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  1. Ok but now the digital single is available worldwide, therefore I guess we can officially consider it a single everywhere 😄
  2. So can we consider physical attraction a single or is it just a b side?
  3. 8 times Drowned World x 1 (Milano) Confessions x 1 (Roma) Sticky and Sweet x 1 (Roma) MDNA x 1 (Milano) Rebel Heart x 2 (Torino, Torino) Madame X x 2 (Lisbon, London)
  4. I am. I listen to Madame X more often than Confessions. I love both albums but I think Madame X is superior.
  5. Madame X is a masterpiece and I find it very enjoyable just the way it is.
  6. Hey @Blue Jean The documentary is great! I loved every second of it! Thank you very much! I hope everyone watches it!
  7. Signature song: Like a prayer Mega classics: like a virgin, material girl, la isla bonita, vogue, hung up Classics: holiday, into the grove, papa don't preach, frozen
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