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  1. madenis

    the playlist is on napster too
  2. madenis

    I wonder how she could have shocked the world with this extended photo
  3. madenis

    It's really hard to choose one of them Madonna got my vote because her face is legendary and fierce. You can dance cover is the worst to me but it's in line with its time
  4. madenis

    Some of my friends thought she was sitting on a huge dildo on the back cover ahah (considered as a classical behaviour for Madonna)
  5. madenis

    So, apparentlly, we were near to have the worst music video (at least her worst look/face) To continue in her way, she could have used this pic as artwork... Grills it 2 me yeah
  6. madenis

    I think it was just a photoshoot. Hideous one by the way
  7. madenis

    I've only heard Maluma thanks to shakira I have to admit (and I liked what they've done together). I don't know if his songs are good or not or if every song sounds the same. I don't have an opinion on his intervention on M14. I'm keeping the faith on this record. We have to keep in mind that even though we don't like with who she's possibly working, she'll release something that is the fruit of HER work and not THEIR work By the way we have to admit that she's holding us spellbound. We don't know anything on her project(s). And it's really frustrating but also satisfying on a certain way
  8. madenis

    Does a smart guy could have said that ?
  9. madenis

    Absolutly Fuck the haters
  10. madenis

    Some extracts from rehearsals of the new tour
  11. madenis

    Ahah I love the Batuka Batuka idea. Twerking being a part of the resurection process
  12. madenis

    The single will be released on the 14th of april. It will be used as the new Game Of Thrones introduction. And she will be a red priestess. Her video will feature some extracts from the show. She gave us a clue when she was disguised in Daenerys #onlyrealinformationshere
  13. madenis

    2nd thread about the new album. We're only at the 30th Page and there are confrontations about Madonna being racist, etc. SERIOUSLY ? It's time to relax and fuck guys. The wait makes you being insane
  14. madenis

    It remind me some American life demo such as "miss you" (not that I expect her new album to be like this tho)