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  1. still hoping we get a tour book when the tour is over
  2. in no particular order: Open your heart Live to tell Erotica Bad girl Mother and father
  3. Noooo please do not burn the Erotica blankets! I would love one, so please, disappointed people, send it to me instead of burning it!
  4. her entire discography. the song has almost 46 million streams on spotify. if i'm not wrong the second most streamed non-single song on spotify is devil pray with over 18 million. are we expecting the official announcement today? the leading Italian news agency ANSA has announced the concert three days ago https://www.ansa.it/sito/notizie/mondo/americalatina/2024/03/07/madonna-a-rio-nel-piu-grande-show-dei-suoi-40-anni-di-carriera_dbce854f-10ec-43b7-b9d7-7fd1a05636bd.html
  5. It was on the main Italian News yesterday (TG1 on RAI 1)... they showed the video and also said she's going to do a free concert in Brazil...
  6. I love her speeches. This is the one in Antwerp night 2 when she spoke about the death of her brother. These are her speeches in Milan night 1
  7. What a great way to wake up today! Such an iconic moment!! So happy for those who were there and had the chance to witness this! I hope they release an official recording on youtube, it would be a cool way to celebrate women's day!
  8. Thanks! Most of these covers are really good. "STAY" is so beautiful!
  9. So, based on what I read here and on wikipedia, is the following timeline correct? 2 October 1982. Everybody single is released in the USA. Is the single released in the UK? This is also Madonna's first music video but she didn't really consider it as such. 9 March 1983. Burning up/Physical attraction single is released in the USA.... is the single released in the UK? A video for Burning up is also released and Madonna would consider this her first video 27 July 1983. "Madonna" album released. ? August 1983. Lucky Star / Holiday single is released in the USA (is this single released in the UK?). A month later it peaks at # 1 on the Dance Club Songs chart becoming Madonna's very first number one on any Billboard chart. (so I guess by this time both songs were already quite popular) 7 September 1983. Holiday single is released in the USA due to heavy radio play (no video made) 8 September 1983. Lucky Star is released in the UK (what happened to this single commercially speaking? is it successful at this point?). No video for Lucky star (yet). If all previous singles are not released in the UK, then the Bridget Johns answer is correct? 29 October 1983. "Holiday", as a stand-alone single, enters the Hot 100 at number 88, becoming Madonna's first Billboard Hot 100 entry. 28 January 1984. Holiday peaks at #16 on the Hot 100 ? January 1984. Holiday is released in the UK February 1984. The videos for Borderline and Lucky Star are shot... we are not able to agree on the specific dates? When are they released? 15 February 1984. Borderline is released in the USA. When is the video released? Madonna will consider this her second video. 18 February 1984. Holiday peaks #6 in the UK 17 March 1984. Lucky Star debuts on the UK singles chart. It will peak at #14 three weeks later. Why did it take so long to enter the chart if the single had been released in september? was it re-released in March? 20 April 1984. "Madonna" peaks at #37 in the UK ? June 1984. Borderline is released in the UK. It will peak at #56 a couple of weeks later. 16 June 1984, Borderline peaks at #10 in the USA, becoming Madonna's first top-ten hit 8 August 1984. Lucky Star is released in the USA. It peaks at #4, becoming the singer's first top-five hit. 20 October 1984. "Madonna" peaks at #8 in the USA just days before the release of the "Like a Virgin" single Summer 1985. Holiday is re-released in the UK, peaking #2 17 July 1985. "Madonna - The first album" is released in the UK. It will peak at #6 ? January 1986. Borderline is re-released in the UK, peaking #2 I apologise for any mistakes.
  10. Yep, that would be perfect.... and fix STR too....
  11. GHV2 can rot in hell... with some of the versions on TIC
  12. I totally agree! They should work more together...
  13. True. I can't stand the 1990 edit, and that's the only one available on spotify right now.
  14. I think it has the wrong "Crazy for you" version (the Celebration/Immaculate Collection edit).
  15. Is there a chance they release Crazy for you next week? and finally fix Something to Remember too.......
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