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  1. Has Madge proved us that she can still move her face? A thousand stills of her mug on FB/IG don't tell a thing.
  2. Joan Crawford is looking gooo-od.
  3. American Life. I hated the album at 21; I kept and still keep telling myself that once I hit the big 40, I'll get it. It's still shite.
  4. Has the vibe of Richie Sambora (the former main guitarist of Bon Jovi) gone solo, Pretty impressive, nice smoky voice.
  5. I'm more obsessed with hunting down the perfect patchouli perfume that imitates the scent of the LAP LP sleeve. I have several European editions, even the first Japanese CD print (which still holds a wonderful scent!). The Like A Prayer LP to me is a special one, because of the scent, not because of the songs.
  6. ^ Your experience of waiting in line as a die-hard fan to get a wristband - and then being told to back off and wait in another line with your goddamned wristband sounds familiar. Better have a strong bladder or an attitude (after having to go for a pee) to get back to where you were originally. I have never pushed over the lines (after Barcelona 6/2001 when we were told to sit our asses DOWN to let others see the show) to get closer to her than I ought to be, but I guess that's just me.
  7. Since she deleted her original IG video, this is what we're left with.
  8. As for the pictures - meh. Dull. Does Lourdes still have that strong swimmer body definition with a V-line? Great upper body strength, wide shoulders? The pictures are trying to hide her great structure.
  9. Being the spoil-sport as I always am - thanks for around twenty years of music, MTV. Now - which "dress" or piece of clothing of hers from the video do they mean? *The* ivory slinky silky thing with the amazing upper back?
  10. Oh Madge. ....Just make some good music, I won't care what your ass or face looks like. You'll always be a trailblazer, but be aware that you will be called the Ugly Duchess. Rather that than the Ugly Kardashian (honestly, you look like Khloe or whatever that Wookie is kalled).
  11. The song and video that got me into Madonna back in 1995. Still among her best work.
  12. Yeah I know how much Canadian $$$ my ye olde Scotty boy spends on Madge and I do too on her past music. But I refuse to pay for that plastic fantastic face and her toy boys, and her new five car garage 20 million dollar house. She just irks me nowadays. Having said all that, it's the 26th anniversary of Bedtime Story. I prefer Junior's mixes over the album version, get unconscious.
  13. I will disown her as a fan and her whole goddamned legacy if that's her new face. That isn't even her. Me kicking her in the face looks better than... that.
  14. You tell me. I disagree with her views, but I just keep on throwing wads of cash at her because I (used to) like her. I do love her until her dying day.
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