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  1. Just watched.... Love this.... Made me smile so many times. Great work. Long live the Queen!
  2. This episode is so good - the best yet - just amazing! The new Florence footage - OMG!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CREATING THIS SERIES!!!
  3. I love her in the Dynasty reboot - she's done some great musical numbers in that
  4. Just watched this and I had my headphones on so wondered if that was why, but this sounds amazing - I'm sure neither the DVD PCM or the 5.1 sound this good......by the way what do people think about the original 5.1 mix ?
  5. Yes I'm sure I first heard about it in 1986 not long after True Blue came out and was expecting it in time for Christmas 86 but it then got postponed until after WTG. I guess TB was still selling very strongly and they didn't want to lose sales from that. Anyone know why Physical Attraction isnt a remix though - seems really lazy!
  6. Its my favourite tour I think and I love every performance. I just love the energy, the live band and even her voice. Sure it has its wobbly moments, but overall its raw and full of power. As someone else posted above - she looks like she is enjoying herself. Some later tours she makes no secret of just wanting to get the show done and be on her way home..... If I could only watch one more performance from it ever, I would have to go with "Holiday" - who knows, when this pandemic is finally over maybe they will re-release that song (again) hahahaha.
  7. Just wanted to say congratulations on this - have watched all the episodes available and it is fantastic. Really well put together - as others have said, far better than we get on TV. Somebody high up should hire you fast!!
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