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  1. if it her , it is so sad to see she has been trying to do something herself only to use madonna 's name for clout. no shes too random and medium .
  2. Madonna at this point literally defies gravity and she does it so well, her life , art and personality blending all together . I love the artist she has become so much. she is aware of her past, she cherishes it but is not defined by it - proof last costume :P
  3. the show has so much movement, im still on day 3 and i havent spotted evetything yet. honestly, this is the best tour shes ever done
  4. you cant be for real right? I bet you cant even do 1/3 of the celebration tour movements and youre prob younger at least 10-15 years
  5. anything good to say or is the hate train keep going on in here?
  6. the woman is back and 24 hours i see comments about her ass , about canceling, disgusting stuff that I would expect to see in other forums but not in a madonna community. when did forums become so toxic? its one thing to state an opinion and another to be bitter
  7. this will be Madonna s best tour and honestly i cant wait. im sure we re in for multiple surprises on that tour ! since it a world tour, a simple to the point name would be fine . celebration tour sounds ok, its indeed a celebration for 40 yrs! she said multiple time shes not into her older stuff....older in 2023 means almost up to MDNA !!! so i can see her performing songs from all decades but putting a spin on them
  8. let me state something. I am not making any money or have any gain of the sorts from dedicating HOURS , DAYS, MONTHS of my life to support the Queen. I do it cause I love her and she deserves success and I want to do my best as a fan to show my love. She has worked her ass off and sacrificed SO MUCH and it's painful to see this type of unappreciation towards her. If you dont want to stream its fine, if you dont want to buy tickets, its fine but dont come to a forum just to vitriol our good intentions here . Its not only disrespectful towards Madonna, but also to admins of this community as well as fellow fans like me who spend countless hours to help support, stream, buy etc.
  9. its an opportunity given by the GP and we should acknowledge and support the release. its a shame for a Madonna song to get hype and we dont help boosting it.
  10. im speaking my mind like others do. Should I only bash and criticize Madonna in here ? Supporting her seems not to be the scope of this place.
  11. if you dont like what madonna does, you can go to another community or social media and be a bish about it. this is a forum for people who love madonna and not your personal therapy session
  12. what is embarrassing is your post. whoever does not want to do the bare minimum of supporting Madonna should not label themselves as "fans". sometimes i wonder why people like you are not banned in here.
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