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  1. I don't think the 8 GB has been re-encoded. It has AC3 5.1 audio with a higher bitrate (even if it has only 2 channels with sound), two MP2 stereo audio tracks, and a DVB subtitles track. It seems to be a direct grab from TV, specifically MultiShow channel. Anyway, we should wait for the Saturday's rebroadcast, because all the versions have sooo many audio glitches...
  2. Definitely YES, IMHO the 8 GB is the best version, because it has 5.1 undubbed audio, and even if it is 8 GB vs. 13 GB weight, the video quality looks the same, plus it has complete Bob intro and final credits. I'm gonna add chapters to that file and keep it until we have a better rip (it that's possible) with no glitches at NRM, Rain, etc. Edit: The 5.1 audio track in the 8 GB file is NOT real 5.1, but stereo plus 4 empty tracks. So.......... aborted mission... or we stick to the stereo track -for now-.
  3. I've just remuxed the HDTV video track with the undubbed audio track:
  4. Well, it's free after all. And look on the bright side: we'll watch a disaster-proof concert with enough time to autotune the audio and censor the swear words ¿Dónde están los tíos con polla?
  5. MultiShow is LIVE, but it is NOT FREE. Globo has a 15-minute delay, but it is FREE Ready here with NordVPN and GloboPlay on my TV!
  6. Okay, this one is not about identical phrases word for word, but about an action itself: Spanish Eyes: I light this candle and watch it throw Tears on my pillow And if there is a Christ, he'll come tonight To pray for Spanish eyes Erotic: Light the candles Until they're nice and soft And when they start to drip I'm going to get you off Messiah: I'll light a candle here in the dark Making my way to your heart I'll cast a spell that you can't undo 'Til you wake up and you find
  7. From Vogue: Ooh, you've got to Let your body move to the music Ooh, you've got to just Let your body go with the flow From Beat Goes On: Say what you like, do what you feel You know exactly who you are The time is right now You've got to decide (ok, this last is a bit of a stretch LOL)
  8. https://x.com/LilNasX/status/1745105887822250381?s=20
  9. +1 Maybe it's because his body is perfect (neither too slim nor too muscular), the movement of his hip during Erotica is the sexiest, his attitude is ambiguous (neither explicitly gay nor overly heterosexual), and his gaze is an invitation to have sex with him in the most lustful and unrestrained manner, I don't know... I just want a GIF of him dancing to the El Yom 'Ulliqa 'Ala Khashaba chanting
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