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  1. It's not the same to not expect Madonna to work with mediocre white artists and to DRAG her beforehand for weorking with black people. There's ALWAYS a racist undertone.
  2. I was about to say this. If I dare say, there's a racist undertone.
  3. The perfect sequel for Like a Prayer for me. The latter is her best work, whilst Erotica is a well fit segue to the themes as it isn't so erotic as it is romantic
  4. Only Secret Garden has a trip-hop vibe to it
  5. This guy is definitely a troll and should be banned from here. That being said I don't particularly like the word 'army' either. It gives off a 'brainless' vibe I'm not into. I've supported Madonna for 19 now which is a long time considering I'm 26 going on 27. Have I reviewed anything from her terribly low? Hell yeah. Do I think it was UNNECESSARY of her to touch SO MUCH of her face? Yea, sure. Have I ever called her anything derogatory or sexist or ageist? Not even in my dreams. That is what makes me a fan. I grew up gravitating towards her figure; she was omnipresent, literally everywhere. Both from catholic households, both lost the mothers at very young ages and both of us are artists and rebels our own ways and scenarios. A fan is someone who cherishes your figure, appreciates the value of your work.
  6. Is there anyone here with a good scanner and those japanese compilation albums, 1983-1989 and 1983-1990?

    I once asked someone here on this board for the possibility of getting a scan and I was solemnly ignored :drama:


    Any answer would be of help.

    Cheers  and thank y'all.

  7. Today marks Beyoncé's 40th birthday. She's my other idol aside from Madonna. Even M herself called her a queen -- it means something. Are there any Beyoncé supporters here?

    1. Ulisaax640


      Used to adore the woman til probably before lemonade dropped. I really love her old music, but the rap world just isn’t for me…

    2. devilpray


      I'm bitter the new album rumours were fake lol I LOVE HER

    3. artlover


      Beyoncé is GREAT lol I really crave new music from her!

  8. @DanKcould you possibly make your remaster of the PEPSI AD available for Download? I think it looks just great and I would like to keep it lossless. Thank you

  9. Please reconsider getting a few extra flacs... please!!! 

    We can use a platform of our own also - PM me if you're interested in off-MInfinity places.

    I just swear I could tell that guy where he could put his questions but I'm too polite lmao


    1. Jermaine


      I second this request :)

  10. a farewell tour smells just like rotten and dry gydrangeas to me
  11. Barbra Streisand have put another rarities album out - filled with never-before-heards, but some spots were just wasted. Wish Madonna had done something like this already...

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