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  1. Like a Virgin (MTV) Sooner or Later (Oscars) Like a Virgin (Blond Ambition)
  2. If Madonna put down her guitar, she can actually focus on the things that she is actually good at. 20+ years doing the same three chord play, whilst being backed up by real guitar players doesn't look so good. its as if she is playing the image of a guitar player rather than actually playing the guitar with any skill. It worked as a novelty on DWT, but began to wear thin on subsequent tours... especially as it became obvious that her skill had not improved. If she wants a 'lil' rock element' to her tours, then she is better off hiring a real band with real skilled musicians, and she can stick to what she actually does well. Also, there really is no need to bring up Gaga all the time. I get it, you don't like her... but why compare?
  3. The albums that represent her and her career.... it would have to be Like a Virgin Like a Prayer Ray of Light
  4. Well... it is better than what was there before, but sadly an ocean away of what it should be. Its just your sharpened cheap upscale... I am sure that there are fans here that could do (and have done) a lot better
  5. I was not impressed back in 2003, and I am even less impressed to this day. It was cheap, tacky, and wrong to use homosexuality as a tool for shock value.
  6. THIS!!!!!! After over 20 years of playing it, she still sounds like a beginner. Those 'oh look I'm a musician too' guitar segments on tour are rather tedious. Use real guitar players.... use a real band!!
  7. Kevin surely played a part, in regards to the musical quality, but it is Madonna herself who is damaging her live reputation with her constant lateness, cancellations, overpriced tickets, and poor treatment of her fans
  8. A Madame X one... HELL NO!... that mess is long dead now. Very few people bought the album, even less will go for a remix effort. If a remix album were to be released, then it really would have to feature selections from her whole career, focusing on certain fan favourites... preferably with brand new mixes that are unavailable on any previous releases. I quite like the idea of a remix album mixed by just one producer. The recent Diana Ross 'Supertonic' remix album (mixed by Eric Kupper) was pretty good
  9. The unfortunate thing is that she hasn't had many ballad hits of note since STR was released so I doubt another one would go down well. She might be better off with a demos album or a remix album
  10. They consider THIS to be a HD remaster????? Weak! It is a slight improvement on what was there before, but only slight.
  11. I was never a great fan of this song, or it's video... I guess the whole Country theme she was going for was just lost on me. Though the song is FAR from being in my least favourite Madonna song (it's more middling), it is one I always skip. Joe Henry's original version, however, is sublime.
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