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  1. @VogueristaWell, I did have to search for her on the stage... stages. Screens, even. Not my favourite Madonna tour, but I'm glad I got to see her live for what I deem to be my/her/our very last time.
  2. @dave2290My fellow unit complained a lot about the local audience not showing much gaiety. We certainly tried to remedy that even as Finns. Eh, Madge was in a bit of a foul mood, said she couldn't hear herself, coughed a bit and both hit and played wrong notes several times. Talked with the grillz on? Ugh. Babbled nonsense about drugs to an audience who no longer need to get home before the babysitter leaves, it's before the help arrives. I did enjoy the show. The afterparty was fun too.
  3. @dave2290Iconic, sure. They kept on repeating how she's the queen, the mother, the inventor, the icon etc. throughout the experience. I wasn't disappointed with the show, or the songs, choreography or anything apart from how she ended it all so abruptly.
  4. This unit with its fellow unit saw the live-music-show-dance experience with loud sounds and bright lights in Berlin of Germany land on a Tuesday of the current year. We as singular units had a pleasant experience, together. Shared feelings of closeness, tiny amount of sad and large amount of gaiety. Many probable gays on stage, more gays at the afterparty with the empty orchestra and more loud voices with questionable talent for singing. Enjoyed both events. Sad that the experience is no more.
  5. Don't Stop is *the* song that could have been a radio hit.
  6. That's what obsessing over her does to people . Including myself.
  7. It's honestly not that bad. Unexciting, quite bland, but listenable on repeat.
  8. Eh, I absolutely love them both. My 23864#th edit. I LOVE Rescue Me and One More Chance.
  9. One More Chance was as wonderful as Rescue Me.
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