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  1. that I'm bothering you is the least of my worries and I don't give a damn about your recommendations as a great master of life I comment what I want and if my posts are as uninteresting as yours I suggest you don't read them and live your life too
  2. she annoying me so much with the weed. After insulting her fans because of the smoke in a stadium, seeing her with a cigarette or weed smoke coming out of her mouth in almost all her posts is really nonsense and ridiculous !
  3. pppffff when I see that, sorry but I think she really has a shitty team and she manages nothing at all. The so-called perfectionist has become a careless who does not even respect her art and her heritage. The beautiful stranger ending is laughable when she's in the car (her eyes and hair) And it's not about the money. much less profitable artists remaster their videos very well so ... and the girl is billionaire.
  4. I don't know if it has already been said here (sorry if it is) but Cher's biopic will end up being released before M's one . Nice team obviously ! From Cher twitter : 20 mai Ok Universal is Doing Biopic With My Friends JUDY CRAYMER,GARY GOETZMAN PRODUCING. THEYY PRODUCED BOTH MAMMA MIA’S,& MY DEAR DEAR Friend 4 YRS, & OSCAR WINNER..ERIC ROTH IS GOING 2 WRITE IT FORREST GUMP A STAR IS BORN SUSPECT TO NAME A FEW OF IS FILMS
  5. how must be exciting to have this one with these items
  6. Amazing and so deserved review but as I remember, critics were not bad at all in 1991.
  7. Michael and Whithey too
  8. I also wonder but I think she doesn't feel awful, otherwise she would have resumed singing lessons a long time ago. No one on her team should dare say to her "honey you have a horrible voice here and you sing out of tune a lot". So, maybe she thinks that's details (fatigue, stress ...) ? Unbelievable yes. For me the techonoligy has harmed her. With all these helps, she no longer makes any efforts at the vocal level. When you listen all the instructions they slip into her ears during a show, it's incredible. How can she be concentrate to sing well with all this ?
  9. she should quickly make an appointment with the Jane Fonda's one
  10. 1. Holiday 2. Angel 3. Papa don't preach 4. Like a prayer 5. Vogue 6. Thief of hearts 7. Survival 8. Nothing really matters 9. Impressive Instant 10. Mother & Father 11. Sorry 12. Give it to me 13. Gang bang 14. HeartBreakCity 15. God control
  11. insult ? by distorted face, I mean the filter she use on instagram.
  12. personally i don't like tattoos but this one is very cute and understated. Madonna has offered her body and her image to the public throughout her career. She played with it. She gave us great times. She was beautiful, ugly, vulgar, stuck, blonde, brunette, redhead, swollen lips, naked. I neverjudge her, she does what she wants, but for me it is normal for her fans, to talk and discuss (criticize or not) her changes. And it is not in relation to her age. What I find ugly in her, I will find ugly in a younger one. That's only my opinion. Why always brought it down to age or feminism. It seems to me that the judgment of appearance is cooler today than it was a few years ago. I mean, we still have a lot of celebrities with different physique and they're not judged for that (Beyoncé, Dua Lipa, billie eilish, Miley Cyrus, Lizzo, Beth Ditto, Cher, Dolly Parton ...), they are all different physically.So.... Madonna can't take a picture of her new fake ass in see-through panties in her bathroom, post the snapshot on the web and expect only positive feedback. And exclaim, my body, my choices. Of course it is, but we are also free to comment on it. Whether positive or negative since it is a public communication ! there was no web back then, but when sex came out everyone judged it. Se was young, she was beautiful but everybody talk about it. For good or bad. And it's made for. Now, is she in the same policy when she exposes her duck ass or her distorted (the filter she use) to us on instagram. She is the only one who knows. But I feel no guilt in finding that new ass ugly and missing her face before retouching.
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