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  1. I dont think she was some wall flower that said or thought "I need to be sexy to sell". she 'used' sex in the same natural, innate way Theda Bara, Jean Harlow, Clara Bow, Josephine Baker, Anita Berber, Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe did. she just is.
  2. Fave song from the album? you can ONLY PICK ONE!!! (how hard will that be?)!!!
  3. The Greatest Album of All-Time! Released on July 29, 1983
  4. out of curiosity, what do you think casting directors (male AND female) do all day long?
  5. that would be wonderful because thats what I think she missed in the streaming era. with MTV a new generation always got caught up with Rockumentary, Behind the Music or Driven or Back to her Roots, etc. they would always bring people up to speed and, its my opinion, that the absence of a new documentary since the advent of streaming, has kept her at bay with the last two generations.
  6. if she's playing madonna in Rebel Heart era but if its dancer madonna, this girl will have to pull a Christian Bale/Jared Leto...
  7. yeah, well were in THIS CIRCLE!!! this circle is where you talk about WARNING SIGNS in the WARNING SIGNS thread.
  8. and remember that great quote from madonna? "Who else has a problem with the song besides Rosanna?" Rosanna threw a fit when a song was going into the movie, which she now denied recently on Andy Cohen, WWHL. but she did, as evidenced in the 1985 Rolling Stone cover story, Madonna and Rosanna - Their New Movie's Hot!
  9. yes, very. I remember her saying she wrote a few songs and Susan picked Into the Groove.
  10. your replying to the reason I gave for it not being on there. all the other artists on the soundtrack were signed to Geffen records and they didn't want her to have THREE songs on that.
  11. me too! when the first album demos leaked I was ecstatic! still listen to them! would love to hear her Virgin demos she presented to Nile. Angel, Over and Over, Shoo Bee Doo, Pretender!
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