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  1. So yeah anyway.....I'm also still holding out hope that they announce the 40th Anniversary special edition of the first album on its actual anniversary. If these special editions are actually coming I would think it starts with the debut & what other time but now? Physical Attraction with new remixes would be a great single choice!
  2. Sam Smith just cancelled the rest of his concert tonight in Manchester after only a few songs?? Something's up. I guess no surprise with M after Unholy??
  3. The Club 69 remixes are some of her best remixes ever IMO as well as some of Peter's best work. So glad to see them on streaming!!
  4. My favorite is the Video Version & Mike Dean did a beautiful job remastering everything on FEL.
  5. I'm really hoping its Erotica so we get it this year but it'll probably be next year with the 40th anniversary Edition of her debut
  6. People can blame the team she has around her but she's the one doing the hiring Also, opinions are like assholes.....you know the rest
  7. Voted! I'm sorry but I'm not voting on Hey You as it has nothing to do with Confessions & was done in 2007
  8. I've always thought the Calderone mix is the definitive mix & far superior IMHO but this does give the collection a bit more variety stylistically I suppose.
  9. I'll take that over the album edit, though its still no edit one. Here's hoping that sees a streaming release on the fever remixes whenever they come out. -Edited for clarity
  10. I'm hoping the Fever radio edit is really the edit one remix
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