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  1. artlover

    Well you can always create a google drive or mega account. I have 40+ GB files uploaded in free accounts for which I have all written down (user and password). You can use one of those disposable e-mails
  2. artlover

    I would also suggest to pay attention to those 'download quickly and i'll delete the links' thing. It's hard to get the files later, people are too selfish to share. Sad
  3. artlover

    Hola VPN for Chrome lol
  4. artlover

    Do any of you guys remember a reality show called Popstar? It was broadcast a Brazilian version in which in one of the phases they had to create a dance routine while listening to Music
  5. I don't think so at all. It could be Gaga-related very well. Madonna seemed to be a bit bothered with it all and it would be a good reason to give up on the project (whatever it was).
  6. artlover

  7. artlover

    She was way more down to earth and smart back then. She wouldn't go through it by saying that or the other
  8. artlover

    Get some reality shots and get real: Madonna isn't uncritical. She needs to spread awareness or say nothing at all. It's not time to elaborate poetic thoughts about a widespread disease. She lost her touch with the causes she used to fight against. Love isn't enough.
  9. artlover

    I would love to recognize the songs. I'm a jazz addict but she made it so low to hear
  10. artlover

    What a queen of wrong spelling!
  11. artlover

    She was wrong from head to toe. To romanticize a situation like this is quite awful. The virus didn't come to bring us together. It came because it had to (a new pandemic appears around every ten years or so) and it won't bring peace. It will just kill homeless and poor people who can't choice to quarantine and not work outdoors so it's a win win for wealth people and capitalism. Madonna should have thought better and harder before saying stuff like that.
  12. In first picture Madonna looked so much like a corpse thanks to the color, but in the others the work is just astonishing
  13. artlover

    It's in Lucy O'Brien's book as well. I recall being quite shocked, in awe actually.
  14. artlover

    Definitely Janet.
  15. artlover

    I was wrong. It wasn't a .pdf, but I uploaded the images so anyone who wants to make theirs are encouraged to do so. Let's promote the record! [Hidden Content]