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  1. What in the heavens is going on in here lol. Let me get my med cart so I can hand something out. Shit. 💊
  2. When you speak of a project with Madonna, one has to assume she will want to do something “that has never been done before”. Js
  3. What ever the case, before this thread turns into a zombie apocalypse I’m out ✌🏼
  4. Just a question, so don’t bite my head off, has Dr. Luke been found guilty of any crime?
  5. Madonna can’t spell — final answer. Re: pics, typical Monday for M lol
  6. I love when the kids use words like “reductive” just cuz Madonna said it lol. 👧🏻
  7. Decided to watch this — it was so good. Still not a fan, but he had a great story to tell, and the film was done beautifully.
  8. Julia Gardner = perfect. It was so obvious (the press got it wrong) back then that she was never going to walk away from this project. She’s a master of business and even fooled a lot of you on here. Everyone is going to juice when this comes out. 👧🏻
  9. Really? I don’t think so at all. Besides LAP and EY, everything else can stay hidden or in the 80s 🤷‍♂️ like Love Song? Really?! The concept, the imagery etc that’s what I loved about this era.
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