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  1. Amazon, charity shops, music magpie. I read anything really, usually 2 or 3 books a week.
  2. May I have the link if or when it's available? Thank you in advance.
  3. Hoping everything will work out well.
  4. This is truly outstanding work. I'd love this when available (if possible).
  5. The light that you could never see, It shines inside, You can’t take that from me. ❤️❤️❤️
  6. 1. I wish Madonna would look back more often, the past is what made her 2. What kind of look would you like to see Madonna do in the next era? Something classy and glamorous 3. If Madonna were to perform one of her videos for an upcoming tour in the closest way she could, which video would you want it to be? Material Girl 4. My three favourite record producers for Madonna has been Patrick Leonard, Shep Pettibone, Stephen Bray 5. True or False: Madonna will release a new album in the next two years. True (hopefully)
  7. Unfortunately using Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer haven't worked. I find hi res images, open in a new tab to full size, then right click and save them. When I open them from my downloads, they've been drastically reduced in pixels/size.
  8. So when I download a high res image from Google Images using Chrome, it always seems to have been vastly reduced in size when I open it. Is there a way to keep the original hi res size?
  9. Thank you to the team behind the hard work of this forum. You do a fabulous job with little or no recognition. Onwards and upwards!
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