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  1. Kristian_Kasell

    I love the video
  2. Kristian_Kasell

    But I miss the 'Quality Remixes' and the 'Physical Formats'
  3. Kristian_Kasell

    I agree, in fact I had to listen almost 100 times 'Medellín' to find a meaning nothing in comparison to 'Crave' that I really liked right away as with 'I Rise'
  4. Kristian_Kasell

    As a fan from the era of 'American life'. I'm very badly used to ... 'CD's Maxi Singles' Mega-structures in their 'Tours' ... and their solo themes .... I am sure that in less than a month, nobody will remember 'medellin' for example
  5. Kristian_Kasell

    What a horrible news ...................
  6. Kristian_Kasell

    Angry fans waiting for a Hit 'Pop Dance' on 3 2 1 ....
  7. Kristian_Kasell

    felicitacionesssss chicos
  8. I'm not curious I have 'Ganas' of have more official remixes.
  9. Kristian_Kasell

    is online in several NO Fandom forums Just look in google
  10. Kristian_Kasell

    they are afraid of you
  11. Kristian_Kasell

    is online on the web
  12. Kristian_Kasell

    expensive and horrible by the way
  13. Kristian_Kasell

    Sometimes I think that to do these things I prefer that she does nothing. in ARGENTINA we buy sale of 1 dollar 50 Argentine pesos The basic salary of an Argentine is 20,000 and with that we live and we can not even buy 10 dollars. It is impossible and almost PORNOGRAPHIC to think that an entrance of 100,000 pesos would come out. I hope this news is false
  14. Kristian_Kasell

    is worthy to be the last song on the album, it bores me so much autotune