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  1. Well I guess I should open my MDNA and Hard Candy since soon it won't be "limited" lol
  2. Yay!!! I love me some Abel so, this is good news for me. Cmon FRIDAY!!
  3. BREAKING NEWS: "according to commonsense.org there will be no new album to coencide with her 4 decades celebration tour" - Me
  4. Hahah, k you guys win lol "wahh wait for someWAHN else..to do what you could do rigHtNAHHH"
  5. We are in recovery lol I'll make him a soda stream and lace it with melatonin lol
  6. What crow sound 🤣 you need to give an example pls...what song?
  7. No way. That. Is. Madonna. Go away Mother & Father high pitch voice. Gimme low low lowwwww
  8. I'm cool if MA-DO-NN-A comes back...HC has grown on me through the years. And yes I'm talking to you Candy Shop.
  9. Read the show is a bomb. Song sounds good. The Weeknd sounds very much like MJ on this.
  10. Only because it told a story and highlighted a much needed crime in modern day civilization: God Control
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