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  1. Madonna has one of the best vocabulary of vocals PERIOD. It's too much time to list them all.
  2. Oh honey, no...just no Boo. Like a Virgin MDNA Tour 👌 You Must Love Me, Spanish Lession, DWRY
  3. I'm reliving the 80s and 90s music in 12" vinyl releases. Literally just banged to Flashdance "What a Feeling" 12 inch version. Highly recommended. But to keep on Madonna...the 12 inch versions would be wild.
  4. I think its safe to remind the general folk: Don't. Fuck. With The Queen. 😉
  5. Ya I meant the recently released singles on streaming service. Those were NOT already remastered for release?
  6. So, I finally was able to listen to FEL as YouTube Music FINALLY released it ONE day late. I'd like to think it was because of my chat interaction with someone there that corrected this error 🤔 but anyway...I love love love it...one thing I noticed though was Frozen lacked that KICK when the beat first comes on. It sounded faded to me. Also, I'm sure this was already discussed, but in case it wasn't, I'm assuming ALL the tracks; whether or not they are tracks released to streaming service already (Express Yourself etc) are remastered for this release -- hence why it says "remaster 2022".
  7. I guess!! Thanks. Maybe if it was L. This ain't 2013 tho with that medium 😂
  8. Anybody have a pic of the "Erotica" t-shirt that was being sold at this event....pahllllleaase
  9. Shes Supersonic Bionic she's supersonic bionic...she's The Shit, she's The Shit. Imma say this once...She Don't Give a Shit 😂
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