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  1. Kristian_Kasell

    I remember that when the forum was closed temporarily, it simply launched the 'God Control of the subject', it closed and I couldn't enjoy it ... when the forum was again 'Active', the 'Theme Batuka' was already and selecting the 'Theme God Control' again is very nice. Thank you
  2. Kristian_Kasell

    what habit do they have when thinking that ONE, for not attending, has no right to say what ONE sees outside, is all that I am going to say ...
  3. Kristian_Kasell

    Ok, with that point of view, sports journalists can't judge because they aren't professional players? pleaserrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, just relax
  4. Kristian_Kasell

    A sad reality that we have to assume, we are used to a great 'show' and this time it is not. Anyway, I love living in this new era.
  5. Kristian_Kasell

    Is it a bad tour? YES Do we love M? YES There is nothing wrong with being critical.
  6. Kristian_Kasell

    really, if it's good news, let's hope they see the light in their 'Physics' version, I want 'Tangibles' singles, not digital downloads
  7. Kristian_Kasell

    This new tour is not like the previous ones. It is not worldwide, it is for FEW LUCKY, no LED screens there are no RE INVENTED versions about their classics expensive tickets and also wants you not to have a record of the show ... I think this VIRGIN TOUR surpasses this last show. pathetic and selfish, as a fan I feel a bit despondent
  8. Kristian_Kasell

    Just as she has the right to want a mobile-free show, we also have the right to have an audio of the show. WE ARE BIG and we have the right to do what we like, I think it's a very selfish posting on your part. People with their money do what they want. The entrance is high cost, the show seems POOR and on top of it she wants us not to have a MINIMUM REMEMBER it seems that the years do not come alone
  9. Kristian_Kasell

    Will a fan of this forum attend?
  10. Kristian_Kasell

  11. Kristian_Kasell

    close with 'Future'? I'd rather close with 'I Rise' remixed
  12. Kristian_Kasell

    interesting, finally a physical format for 'Madame x'
  13. Kristian_Kasell

    My best wishes for this excellent news, I would like you to give less importance to trolls ... there are always people who disagree with the forum, but I am sure that we are the majority of those who enjoy this forum, @Fightercongratulations
  14. Audio Tours Collections, links off

  15. Kristian_Kasell