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  1. So are all real? YAY!
  2. I saw this online and was wondering what's real here. I guess some are fan edits:
  3. The album was a great surprise to me, specially after the mess that was Rebel Heart which made me like less than half of it. Madame X brings me back to what I've ever enjoyed the most about Madonna. It urged me to look forward to an entire record, which doesn't happen very often these days. I was positively surprised by the fact that, even with all global influences it does not go messy as its predecessor, even in the weakest songs like "B*tch, I'm Loca". Madonna is alive and in full force. Or quite.
  4. artlover

    They even improved her singing voice back in time...
  5. artlover

    I have to point a few things after reading this report. The food looks so... not yummy. Looks lazy. Am I too poor to appreciate fancy food? This part is no news to a die-hard or long-time Madonna fan, but it is always nice to know what's behind artistic creation. She's indeed a hard worker and that is absolutely admiring. Not so sure about that though. It's a lot of backing track and no live band according to attendants' comments.
  6. artlover

    In Lisbon she'll do concerts very close to a Brazilian OUTSTANDING singer called Maria Bethânia. She's the younger sister to Caetano Veloso. She does all romantic, soulful, cultural music, but also fado. I'd DIE to see them together. Lol
  7. artlover

    Sooner Or Later might fit so well the second segment imo
  8. What are the major differences?
  9. artlover

    She's losing a marvelous chance of polaroiding herself with a fan every night for free. I guess Material Girl is alive and in full glory!
  10. artlover

    I take pics and film a little too. What's the point of having that much of technology if not to use it? We can't let it REPLACE the cool things of life.
  11. artlover

    Did we have any differences in the 2nd night, comparing to the 1st? Overall it was the same concert?
  12. artlover

    The human race doesn't get tired of making me surprised. Usually in a negative way.
  13. artlover

    Not to mention how pointless it looks like. Why bother buying an expensive ticket if you're not gonna enjoy it?
  14. artlover

    Just a few. Brief ones.
  15. artlover

    I remember that time when Broadway legend Patti Lupone (a.k.a. the original american Evita) took the phone off of an attendant's hand and just gave it back once the curtains went down. That's edgy, but I really think it's disrespectful not to look at the artist. It's distracting. And why's that need of filming an ENTIRE concert? You watch it through the screen, so there wouldn't be no need to buy any ticket!