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  1. I'm not an expert but I heard right away the difference of these 2 with the rest. Really disappointed not to have the rest in this quality. LAP and EY are stunning with lots of details that stand out. A real listening treat
  2. this performance is life. I love everything. Look, hair, clothes, chorΓ©. Eveything is perfection. We get a delicious mix of Madonna of the 80s and the future of the 90s. Very first time she's voguing. The voice is superb. What an era!!!
  3. not at all excited about a tour after her last live performances. We'll see what she gonna do at the pride event but I think she's not ready. vocally and physically. She has a huge job to do and I doubt she is as motivated. So if it's to have backing bands, vocoder and choreography like in Medellin, no thanks
  4. Totally agree with you. Same exp. for me. The extended remixes have been hugely played in club, party and radio in the 80's. they were on the radio all the time. I attended a lot of dance shows because my sister was doing it (I discovered M during one of a show by the way) and they always played the extended songs (Madonna, Jackson...) The first time I heard who's that girl and Vogue on the radio (NRJ), they were playing the extended version. before buying the album, I only knew the extended version of Burning up because they only played this version on the radio. Like a virgin extended was hugely played too if the 12' records sold so well it was because people heard them on the radio and in the clubs.
  5. your kindness is equal to your talent. I deeply love your work. For me the actuals covers are cool and stick to the project, especially the Aldo one.
  6. I bought the 6lp version from the off. store. Absolutely stunning it gives a lot of hopes and expectations for the future
  7. I am extremely sad and uncomfortable after seeing this. Impression of watching my worst nightmare concerning her. Really worrying for me
  8. why compare this time with 1992. At the time of Sex she was criticized for her artistic project. A sulphurous book, record and film. Today, she is criticized because she no longer resembles herself. She ruined her face and her body while for years she had the image of a powerful woman who made her body her temple (sport, diet, non-smoker...). Suddenly, the public and the fans discover her the opposite of what her philosophy of life was with an increasingly strange attitude on her social networks. For having lived through the era of Sex as a fan, it had nothing to do with today. We are witnessing the long fall of a queen and it is very sad. Let's hope for a revival with future projects
  9. Totally addict to the vinyls. I've been buying them since the 80s. In recent years, I've completed the pieces that I couldn't buy at the time, such as the Japanese editions or specials editions. My latest acquisition is Gambler 7 poster fold. I hope find the Borderline 7 poster fold in good condition too. I'm more in the 80's period
  10. thank you so much Jackie and Fighter
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