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  1. That was not a real demo...it was me just playing fun...if you read what I wrotte you would get it...

  2. it's all I have to say...
  3. justme-deleted

    Thank you, babe I'm at peace I think. Just ordered a new hard drive. Collectiing the links all around, but the first thing I replaced was sex uncut master video and outtakes, MDNA tour rough audion...
  4. justme-deleted

    It doesnst even recognize the drive. I saw a few videos online, and manage to open it...the disc has a scratch...probably it happened cause of the fall.
  5. justme-deleted

    Oh my...little by little irealize all the stuff i lost...I does the cloud works?
  6. justme-deleted

    its so...being angry will not make it better...
  7. I'm...I don't know. a little accident and my external drive falled on the floor. All my rare Madonna and Kylie stuff gone away. Tours, demos, a lot stuff...I cant even remember. I manage to open the disk and I see scracths. I wanted to get angry but what's the point? Madonna, Kylie, my pictures I didnt saved in any other place, artwork...How can I reconstruct all this? Before it happened I was saving some last stuff in it...and isn't it ironic? i cant even say a bad word...stems, multitracks from them and also Michael Jackson...
  8. justme-deleted

    i wish it but doubt it will happen
  9. justme-deleted

    irrelevant like you.
  10. justme-deleted

    Hideous comments are reductive. I wasnt a fan. Knew a few songs, and a friend introduced me more into her work. That year i decided to go to her show. She conquered me. Her sympathy is sweet, her smile is beautiful, and she does great music. The world is not Madonna only...
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  13. justme-deleted

    if it's a redidency here in my country, I don't mind ;)
  14. justme-deleted

    its in Portugal, they say she will be moving to here soon...so, I guess it's natural she does a festival. Didnt she the Coachela years ago? here is your answer
  15. justme-deleted

    All I have to say: bla bla bla... Just enjoy life like she does, and let others enjoy their's...