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  1. artlover

    I even think some sections from the book are plain boring
  2. Just bought CAETANO VELOSO song book. You guys should seek him. Madonna bowed down to him here in Brazil. what a genius 

    1. RUADJAI


      Never heard of him. Gotta check him out. 

  3. artlover

  4. Every show that gets released has at least vocals recorded for volume, pitch and whatnot purposes. I wonder if it happened to visuals too (I'm quite sure)
  5. artlover

    If she were to make a cameo @ the Super Bowl I think she'd be preparing or teasing us on Instagram with hashtags like #artforfreedom so to me it's a no no
  6. artlover

    I'm actually not in a rush for a new album. And I don't think she's putting one out soon. I'd bet at least 2023, post-covid, free-sex world again, as it were the 1920s. With hope renewed.
  7. artlover

    First one (fucsia blouse) is from MTV Behind the Music The one was from MTV Asia, I think it was recorded in Singapore
  8. artlover

    Just a Dream
  9. artlover

    Be Careful, to a certain extent...
  10. artlover

    It sure has a True Blue feel to it!
  11. artlover

    Not only leftists (which I am and proudly a commy), but any fake-woke person: ARTISTS SUPPORT IMMORALITY!!!!!!11111!!!!!
  12. artlover

    Ditto. I don't think people are to blame though. I think times are essentially different. I did not mean to harm or shade Madonna either, but I think one wouldn't need to read much into what I said, the sentence itself to get my point.
  13. artlover

    this message is rather nice but this sentence itself hasn't aged well in a metoo era
  14. artlover