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  1. I take this opportunity for you to listen to the jackinsky remix, in case you are interested in dancing
  2. I understand that you want to capture the attention of teenagers. but the IDEA of capturing them is a very bad idea, she's looking like a RIDICULOUS 64-year-old LADY, for God's sake. SELF CRITICIZE PLEASE It is sad to see that an ELDERLY LADY, who gave us so many congratulations, is now at the PEAK of the worst of the WORST, how much lower can she FALL? teenagers who see you playing the role of RIDICULA, is that okay? I agree with TONY, since 2008 it has been declining, but this 2022 is the lowest of the lowest. I thought that with MADAME X she was going to raise the quality, in fact she did. but this is like a board game, go up 5 steps and go back 9 steps, it is an uncomfortable moment for the followers of our queen, for the MATURE followers
  3. Frozen - horrible remixes Frozen, Material Girl & Hung Up - Videos with teenagers that do not make sense to them FEL - I dreamed of all New or Unreleased Remixes Erotica & Everybody - and now recycled garbage with new covers..... Whats Next? it's sad, but we will have access to unreleased tracks and unreleased remixes, when madonna dies, it's the truth
  4. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  5. the new remix you're uploading to your IG stories gives me a lot of 'CRINGE' that FANMADE Remix of skin Buno. It also gives me CRINGE everything gives me CRINGE It's a good time to order my hard drive, covers and all the history I'm outraged sorry... remixes soon for all this shit... I am very angry, the good thing is that the forum closes in less than a month to have no more bad news regarding these shitty remixes Whats Next? Material girl with Missy Elliot + Quavo? enough by God .... hated I am
  6. I'm worried right now where we will discuss future projects the forum closes, I'm going to miss the debates
  7. after listening to this crap focused on a young audience I'm scared of the '50 remix album' In short, I have very few expectations, zero expectations, so when your new project sees the light, I will be surprised, for the best, Emily.
  8. why whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy rap again the only one that is good is his virile member
  9. promotional remixes coming from a CDr source, it means we had a good quality I insist, except for the promotional remixes that come from the vinyl which are very few...
  10. I'm going to do a little hated but this whole campaign of releasing digital singles seems like a horror to me, obviously except for the versions we had on vinyl The rest seems more of the same... i don't pretend 'Take A Bow' with remixes of 'Hot since 82' 'Sasha' 'Sven Vath' 'Mark Knight', totally NEW I settle for 'old' remixes but at least 1 new DJ So difficult? or at least with a discarded or non-commissioned Remix this is so sad, we keep settling for NEW COLOR VINYL, sad so sad
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