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  1. When you see tonight's speech you will probably cry... It was amazingly powerful..... Forget grills, late starts and everything. This is Madonna ♥️♥️♥️
  2. Just back from the show. Omg what an amazing show.... Really so much to take in. But the main thing was at the point before she sang I will survive, she gave a speech about world AIDS day... So moving and it lasted over ten minutes long. I know because she was right in front of me when she started and because she was so close I started filming on my phone. I was nearly out of power so I was conscious of needing to press Stop and save the file etc. What an amazing woman.... This is why I love her. At a certain point near the end of the speech she seemed to be a bit lost as to how to get back on track with the show and she said something and I shouted "Hell yeah".... She looked in my direction and said "can I get a hell yeah?" And got back on track and went into I will survive. I need to watch it back but I *think* I might have just had a Madonna moment.
  3. It won't let me as file size is too big.... Sorry. Queue does not look too big to me.... Hopefully they let us in in about ten minutes
  4. Does anyone know if there are any after parties near the arena after the show?
  5. It was the lead cabin crew. He made the announcement on touchdown asking with the welcome to Amsterdam messages. We then had to wait 20 minutes to disembark and as we were getting out he said it just as joke. You cannot imagine our stress levels...... What a stupid thing to do. I will be complaining!
  6. Just arrived in Amsterdam and the plane pilot says the concert is cancelled
  7. Just watched.... Love this.... Made me smile so many times. Great work. Long live the Queen!
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