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  1. You oughta know that only the one that hurts you, can make you feel better, man.
  2. I was born on October 18, 1981. The next night, Madonna debuted live as a solo artist for the very first time with Camile Barbone as a manager at Uncle Sam’s Blues Club in Roslyn, NY.. or so the legend goes.
  3. I really CAN feel the rythm Thanks a lot this is SOMETHING, it is better than nothing
  4. The 4K remaster of Take a Bow is so lousy that it wasn't even accepted on Tidal...


    1. wtg1987


      they probably just upscaled the dvd thinking no one is dumb enough to spot the difference ...

  5. Love Don't Live Here Anymore music video was probably filmed in 3:2 and then unnecessarily squeezed to 4:3 for TV and DVD. That would explain Madonna's longish face in close-ups.

  6. Please, somebody tell me if Madonna dyed her hair brown for the Who's That Girl music video and then dyed it back platinum blonde. I'm so confused... and feel like a bad fan. :sad:

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Bermu


      Thanks for the info! I forgot about La Isla Bonita, maybe because her hair looks a bit lighter than in the Who's That Girl music video.

    3. GregVsMatt


      Ah yes she went platinum blonde to the brown over blonde for La Isla Bonita then cut very short for the Herb Ritts photo shoot then grew during tour rehearsals which is what you see in the Who's That Girl video etc you can see all her 1987 hair here https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.115937861754383&type=3

    4. A. A. Aardvark
  7. Is Bad Girl music video down? :confused:

    1. Chris


      thought they just revamped it to 4k?

    2. Bermu


      They did. Well, 1080p, not 4K. But now it's unavailable.

  8. Candy Shop @ Sticky & Sweet Tour Iconic @ Rebel Heart Tour
  9. Everything that needed to be said was said in this locked thread a fortnight ago. I greatly respect Madonna Infinity's moderation work, but I think the original thread should be linked and not forgotten, for better or for worse, like it or not. It is always good to learn from past mistakes. Both us and the other party (M's staff, Emily or whoever, you know...).
  10. Madame is a whore in a cheap red wig searching for a culo nuevo in the house of love. [I'm Madame ... ... ...]

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