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  1. The 6 LP limited edition was available for pre-order on Dig until Saturday, sold out on Sunday. Chose to skip it even when I had the € during the weekend. I did however recall my previous posts on how much would a full LP set of her past albums cost. I think I assessed it being around 300€ or so.
  2. The first time I went to a gay bar was a great experience. 2012 in Berlin when Madge was in town, can't remember the name of the hole-in-the-wall drinking establishment. A small dance floor, nice comfy seats for us just enjoying our drinks, lots of boys but only a few girls. Great selection of dance tracks.
  3. Yeah I know, but being assembled from bits and pieces it looked less like a love letter and more like a ransom note.
  4. The unofficial David Guetta Revolver was . I think I have the picture disc. (Yeah I do!) The official Lil' Wayne Revolver cover - eh, I bought the record. Looks better in B&W, and as a single release.
  5. Both of them are and WERE at the time. Celebration single cover was especially WTF. So lame. Loved the remixes, though.
  6. ...Dragging David Kawena back to the conversation, I think he said something about Madge liking his work, but her management was only willing to pay him mere pittance, were he to work for her. Oversimplified, I know.
  7. It was a mishmash of glorious Madonna and Marilyn -- OH GOD PLEASE WHY?? Revolver was OK, Celebration single...
  8. Lenticular cover, please. I for one won't stop moaning. Saving my € cents for all the fabulous releases. That's how I got to amass over 800 Madge records, and I love them all. Still remember where, when and how I got them (and how much I paid for them, too).
  9. So why not go 50/50 with a professional designer/fan like David Kawena? I haven't drawn her portrait based on his picture, but I will.
  10. 40 y/o here, a fan since 1995, a collector since 1997. Madonna was my saving grace, someone whom I could rely on through her music, and who carried me through storms for over twenty years. I loved her, and I still love her although I've chosen another path and I no longer follow her blindly.
  11. The artwork honestly looks like the crap I came up with 20 years ago.
  12. Old-ass fans gonna expect more from her and her team. Ditch Aldo and Duplo.
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