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  1. Fire walk with me...
  2. She's really embarrassing. She's overexposing herself in a very bad way. Very disappointing.
  3. Attending an event doesn't state how close you are of a friend, I mean, I guess you're right, but I meant we hadn't seem they hanging out or even interacting like M and Debi do.
  4. I didn't even know she and Madonna were still close, I thought she'd left by the time Bernhard did
  5. I'm sure not only his life and it helps making younger too
  6. artlover

    It was about darn time, Madonna. Take the opportunity of quarantining (supposedly so) and get well soon. No more going outs miss.
  7. artlover

    Hmmm it's a very touchy topic. I remember she has stated on multiple occasions that she might look like the person that makes the moves, she actually might be depending on the guy, but that she's also a romantic. So I'd guess it's 50/50. Depending on how involved she is in the relationship.
  8. artlover

    Killed for the very first time
  9. artlover

    Do we happen to know how many copies one has to sell to even chart on iTunes? I'm guessing they're not many
  10. artlover

    I think that guy just needs to chill. He's been whiny from page one. For god's sake if people want to do it just let them do, it's not hurtful, it's not that important. If it's getting you that hard you might as well seek for help cuz it's not healthy, I know we all are going through rough days but c'mon, it's just a stan culture campaign
  11. artlover

    Well you can always create a google drive or mega account. I have 40+ GB files uploaded in free accounts for which I have all written down (user and password). You can use one of those disposable e-mails
  12. artlover

    I would also suggest to pay attention to those 'download quickly and i'll delete the links' thing. It's hard to get the files later, people are too selfish to share. Sad
  13. artlover

    Hola VPN for Chrome lol
  14. artlover

    Do any of you guys remember a reality show called Popstar? It was broadcast a Brazilian version in which in one of the phases they had to create a dance routine while listening to Music