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  1. This guy is talking a lot because he is insecure he is her Bitch. What he did was take a video of her boxing boyfriend. Also ricardo is jurt recreating Klein/eroticas/old images with less budget and worst lighting
  2. Well he's one of the people responsible for the decline or her image and weird social media so I think hes a gaga fan infiltrated on her camp. Also this interview makes he sounda like a Asshole? " I've worked with people that I didn't like to work with, I have worked with very sweet and warm people, and I've worked with very rude people where I haven't even shared one photo online because I hated them so much"
  3. This. We heard countless times how she is so fast on studio and knows exactly what she wants. Most of the leaked stuff is interesting but rarely it rises up to the released stuff.
  4. Both + Radio was all about RnB and Dance music was niche. It all changed around 2009 with gaga/rihanna and the EDM acts
  5. No I think she actually likes this visual its in a lot of other backdrops too and free licensing
  6. THIS PHOTOSHOOT was used in soo many magazines back then and gossip stuff and websites . I also rememebr you could download as a wallpaper from madonna.com
  7. ITG I agree. The Spy who shagged me soundtrack was release by Maverick so they wanted to sell those and not Beautiful Stranger single
  8. Yes, But that was Madonna choice since the soundtracks were Maverick releasesp
  9. They were trying to sell the soundtrack of those films if a recall
  10. Her version of America Pie was a sucess all over the world though. And her look on the video was classic Madonna
  11. I guess in MUSIC during the cartoon sequence she has a bunch of songs named. Celebration video Lola wearing the wedding dress The discoball from Ray Of Light the video is seen in many backdrops
  12. The Live Nation Deal made sense at the time and they made so much money but she toured more in her 50s than ever in her carreer and that took a big toll on her. The albums had no A&R behind them and she was kind of lost
  13. Well i interpreted that he bruised her but the things he said were what truly hurt her
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