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    UPDATED: Old madonna.com goodies

    A couple of weeks ago I was using this web archive site that allows us to revisit old versions of sites we know. Of course, I tried to load the old version of madonna.com as I used to visit it on a regular basis when I was a kid (between 2001 and 2003). Unfortunately not all the elements are able to be seen, especially audios and videos, but some are still available like wallpapers and small files. I want to share with you the ones I could manage to download UPDATED!!! As I've got some positive feedback from a lot of fans, I've just added more stuff I've been able to collect from the old site! Now we have: A flash intro from 2001: [Hidden Content] A screensaver: [Hidden Content] Some wallpapers from the GHV2, the English Roses, Re-invention, Confessions, Sticky & Sweet, and MDNA eras: [Hidden Content] Collectible Flash Cards from the GHV2 era, I had completely forgotten about them! [Hidden Content] Icons promoting the American Life and English Roses eras [Hidden Content] Ps. One thing it's been impossible for me to download is the flash intro from the official Re-invention tour website that was launched in 2004. It starts with Madonna's last few verses from The Beast Within like in the original studio demo before it got reworked with added elements! I'm sure you remember it. I hope you enjoy them
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    MadonnaInfinity New Album Giveaway

    Hi all 💕 just as we did with Rebel Heart Tour, we intend to do a giveaway for the new album. We obviously still don't know the formats in which it will be released, but we will have several winners. One thing is that it will be open to people with over 100 reputation points so this is a heads up to get those points if you want to participate. X 💋
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    UPDATE #2 (10/9/18) I updated a lot of the information about all of the B-roll as everything I had typed previously was extremely vague and not very useful information. Every video now has a detailed description of what's currently available or not available. Download links in this thread are only of the clips from the B-roll that has yet to leak. If you are searching for the B-roll that already has leaked,you can download all of the footage on YouTube using a YouTube video converter. UPDATE: Here are the Instagram clips posted by TheTagPolice from several videos: [Hidden Content] Not sure if it's the best idea to make a new discussion thread about the B-roll footage,but I'm doing it anyways. Here's the current list of B-roll clips available: -Vogue (30 Minute segment of a rumored three hour video; the three hour version has never been confirmed to exist) -Rain (37 minute segment of a rumored four hour video; the four hour version has never been confirmed to exist) -Hollywood (45 minute segment which omits a few scenes; most of the B-roll is available in this segment) -Turn Up The Radio (two clips have leaked: one is a church scene cut from the final video and a closeup of Madonna and one of her dancers singing the song in the car featured in the video; more B-roll may be available but nothing has leaked and no further information has been provided) -Hung Up (four clips from the workprint have leaked which are alternate takes not featured in the final version of the music video; alternatively with the EMA 2005 backdrops leaking,some more B-roll has come out from the video in those backdrops. No further information into what else could be available) -4 Minutes (six clips have leaked currently: two close up shots of Madonna singing and four cameras capturing Madonna dancing and singing to the song. No other footage is currently available and no source has confirmed if more footage is potentially available) -La Isla Bonita (16 minute segment; no rumors of a longer B-roll video have come out,so this may potentially be the only existing B-roll left from this video) -Justify My Love 2012 (76 minutes and numerous alternative takes were leaked; all unedited footage has leaked from this backdrop) -Nobody Knows Me 2012 (76 minutes and numerous alternative takes were leaked; all unedited footage has leaked from this backdrop) -Future Lovers backdrop (17 minute clip leaked of raw footage; unknown if more footage could potentially be available but highly unlikely) Here's a small segment of B-roll clips yet-to-leak: -Secret (rumored to be a one hour segment; unconfirmed by any source; no unedited screencaps exist but a one minute clip from French TV exists which features Madonna singing the beginning of the song up to the first chorus in the restaurant) -Ray Of Light (Madonna segment is 30 minutes long plus stock footage used in the final video and backdrops of live performances; a clip shared by the Tag Police leaked in January 2019 featuring the final chorus of the song in the club scene. No unedited footage had previously been shared) -Bad Girl (length unknown; two clips currently available: a one minute clip from a scene cut from the final video and a twelve second clip with an unedited shot of Madonna through a fish-eye lens going up to her door of the apartment from the video) -Deeper and Deeper (length unknown; one unedited clip exists with Madonna driving around Hollywood) -Die Another Day (length unknown; one unedited clip exists with Madonna laughing into the camera during the black & white fight sequence) -Paradise (Not For Me) (Rumored to be a 38 minute segment; no confirmation exists of the actual length of the B-roll from any source; no screencaps or raw footage is currently available) -Bedtime Story (Rumored to be a 50 minute segment; no confirmation exists of the actual length of the B-roll from any source; one unedited screencap exists in very poor quality) -Girl Gone Wild (a 4 minute clip of Madonna dancing in the box and an unedited clip of Madonna crying black tears both in color and B&W have been leaked; unknown if there is potentially more B-roll of this video) -Frozen (an unedited five-second clip was leaked as well as the backdrop from S&S Round 2 leaking with B-roll footage featured in the backdrop as well,albeit heavily edited; length is unknown of the actual B-roll segment or its full B-roll that could be available) -Nothing Really Matters (two unedited clips have leaked; length is unknown of the actual B-roll segment or its full B-roll that could be available) -Take A Bow (several clips of the B-roll was featured in No Bull! The Making Of Take A Bow aired on MTV in 1994; one clip has leaked beyond that footage with Madonna from the TV segment of the video,which totals up to 34 seconds; length of the B-roll is unknown and its rumored actual length is also unknown) A list of unleaked B-roll that has not a lot of unedited footage,if any footage at all. -Express Yourself (only footage that exists is from the MTV Blonde Date commercial; no confirmation if B-roll exists beyond this commercial from any source) -Don't Tell Me (two screencaps have been used as icons on this forum before by users,but no confirmation of how long the length of this B-roll is and no unedited footage exists from this video. Only footage used from this B-roll was in the Don't Tell Me Vission remix and the GHV2 Tracy Young megamix videos from Dan-O-Rama) -Cherish (only footage that exists is featured in Dan-O-Rama's GHV2 Tracy Young megamix video,heavily edited; no confirmation if B-roll exists beyond this video from any source) -Like A Prayer (one screencap exists which is the last thing TheTagPolice posted on their Instagram account before completely disappearing from the internet. No information is available as to whether or not this B-roll actually exists,the length,or who owns it. No other evidence of this B-roll has been confirmed to exist other than this one screencap) The list of this footage is a work-in-progress. I'm sure more footage could be lurking in the collector catacombs that we don't know about as of yet. I request to everyone in this thread to please keep drama and arguing down completely. This is meant to be a peaceful discussion about B-roll footage.
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    Rules of The MadonnaInfinity Forum

    Our Mission: This forum was created to be a safe haven for Madonna fans to discuss Madonna, the artist, by expressing subjective opinions about her work without being attacked nor censored. This is the main goal of the forum and we will do everything necessary to protect this. If you do not agree with this ideal then this forum is not for you. RULE #1: RESPECT. ThIs is the most important thing in a social platform. We’re here to interact with each other. We’re all different and have different opinions, tastes and feelings. Some like to critique more, some like to give praise more. This should not be a problem and there should not be drama when people have different opinions as long as they are respectful. No name calling, no fights. If a user is critiquing something they're not a "naysayer" nor "moaner". If a user is praising something they're not a "sheep" or "blind stan". Period. Avoid categorizing other users in negative ways. Respect for Madonna. It is not disrespectful to dislike something related to her work as an artist. Which is what this forum is dedicated to. However, this is not a place dedicated to discussing her personal life, her children, etc. We won't tolerate disrespect towards her as a human being, nor disrespect to her children. While her image is an important part of her life as an artist, talking about her looks (ie weight and related subjects) is not very respectful. Try to be mindful of what you post and how you post it when it comes to these things. She's a human being, as the rest of us. About the Infinity Moderation Team. We’re just people doing our best, as a hobby. The members of the team don't gain anything by maintaining this site and dealing with drama or any issues that happen in this forum. We try our best to be impartial. We have done our best to be careful about picking moderators that are good natured and only in it to help the forum and its users. We discuss problems together and try to make decisions as a team. Moderators are here to help, not to rule over others, but respect them when they're doing their job. About Other Websites. We do not care nor have beef with other Madonna websites. Please try not to compare or bring up other sites here as being better or worse. About the Admins. We sincerely want this place to be a peaceful place full of diversity of opinions and personalities, we try to be impartial but of course no one is infallible. Engage with us in good faith and we will engage the same way. As you can see there's only one real rule. Respect. We all have to stick by it. Users, Moderators and Admins. I hope this will set the record straight about the values of the forum and what our mindset is going into the new Madonna era and the future. Please cooperate with us by cooperating with each other.
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