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  1. I am surprised by the production of 'The Black Madonna' in this 'collage'
  2. Kristian_Kasell

    clearly a mistake, on digital platforms there is no 'Tracy Young Remix'
  3. Kristian_Kasell

    Sorry Human Nature or Hollywood?
  4. Kristian_Kasell

    Hello! For many years, I used websites where you copied the 'Youtube' link and it was converted to audio, even with options to cut your own time, it was not necessary to download a full set, but I could shorten it. those websites no longer work, suggestions? Thank you! webs o software?
  5. Kristian_Kasell

    in fact the quality of the audio that I have in another thread is worse, thanks Can someone rip the audio please ... the programs I used to get the audio from youtube are out of order
  6. Kristian_Kasell

    ¿Sería demasiado pedir nuevas remezclas del género 'Tech House' para 'Bedtime Story'? y el resto de los solteros?
  7. Kristian_Kasell

    What does Orlando's death mean for the Madonna remixes?
  8. Kristian_Kasell

    Anyone in their right mind is aware that these files are Ultra Mega Archi Platinum 'FAKE'
  9. Kristian_Kasell

    Take a screenshot and read it again every time Madonna leaves 'Tour' finally a coherent and forceful response
  10. Kristian_Kasell

    When I saw this picture, I automatically fell in love
  11. Kristian_Kasell

    his last single
  12. I am sure that unfortunately we will have new files, the 'M' day is no longer in this life
  13. Kristian_Kasell

    I was high, but I knew that my "ear" had no flaws
  14. Kristian_Kasell

    It is long but worth it Two Saturdays ago I wanted to tell my experience, I went to an electronic party, I played 'The Black Madonna', 'Jamie Jones' and 'Honey Dijon' ... and guess what ..... I play the remix The remix is of the genre 'House', the base of the remix is similar to that of 'Sebastian Manuel', said the remix lasts approximately 7/8 minutes. Obviously it contains the chorus, but not all the lyrics, so it can be a 'Dub' version, I didn't record it because it was without battery in my cell phone, I wanted to die IN ADDITION, I can state exclusively that the Remix 'Sebastian Manuel' is OFFICIAL, I explain why ... I delete it from your SoundCloud account and why I send you a private message, asking why I delete it from your cloud and he responded "Hey, I can't say much about it, it's a little secret that will soon be revealed :)" because I sent him a private and easy message ... because as I said before it is very similar to the remix of 'Honey Dijon', or we already have two official Remixes, or 'Sebatian Manuel' I collaborate with 'Honey Dijon remix to conclude, I leave the remix of 'Sebastian Emanuel' that I delete from his 'SoundCloud' account
  15. Kristian_Kasell

    I remember that when the forum was closed temporarily, it simply launched the 'God Control of the subject', it closed and I couldn't enjoy it ... when the forum was again 'Active', the 'Theme Batuka' was already and selecting the 'Theme God Control' again is very nice. Thank you