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    "I Don't Search I Find" SPOILER: [Hidden Content]
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    I was going to post this just now [Hidden Content]
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    The drag queen video is for: [Hidden Content]
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    From The Admins ❤️️

    Hello everyone, As unexpected as this is, we have decided to re-open after a lot of talks with people and among the staff. The main thing people brought up was the upcoming tour, with only a few weeks until it starts we had to figure out quickly if this was something that was actually possible and was something we wanted. The dozens of supportive messages we received were really unexpected, I didn't realise that despite the negatives, a lot of people still appreciate the forum. That was the most important factor for this to happen. Other few things happened in the last couple of weeks that made this possible, we worked out how to keep the forum up for the next year, and the staff agreed to take this on again. Without that it would not have happened so thanks to our team for trying their best as usual. Some may want to be negative about the forum returning but hopefully most people will see it as an opportunity to celebrate Madonna together again. We also hope that this period of inactivity has sorted things out and people will go where they really want to be. We can't be dealing with people who hate this site and only want to ruin things for everyone else. I want to say huge thanks to MadonnaBible and DrownedMadonna who were really nice to everyone and invited me and others to join their forums, it's great to see that we're all a fandom and community that looks out for each other. Also, thank you to everyone who tried to save as much of the site as possible so it wouldn't be lost, that's a good thing either way, so we can always preserve and promote Madonna's legacy in the future. 🙌 Thank you for reading and understanding where we are coming from and to those who understood all along what the mission of this site is. Those who want to be here, welcome!!!!. Obviously there will be some changes to how things work, mostly the possible addition of more moderators aside from the ones we have now, and registrations will be a bit more strict so trolls don't register 10 different accounts. We will also be implementing better staff guidelines for dealing with drama as a team. There may be a few things that don't work 100% or other weird issues so please let us know. Now let's enjoy and look forward to the tour... - The Admins. Thanks to Enrico, Bel, Lukesavant, madgefan and every person who offered help and support.
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    THIS IS...... [Hidden Content]
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    My DIck Pix!!

    My Dickey cheesing for a pic! Ha! Now that I got your attention, I have a cute, interesting and remarkable story to tell. Over a month ago, I was taking a jog through a nearby bike trail. It was relatively a nice day out, I was a mile in, and I was listening to a mix of Madonna music. The song "Push" came on, and I'm not kidding you, right at the Verse 1 line; "You push me, when I stumble and I fall", something ran right between my legs, causing me to stumble and nearly fall. Luckily I didn't. It happened so fast, all I saw at my feet was this orangish colored furry thing fly by. When I caught my breath and looked up at the nearby grassy hill, I see this orange and white tiger striped young cat, sitting and staring down at me. It was almost like she was looking down, smirking/laughing at me. Once the cat noticed I saw her, she took off and that's when I yelled out, raising my fist "You Dick!". Not sure why I did and said that, but I just felt like the cat did it on purpose, as silly as that sounds. Fast forward three days later. Once again, I am on a jog. I'm about a mile or so in, and decide to sit at a nearby bench as my music stopped for some reason. Finally, I get the Madonna mix playing again. The song "I Fucked Up" came on. And I'm not kidding you, right at the start of these lyrics; "I fucked up. I made a mistake. Nobody does it better than myself. I’m sorry. I’m not afraid to say. I wish I could take it back, but I can’t", what came leaping up on the bench next to me? It was that "dick" of a cat that tripped me a few days before. What's the chance of this ever happening? And what's up with the cat showing up twice with those parts of the song playing? Now, I wasn't in the same spot as before where she tripped me. In fact, I was about 2 miles from that spot. It most definitely was the same colored cat. I also recall, she appeared small in size the other day as well, but quickly dismissed it as it may have been the distance playing with my eyes. But she was indeed still a kitten. She was super friendly for some reason. I was cordial back to her, and then I said my goodbyes. I figured since she looked pretty clean and fed, she belonged to someone nearby as there are several homes nearby. I thought once I took off, she would go home. Although, that is not what happened. As I started to get back to my jog, she started following me. I didn't think much of it and thought she'd get tired and wander off another direction, but she didn't. She actually followed me to my car. So now I was left to think, is this just a lost cat or a stray out in the wild? I took a picture of her as I was planning to post about her on social media how she was my jogging partner for the day. As I opened my truck door, she hopped right in. I'm like, "now wait, you can't come with me!" All she did was "meow" at me. She looked at me, drawing me in. I felt bad leaving her, so I took her home. Since I know the area of the two places I found her, I decided later that day, take her back and knock on some doors to see if she belonged to anyone. No one knew who she belonged to, so my next step was to hang signs in the area for a "found kitten" with her picture. In my mind, I was sure she belonged to some little girl or boy who probably was crying their eyes out over her. So I made a deal with the kitten, who I nicknamed "Dickey" based off my first words I yelled at her, that I'd keep her until we find her rightful owner. I didn't expect that I would have her long or even keep her. I was hoping someone would claim her, but no one did. Weeks later, I must admit, I've fallen in love with this cutie. No one has claimed her, and she is mine to keep. I've had cats in the past, but never have I had one like this. She is so kind hearted. Not only that, I truly believe she's a Madonna fan because whenever I play Madonna's music around the house, she moves about like she's dancing to her music. Even more interesting, I've watched two Madonna live concerts recently; Virgin Tour and Confessions Tour, and that darn cat was glued watching them with me. I have to wonder now though! That day when she almost tripped me, when she was looking down at me, thinking she was laughing at me, if she was just making sure I was okay? Sorry for the attention seeking title, but I thought it would be hilarious to title the thread such being my first words, aimed at her was "You dick!". LOL! The above is her looking down from me from my upstairs hallway. Isn't she a cutie? Give me a "heart" reaction if you agree! Oh and for those who are disappointed and was expecting something else "more explicit" in this post, click here; [Hidden Content]
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    Madonna | Dark Ballet | June 7

    Didn't a review [guessing Lucy O') said Mercy was the least interesting track in her opinion but Batuka intrigues me as curious to know what part David was involved in..... Ok likings and preferences are personal but heres a score off a forum published few hours ago... [Hidden Content]
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    This guy has posted snippets of all 13 tracks on his Instagram stories. I haven't listened and don't intend to. So spoilers ahead .. [Hidden Content]
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    A couple of weeks ago I was using this web archive site that allows us to revisit old versions of sites we know. Of course, I tried to load the old version of madonna.com as I used to visit it on a regular basis when I was a kid (between 2001 and 2003). Unfortunately not all the elements are able to be seen, especially audios and videos, but some are still available like wallpapers and small files. I want to share with you the ones I could manage to download UPDATED JUNE 3!!! As I've got some positive feedback from a lot of fans, I've just added more stuff I've been able to collect from the old site! Now we have: A flash intro from 2001: [Hidden Content] A screensaver: [Hidden Content] Some wallpapers from the GHV2, the English Roses, Re-invention, Confessions, Sticky & Sweet, and MDNA eras: [Hidden Content] Collectible Flash Cards from the GHV2 era, I had completely forgotten about them! [Hidden Content] Icons promoting the American Life and English Roses eras [Hidden Content] NEW Nobody Knows Me flash intro from 2004: [Hidden Content] NEW The re-Invention Tour flash intro from the official site [Hidden Content] NEW The Confessions Tour animated banners from the official 2006 site [Hidden Content] I hope you enjoy them
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