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  1. you need to see it again! im in LA, lets have a Becky Carlson viewing party!!!
  2. unfortunately she hasn't had a great club song since 2005.
  3. she not going to break out into song while shes pouring wax on his nipples or getting her puss eaten on the hood of the car or getting butt fucked on the floor when frank reverses the roles! it could have played on the credits before we see her in the cemetery!!! cmon people, come join the madonna party!!!
  4. madonna was never going to make is an actress only because of her fans. they cant have or believe her as anything other than madonna!!!
  5. Yes. She uses and kills men for their money. What I’m saying, is adding that song would have the audience believe in her more. Also, there was an alternate ending where she gets away with it. How cool would it be if really, psychologically, it’s all because she’s looking for love?!!! CINEMA PEOPLE!!!
  6. No! I disagree! you know the outcome already. imagine it like Witness For the Prosecution. had she sung this song for the film it would have an added another fabulous layer of the 'did she or didn't she?'! shes looking for a a different kind of lover who into what shes into. thats the entire premise of the film, as were watching it. thats certainly the line of defense that Frank is using for the jury. I know there's someone out there Waiting for me There must be someone out there There just has to be Go on, go on Don't sit there like a fool You've graduated from A different kind of school
  7. How do you mean? it’s from her film Body of Evidence where she plays Rebecca Carlson!
  8. She was Warner’s Number One. She goes over to interscope where she’s Madonna but they’re clueless and have better performing artists. Warner knew how to market her.
  9. She split with Warner because of a renegotiation that they wouldn’t adhere to. They were right.
  10. Her Leo ego. Worst mistake ever was leaving Warner.
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