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  1. I am. I listen to Madame X more often than Confessions. I love both albums but I think Madame X is superior.
  2. Madame X is a masterpiece and I find it very enjoyable just the way it is.
  3. Hey @Blue Jean The documentary is great! I loved every second of it! Thank you very much! I hope everyone watches it!
  4. Signature song: Like a prayer Mega classics: like a virgin, material girl, la isla bonita, vogue, hung up Classics: holiday, into the grove, papa don't preach, frozen
  5. done! and thank you for another brilliant episode of bitch she's madonna!
  6. 1. Lucky star 2. Like a virgin 3. Papa don't preach 4. Like a prayer 5. Vogue 6. Bad girl 7. Secret 8. Drowned world / substitute for love 9. I deserve it 10. Nothing fails 11. Jump 12. Heartbeat 13. Love spent 14. Rebel Heart 15. Crave
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