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  1. mouse

    My very first concert was the WTG. I was 14 years old at that time and I remember it very well. She was everywhere at that time. Each magazine, TV report .... It was incredible. Everyone was talking about her. Even the grandparents. Cinemas replayed Susan during this summer. I could see it before the concert. They also played the video of Material Girl just before the movie. I was in heaven ! For me, she was like an unreal goddess at the time and being with her at the same time and the same place was completely surreal. The audience at the concert was incredible. The exit from the stadium was also very exciting. Stands everywhere with lots of merchandise. I was crazy. I convinced my father to stop a few times to buy posters, t-shirts, program.... I could have spent hours here. Heaven on earth 3 years later, I could see the blond Ambition tour. This tour is my favorite. Everything was perfect. Setlist, sets, costumes. The sound was incredible. When the drums started on Express Yourself (just before the first dance and sing ...), my heart stopped beating. It was so huge! Great memory. Stadium was not full. It was the Nice show that was broadcast on HBO. At the last moment they transferred people from the stands to the main lawn to increase the impression of a filled stadium. Big sky tracer were placed all around the field. It was very nice. Then the girlie show. For the first time I could see her very close. She was beautiful and what a body! Very beautiful memories and superb tour. Then I could see the Confessions Tour, S&S and MDNA. I had tickets for RH Tour and MX but I couldn't attend :-(
  2. mouse

    Blond Ambition Tour ! - So advanced for everything. Defining the future of big tours - chemistry between her & Niki and Donna - best entrance for ever ! - music arrangement and set list - so beautiful
  3. As I remember, it was said that the master of The virgin tour was stocked in the world trade center so....
  4. mouse

    Express yourself. So iconic Best tour ever. so glad to see it live. My best concert memories with the girlie show
  5. mouse

    pretty worrying
  6. mouse

    Yeah I know but it's really well thinking and not overdone like Madonna Same thing for Glenn Close or Meryl Streep
  7. mouse

    Personally, I think that the divorce + her 50 years were a disastrous cocktail. We are all equal in time, but for someone who has played with her body & face all her career, it must be very hard. I never thought she would age like this (too much surgery, face and body). I thought she was more like Jane Fonda for example. But I don't judge. It must be a very hard fight for her. For the rest, in my opinion, she only has people who says amen to everything she does or say. No one should contradict her (professionally or personally). She became for me a terrible human being. Recent stories from theater staff who can't watch her and turn their backs, toilet seats wich must be changed regularly ... God, she was always a bitch, but that is really embarassing. I used to admire her so much as an artist and as a human being. She inspired me. Not anymore. Her strength remains admirable. The rest is gone. She lost her mojo but I still like her ! Truth is I feel very nostalgic. It's surely because I'm getting older too ... I hope for massive change in the future. More simplicity in everything (music, style, surgery). Focused on her legacy. And maybe a greatest tour to reconect people with her... Dreams can come true
  8. mouse

    Madonna body is a huge part on her career. Like someone said one day, I saw her butt more than own mine. it seems normal to refer to it after seeing it for real (with respect) Very good news for this last show. Hope she will be ok for London and Paris
  9. mouse

    For me it's pretty clear. She stopped intense sport (which is catastrophic for a body overtrained for decades). She's done an intervention for her butt at 60 years which destabilized her body and creating additional pressures on his joints. It prevents her from being as dynamic and fluid as she was. She seems enjoying more drinking than before. I hope she will recover without too much damage to her body and her mind
  10. mouse

    okay but she's 73 years old !!
  11. mouse

    Tina Turner did a big last tour back in 2008/2009 with 90 dates at the age of 69. Singing and dancing with heels. Cher is 12 years older and she's done 174 show since 2017. She does not make the handstand but she's moving ! Madonna is in great shape and I adore her but she's not wonder woman and not unique. She's only 61.
  12. mouse

    I dream of a big hit, a very catchy, well produce, and addictive single that she would release anonymously (by singing maybe a little differently) to prove to the whole industry that you have to listen with your ears without judging by age. No more world tour, but maybe some "one night only" in the cities she likes She over tour with live nation. She must recreate the wait (what Streisand does is very smart even if it's a nightmare for the fans)
  13. mouse

    I also had a doubt but I think it's really implant. We clearly see it in the video of the ice bath challenge when she puts her bathrobe back on. But depending on what she wears, it shows more or less. In addition, why she would wear pads all the time, even for sport or rehab. It does not make sense. The bruise on her thigh
  14. mouse

    I’m not comparing her to another younger person I compare her before and after the surgery .
  15. mouse

    I totally agree. No doubt that the load transfer on his booty is not without impact on the joints (hips, knees, ankles). Especially at her age. I think she have lost her harmony, her gestures and her confidence.