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    "I Don't Search I Find" SPOILER: [Hidden Content]
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    The drag queen video is for: [Hidden Content]
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    A couple of weeks ago I was using this web archive site that allows us to revisit old versions of sites we know. Of course, I tried to load the old version of madonna.com as I used to visit it on a regular basis when I was a kid (between 2001 and 2003). Unfortunately not all the elements are able to be seen, especially audios and videos, but some are still available like wallpapers and small files. I want to share with you the ones I could manage to download UPDATED JUNE 3!!! As I've got some positive feedback from a lot of fans, I've just added more stuff I've been able to collect from the old site! Now we have: A flash intro from 2001: [Hidden Content] A screensaver: [Hidden Content] Some wallpapers from the GHV2, the English Roses, Re-invention, Confessions, Sticky & Sweet, and MDNA eras: [Hidden Content] Collectible Flash Cards from the GHV2 era, I had completely forgotten about them! [Hidden Content] Icons promoting the American Life and English Roses eras [Hidden Content] NEW Nobody Knows Me flash intro from 2004: [Hidden Content] NEW The re-Invention Tour flash intro from the official site [Hidden Content] NEW The Confessions Tour animated banners from the official 2006 site [Hidden Content] I hope you enjoy them
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    THIS IS...... [Hidden Content]
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    This guy has posted snippets of all 13 tracks on his Instagram stories. I haven't listened and don't intend to. So spoilers ahead .. [Hidden Content]
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    'Dark Ballet' Release on 6/7/2019

    Didn't a review [guessing Lucy O') said Mercy was the least interesting track in her opinion but Batuka intrigues me as curious to know what part David was involved in..... Ok likings and preferences are personal but heres a score off a forum published few hours ago... [Hidden Content]
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    Is on the web already [Hidden Content]
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    La Isla Medellín

    I finalized my mashup of La Isla Bonita and Medellín. I hope you guys enjoy it! [Hidden Content]
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    For those interested, Apple Retail is promoting Madame X! These screensavers are on every demo device on the sales floor in every Apple Store. Check it out! [Hidden Content]
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    Me too. Here's some insider info about the track "Dark Bullet": [Hidden Content]
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    So I can see the thirst is very strong here, I made a little DJ minimix about 30 minutes to calm down u hoes and hopefully tide u over until Friday [Hidden Content] It's like buenos aires meets tribal drums, holiday sounds better with trap 2019, some girls can do 2step garage, ghosttown story meets up down suite meets the sphinx in a dream, frozen love spent fantasy type shit. I've been playing with mashups again hope u dig.
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    MadonnaInfinity New Album Giveaway

    Hi all ? just as we did with Rebel Heart Tour, we intend to do a giveaway for the new album. We obviously still don't know the formats in which it will be released, but we will have several winners. One thing is that it will be open to people with over 100 reputation points so this is a heads up to get those points if you want to participate. X ?
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