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  1. History repeats itself: songs were shorter when singles first came out as well so I'm not bothered by that although i prefer longer cuts. i wasn't the target audience for the remix so there's only this much to add to the conversation. But if it helps her to suck the youth off of genzees who am I to complain?
  2. He is Helmut Berger, the most handsome young guy. Luchino Visconti's muse.
  3. madonna was such a hypocrite lmao and yes we have receipts. https://web.archive.org/web/20170323035458/http://www.nytimes.com/1992/11/01/arts/pop-view-why-sinead-o-connor-hit-a-nerve.html
  4. Let's not forget M also did the same with JML
  5. Beyoncé sings a verse I think applies to both her and Madonna: "If they're tryna party with the queen, they gon' have to sign a non-disclosure"
  6. I swear I got a headache just by reading this thread. I couldn't imagine the hard work you've been through to get an item you've paid for. With all the bs and excuses i would've yelled at Madonna herself. Geez
  7. Can someone remind me how much did the Sex book cost back in 92? The exact price? Was it the same price everywhere?

    1. Jackie


      I think by memory it retailed here in Australia for $59.95 AUD.

    2. Ian


      In America it was 50 bucks

    3. Brendanlovesu1


      The retail price of the book was $50 in the United States, or around $97 in 2021 dollars.

      Sex was sold for £25 in the United Kingdom and for pta 7500 in Spain (an equivalent of $70 at the time or $135 in 2021).

       The most expensive sales were found in Argentina with a retail price of $89, which is about $172 in 2021 dollars

  8. Hi @Aiwa08... how are you?

    I come here to ask you a favor: I would really like to get copies of those remasters you did of the digital singles, that are all off. Obviously I will not repost them. It's just that I lost all I didn't have in cloud storages. Please I hope you can do that for me. You can delete as soon as I'm done downloading. 

    Please consider that.

    Thank you x

    1. Aiwa08



      Unfortunately I can't re-upload to you the singles right now because I'm in my boyfriend's house, and the hard drive with the singles is in my house. Many people downloaded them back in the day. Feel free to ask them to re-upload. I don't mind if someone re-upload the files. I don't know the exact date when I will return to my house (I am enjoying my vacation).

      I'm sorry, I hope you understand.

    2. artlover



      I understand completely.

      would you mind if I waited until you could do it? Any time you want, any time you need.

      Thank you

      Lots of love always 

  9. There's too many people and too much money - not only Madonna's or Maverick's - being spent on this movie already to be just shelved. Just see the publicity, her whereabouts... but with Madonna anything's possible.
  10. What you said has been bothering me for quite a while. Some Madonna fans seem to refuse to be as diverse as she is. It's not that one's obliged to, but at least have some coherency. They seem to forget Madonna was first promoted as a black R&B artist with the "Everybody" single. I read in that Lucy O'Brien book that even Nile Rodgers said Madonna performs as a direct heiress of black music and culture. Madonna fans forget that she required the Jacksons (arguably the hottest black act in the early 80s) band to play on her Virgin Tour. And that she has been sampling R&B from "Express Yourself" to "Hard Candy Songs". And most importantly that she herself has stated that calling a black artist "urban" is very racist. And black music has always been avant garde. They predict the sound and the vision. She's been doing jazz, R&B and it's natural that she would do trap and other contemporary sounds popularized by black acts. That is the real Madonna. Madonna have also always paired up with the hottest acts. People seem to be so "protective" of Ray of Light i.e., but she worked with Ricky Martin. She used rap in 92, when it was not common at all to do it, and they were HIP. She gave Laura Pausini a song at the peak of her international appeal. She recorded with Britney at her peak too. Sometimes I'm not sure of what this fandom wants from her.
  11. I think it was the last Britney song I liked then
  12. Even the golden Erotica tooth could be seen as a form of grillz. There are one-piece grillz out there. I love the,m, really, look fly. Just not so much on her.
  13. Especially when she bothers enough to call Beyoncé (my other favorite artist) also a Queen. Heartwarming when I was used to see the stan wars.
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