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  1. Stephen Bray for sure - while I enjoy Patrick, Shep, Orbit and Stuart, the raw energy shared between Stephen and Madge via their songwriting can't be duplicated.
  2. I had the silver Light Years LP in my basket, dropped it because of the postage and import fees.
  3. With "gaining his own wings" I meant that being a child of a famous parent one has a huge load on their shoulders, double that if both parents are famous, even if they're adopted. She just seems to favourite him because he's the most like her or as the first adopted child wants to cling onto her and adapt to her lifestyle. I wish all the best to David, Mercy, Stella and Estere. I don't know shit abour their family dynamics, and I'm the first to admit it.
  4. David obviously adores her, bless his heart. He's her favourite child, or most likely to bend to her needs after L&R left the nest. Maybe he should spend some time apart from her to gain his own wings.
  5. This. She isn't fooling anyone, she's just getting negative attention.
  6. Yeah, and nope, don't need to see more of where she's at. She took those funbags to the extreme.
  7. Those titties were spewing all over, like an overflow of tissue.
  8. Prince put out an album every time he went for a shit. Of the big three born in 1958 she's the only living one, and there's no hoping for another death surge/bonus in sales in the near future - then 300€ seems reasonable for us (me) collectors of the early eras, but only if we (me) were to have a proper set like the lovely mockup.
  9. You're such a tease. Hold on, let me dream about this, if it were made possible. So about 300€ for the whole bunch? Delivery cost should be around 50€ max, insured and signed within the EU.
  10. Has Madge proved us that she can still move her face? A thousand stills of her mug on FB/IG don't tell a thing.
  11. Joan Crawford is looking gooo-od.
  12. American Life. I hated the album at 21; I kept and still keep telling myself that once I hit the big 40, I'll get it. It's still shite.
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