews like this you know it's bad, LOL
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