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  1. Yes she can but she is much older. She will have to hurry up a bit
  2. Exactly and Miley is so talented. I love her Madonna was largely inspired by other artists throughout her career and particularly by Marilyn for a long time. I don't see the problem that today's artists are inspired by her work. Miley is inspired by Sex released 30 years ago ? Cool, Madonna was inspired in 1984 by a film released 30 years earlier for the Material Girl video. What Marilyn's fans could think at the time! + all the rest she has copying As Troubadour said, she aped Marilyn Monroe to a very high level
  3. Just amazing. I trully hope that M will discover your work because you really deserve it
  4. he clearly has work with the stems. The isolated voice and the independent elements are perfectly heard and sounds clear. It's not a mash-up
  5. he's so good for modernize an old track while keeping all its essence. I love his special disco vibe your GC remix is
  6. early christmas for me. I just discovered that one of my fav DJ, Purple Disco Machine, did a remix of one of my all of time fave madonna song for a NYE DJ 2023 mix on apple music. It's so good but too short. we need this in extended ! https://music.apple.com/fr/album/into-the-groove-pdm-edit-mixed/1657582538?i=1657582707
  7. Mine too yesterday at my record store ! It is stunning. Love this cover
  8. I'm totally crazy about the live version too with that intro 🔥🔥 and the guitar riffs all the way + M dance move and outfit
  9. oh my god. A picture together would be just awesome. Her sexiest lover ever
  10. I don't like this clip, I don't like the remix but happy if some like it. It's this woman's genius to bring together people/fans with very different tastes. However, I don't understand how some can take 1992 as a point of comparison with this video. For having lived the sex period as a teenager, of course she was dragged through the mud etc... but behind all that there was an incredible artistic approach, millions of photos taken by a genius photographer, a fucking good album and yes she pressed real buttons there. Disturbing, necessary and incredibly risky for an artist like her. Never seen. Today, I have the impression that she presses buttons that are already engaged and frankly not very useful in our society. What is the message ? What are we supposed to understand ? The legalization of cocaine to be able to have fun and fuck ? Gay kisses, trash parties... hello, it's 2022. Nothing new. Playing again and again the card of sex, religion, homosexuality makes her become a cliché of herself and loses the credibility of her previous genious movements. The girl have fun. Cool for her. I'm just waiting for a more artistically interesting next period. Yes time goes by so slowly for those who wait....
  11. I would love a cover with this shoot too. There are so many treasures from this period. I hope they made a bold and unconventional choice
  12. You were right. Finally home very quick once in the country. Love it ♥️
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