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  1. Yes & I remember her saying it would be out in a matter of "months" so I was wondering if maybe Q4 2021?
  2. When is her album with DJ Koze coming out?
  3. Is the Disco expanded version ever coming out?
  4. Covering 17 studio albums...which means 2-3 new studio albums! (if they're counting I'm Breathless?)
  5. I saw him at Riis beach a couple days after pride & thought he looked familiar lol.
  6. Now I just wanna know when the live album/blu ray is getting released. Even though she was lazy with the arrangements.
  7. She did the Fever Edit one remix?????
  8. I was referring to the Hard Candy sessions w/ Pharrell but i could be mistaken
  9. Possibly but this is isn't her first home recording studio as she had one in London too I believe.
  10. While I love the overall creative direction of the album I skip so many songs...probably the most of any Madonna album for me. In that respect it could be her weakest album for me.
  11. BringUrLUV


    Do we know what Alison & Will have been up to in the studio? Alison said they're not working on a new album, so what could it be?
  12. I don't hate the album, it's got enough solid tracks for me. Girl Gone Wild Gang Bang I'm Addicted Turn Up The Radio IDGA I'm a Sinner Love Spent Masterpiece Beautiful Killer I'll throw the GMAYL demo in there too sometimes
  13. Did he quit or did he get fired?
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