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  1. madenis

    Astrology was wrong with some of her latest album lol
  2. madenis

    Well, if her success is limited to Brazil, it could be an attempt to be known worldwide. She doesn't need Madonna there OK, but it could be the contrary outside
  3. madenis

    I think that the board is more a recap of what is finished on each song (M voice, choirs, etc)
  4. madenis

    I was talking about M14.
  5. madenis

    Well I don't understand why her official website should announce that the album will be released in 2019. They never officialy announced that it was released in a particular date even though there were a lot of elements in favour of a late 2018. And I expected a late 2018 release too. Maybe she's trying to confuse people to prevent any leak. BTW her last albums were released in the first quarter of the year and they were disapointment in term of sales. She has to understand that the release/promotion calendar she's following since hard candy is not the good one.
  6. Fake albums. I don't understand why they allow them. They are on napster too
  7. madenis

    I'd feel humiliated to have mine in his mouth
  8. madenis

    AMEN Thank you for your words of wisdom.
  9. madenis

    there was a line of truth or dare shoes. But I don't think they had released new lines lol
  10. Well you know, maybe there were different "levels" in this casting and she could have sung both songs at different times, maybe she sang both songs this day, maybe the one or the other. Only Madonna and the cast members know the truth.
  11. Madonna's speech was self centered yes. But I don't understand this backlash. Her speech was not presented as a tribute to Aretha Franklin.
  12. madenis

    HAHAHA Yes ! But it wasn't a speech prepared and done to give an award
  13. madenis

    She looked great at the VMA. I don't think this will be her style for the new era. I think it was more an extension or her Morocco trip. A lot of backlash on twitter because of her speech. Is she the only one artist to be bakclashed for a speech done to give an award ? lol
  14. madenis

    Besides the polemic about everyone's opinion about the Met video, (if I'm not wrong) Madonna is the first to release an official video of a performance at the met gala. We should be grateful and it's a great omen for this new era.