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  1. I remember the first time i hear "ain't no big deal" as a b side of the 12" "papa don't preach" . I preferred it to the boring 'I Know it" the only thing i dislike was the sound of the synth before she sing the verse. Somewhere in this forum someone posted the supposed Mark Kamis version and Steve Bray in studio demo . The one i prefer is the "pre madonna version" the production is poor but has a fresh approach that the other version missed. 🤷‍♂️
  2. Great!!! Thank you. Now i can hear all the instrumentals and backing vocals In summary, thanks to your work we now have a remastered version of IC, remixed without q sound, stereo sound.. and especially listenable by all 😁😁👍👍
  3. I used VLC too and i experienced "the immaculate collection" stripped down version 😁😁😁
  4. https://www.discogs.com/fr/release/10429737-Madonna-Love-Dont-Live-Here-Anymore You are right Absolutely fake... "My doubt don't live here anymore' 😁
  5. Question Years ago I bought a bootleg cd with the " love don't live here anymore " versions and there's "The early morning mix " Is it fake ? 🤔
  6. Thank you!!!! "Finally Enough Light "about my doubts 😁
  7. Can i ask you one thing? The digital reissue of her single that warner released in the past 2 years are remastered or just an untouch transfer? I wanted to buy some of them ... maybe it's better to rip my original cd single? Thank you.
  8. Take a look at this... https://www.rhino.com/article/rhino-1s-madonna-0 September 24 2013.
  9. When i don't like a song but, as a fan, i "have to do" my own compilation of the single released...that's when i love some edit ???
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