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  1. Beautiful Stranger for me altho this was a VERY tough choice to make! Crazy For You is a close second followed by TUTBMP then I'll Remember. I hope one day we get to hear her sing the last 2 live it is an ULTIMATE dream of mine! TUTBMP would've fit into the Celebration Tour setlist so flawlessly :(
  2. I just LOVE reading things like this & will always feel the same about this time! If only I were just a few years older I def would've been there! Thanks so much for sharing your story it makes me wonder if there are any other people here who attended the Virgin Tour who maybe just haven't seen this thread yet to respond? I may try to start a thread asking just that soon I'm very interested in hearing people's experiences at this tour! Cheers!! XOXOXO
  3. Thanks SO much for taking the time to verify this for me I've always wanted to know the truth & you were the first person I've ever seen that was at the exact show! BIG mistake for sure to not wear her hair like this she looked SOOO much better with the straight style VS. the comb back. I will always wish for another proshot DWT with ANY other hair style than the HBO show to surface someday as I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tour but seriously can't handle the hair for some reason it ruins the look for me (& this is one of my all time fave tour looks as well but with that hair it's a flat out NO! LOL!) Thanks again for the info I'm jealous of you for getting to see such a monumental moment in M history this show was AMAZING in its time! XOXOXO
  4. I think you're the only person on here that I've read actually got to see the Virgin Tour!?!? I can't tell you how jealous I am of that I would NEVER forget that one! It has always been a dream of mine to go back in time to either the first Seattle shows or any other early stop on the tour before she cut the bangs into her hair & experience it myself. That would def be my #1 choice above all others the Virgin Tour will always hold a special place in my heart for sure! I would LOVE to hear any memories you have of that if you wouldn't mind it fascinates me! I became a fan in 1989 with the LAP video & have loved her more & more as time goes by. I dream about the Virgin Tour & one day hope to do a deep dive book on it of some sort either chronicling each opening number outfit for every show or something along those lines. I can't get enough of it & have prob watched it over 1,000,000 times seriously LOL! Hope you can recollect what that experience was like for us here who would love to hear it!!!!
  5. Just now reading thru this post & I have to ask seeing that you went to the first show in Detroit. This show was also supposedly filmed by HBO in case there was a problem the following night with the live broadcast & I have always wondered - did her hair look the same during this show (a damn mess!) or was it the usual straightened style she was sporting at this time. I think there were just a couple shows where she had the awful unkempt hair that she wore for the HBO show & I've only seen one supposed picture from the first night in Detroit. But from what I could tell she looked different the first night in Detroit? Please tell me anything you can I've always wondered!?!?
  6. So what is the official last song? I thought it ended abruptly the first 2 nights so if it finished properly tonight what was the last part of the setlist? Is Bitch I'm Madonna the last song or does it end properly? Someone PLEASE tell!!!!
  7. THANK YOU SOOOOO SOOOOO much for the share!!! I will be adding this immediately to my phone's audio collection & will really enjoy listening to it when I have lots of housework to do or when I get around to those regular workouts LOL! Appreciate it very much! XOXOXO
  8. This is absolutely amazing!!! I've been looking for something like this recently but haven't really liked many of the mixes I've found. Is there any way anyone can rip this from Soundcloud & share it here too? I don't use SC so I am not familiar with it or how it works but would love to add this to my phone playlist to workout to sometime! Thanks for sharing! xoxoxo
  9. Also interesting to know I can't say I noticed that when watching the diff shows I'll have to check out a short comparison video now & see. I really like that Yokohoma show recording because she sounds so fresh & her voice isn't tired from months of back to back shows yet & you can tell it. In the later shows she sounds so raspy & breathy but I still love them too for what they are! I love all this talk about the BA Tour it really was an amazing show & time to be a Madonna fan for sure! xoxoxo
  10. It's SOOOOOOO good to see her looking SOOOOO good!!! I'm secretly hoping that the problem she was having was her BBL implants & she had to take them out, I can't wait to get some confirmation on that! She's looking like her old self again to me & it's just very refreshing to see her looking so healthy & happy! Not to mention youthful & fresh I'm LOVING it!!! SO ready for her big comeback!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  11. Just curious, where is everyone seeing that this has been cancelled or even delayed? I haven't heard or seen that yet everything that I am finding about it seems like it is still on. I don't think they would manufacture something like this to just cancel it for no apparent reason. I'd like to read officially where I'm wrong someone please let me know something!!! Thanks!!!
  12. Got notification that mine has been dispatched as well, I almost forgot about ordering it too in June LOL! SOOOOO excited! I'm in the US & this is coming from Denmark. Again all for $11.99 shipping. $50.98 was the total I paid. Not a bad price in my opinion. Can't wait to get it I just hope it doesn't get damaged in shipping!?!
  13. Go on to eBay right now & do a quick search for "Madonna MDNA Sealed Vinyl" & tell me you don't see a bunch listed for $200+ if not more. And I am not talking about the ones that are listed as presales for the new pressing, I'm talking about the original 2012 release. Yes it's one of M's most expensive vinyl albums out there along with Celebration, Rebel Heart & Hard Candy too even. I literally just finished off my collection of sealed Madonna vinyl albums so I know what I paid & I know how hard it was to find. YES it's rare! It probably wont be so much now because of this repress but that's my point. I'm not talking about what it was like back in 2012 with Amazon I'm talking about today, 2023. Anyone who wasn't able to get the vinyl when it originally came out & are maybe just now trying to complete their collections will see it is one of the harder ones to get. That's all I'm saying. I am sure this repress will help make it less elusive for sure but the fact that it's only a EU pressing may affect that some IDK? Now as far as $55 being too expensive or not that's an individual thing of course. $50 to you may be nothing but $50 to me may be ALOT. It just depends on how much money you have I guess. Most new double vinyls here in the US sell for about $30 or so I think so the price that the site has it listed for $38.99 isn't too bad I don't think. Shipping for me here to the US was only $12 which isn't bad to me either considering the distance it's coming. But again for others that may not be the case. This isn't something I want to argue about I was just making a point that I am happy they are repressing this vinyl for those who want it & weren't able to get it yet or back in the day when it was first released. And TO ME this is a good deal! And lastly, $55 compared to the $250+ you would pay for it on eBay IS cheaper for sure no question!
  14. I don't think ALL of her wigs have been a disaster, but again that's just opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own of course. I wasn't a big fan of the colored wigs (blue & red) for Pride a few years back but like the black wig in MX Tour wasn't that bad as were a few she wore for the MX album photos. There have been some I will say that. We will see I guess. I'm all for natural hair but if she finds nice looking or cool looking wigs I'm all for it too, especially for certain "eras" or periods in her career where she had such different looks I think it'd be cool to maybe revisit some of the older "looks" including the hair styles in a way. Exciting to see I am going to be glued to the computer on opening night & probably every show thereafter! I hope there are live streams like there are of the Taylor Swift shows!!! I wont get any sleep LOL!
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