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  1. Open Your Heart True Blue The Virgin Medley Into The Groove (MTV played the live video from WTGT all the time back in the day) La Isla Bonita Who's That Girl
  2. If I remember correctly, it was a mash-up going around the clubs (like the Die Another Day vs Sweet Dreams Mash Up) before Stuart made his studio version. I don't think it was Stuart's idea originally.
  3. BringUrLUV


    Any news on new music from Goldfrapp anytime in the near future?
  4. What exactly would be on her biopic soundtrack? new songs? remixed old ones?
  5. Cherish is the Miles Away of TIC. TIC absolutely should've had Dress You Up & WTG.
  6. Where are you getting the rumor that Mirwais AND Pat Leonard are working with M?
  7. He also was on the Clivilles & Cole remake of U2's Pride In The Name Of Love. https://youtu.be/74ecvPrqwXw
  8. Whatever she does as far as deluxe editions, Love Again needs to be a single!
  9. Its funny how before she left Warner 12 years ago everyone was like..."they don't know how to promote her anymore & she needs to leave!" Now people want her back on the label cuz "Interscope never knew how to promote her blah blah blah... & things were better at Warner" I wholeheartedly agree she should go back to Warner though. Its home for her. Here's to that being true & us getting some proper releases from her back catalog & some great new music!
  10. Strange the MX bonus tracks arent on streaming yet
  11. I would hope they're using the quarantine downtime to edit the show so we can have it for the fall. If Kylie can be recording her album in quarantine....
  12. Golden Girls Facts Of Life All In The Family The Jeffersons
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