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  1. I also love the house remixes we got from that album. I wish she'd just mix with junior again lol mostly for him to release living for ❤️
  2. I hope your dream becomes our reality.
  3. I stopped logging onto Drowned when they became sell outs. Looks like a new low to me ✌️
  4. Who is that? Movies get "scrapped" all the time, remember Evita? Lol...I HIGHLY doubt (whatever you wanna call this project) is scrapped. I feel like she wants to change the direction. I'm betting my life savings she wants to make a series.
  5. Whatever avenue she chooses, it's gonna get done (the movie) PERIOD.
  6. I like her style of directing. And everybody that was part of the project. M happens to have really 'unique' tastes, and sadly no one really cared about Wallis and King whatever lol it was beautiful on the outside but plain on the inside. Perhaps she co-directs? Is that a thing?
  7. I'll believe it when it comes out of M's mouth. She clearly wants a series. Seems it's "back to the drawing board." What did Mariah do? I don't know her 🤷
  8. Don't count on it boo. She could probably break all of us on our best day on a dance floor or the gym. Don't count her out. And she is not 65 lol sheesh who the hell are you xo
  9. She needs to do a TV series. Way too much to load into one movie. Didn't she confirm the "film" was still in the works? She can't go on a world tour AND make this project. Lourdes as M would be brilliant. Can't wait to see her perspective on this.
  10. I'm betting she is creating remixes for the re-issue of the "Madonna" LP 🙍
  11. Gaga was 3 hours late when she performed at "The Guvernment" in Toronto. At least we will have our phones thls time.
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