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  1. PWCCA

    Angel Now I'm Following You Deeper & Deeper Rescue Me Erotica Where's the Party
  2. Crave is the better video... though both fall far far short when compared to her 90s video output
  3. Just watched the premiere. The video is actually rather gorgeous, I absolutely love the b/w. Though somehow, I think it would have been a lot better if she wasn't jumping about like a member of Kriss Kross. Best video I have seen from her for many years.... still cannot stomach the song though
  4. She also did a separate video for the Like a Prayer performance
  5. PWCCA

    Her music videos, her albums, her concerts.... she should remaster it all... and do it properly this time!!
  6. PWCCA

    Oh, nothing about Medellin is particularly clever, but it was an upbeat song that worked pretty well within the award show surroundings. And regarding the impressiveness of the performance, it was not simply the holograms, but also the dancers, screen visuals, the size of the stage setting, etc. The hologram thing is nothing new, we have seen it used by several artists, but it was the first time we have seen Madonna use it in such a manner, and it was good. The ESC could have been a better taste of the whole Madame X concept, had it been executed a lot better, but all we saw were rehashes, questionable song choices, and 'iffy' vocals. The monks thing was ripped from MET Gala, which in turn was taken from the MDNA Tour. The dancers in gas masks thing was so DWT. Her costume looks like it was ripped from the Rebel Heart Tour.... and also bears a striking resemblance to her Joan of Arc thing from the MDNA tour too. Like a Prayer, though sung more terribly, was pretty much the same as the MET Gala arrangement. And her political message of the flags on the backs of the dancers was a blink-and-miss thing that was almost lost within everything that was going on... and was done a lot more effectively and tastefully during Forbidden Love on the Confessions Tour. She was paid a million to do all that... if I were her, I would have donated it all to a charitable organisation that supports the suffering Palestinian people. The Billboard performance provided something completely fresh and new for Madonna, and was a better display of the themes associated with her Madame X concept. Eurovision, was very much the opposite. But this is my opinion, of course. I do not attempt to in any way belittle your views
  7. PWCCA

    Billboard is the better one by far. Though I really dislike Medellin, and the autotuned vocals were unpleasant, the performance itself brought something fresh to the table, and it was very impressive and exciting. Eurovision.... it was a rehash of old ideas with a poor vocal delivery. The performance had an important message, but that kinda seemed 'tacked on', and somehow got lost in the poor execution of the performance. Eurovision was a very big missed opportunity for Madame X promo.
  8. I don't recall any cut away on the live stream, but I may be incorrect
  9. She's not the greatest live singer, but generally, she is a very good one... countless performances on tours, award shows, benefits, etc can attest to that. Last night, was not a good display of her talents at all.... just a lot of poor decisions
  10. What he said was not hate, it was a critical opinion. Perhaps you should learn to differentiate the two in order to appear less like a petulant child. Everybody has views, and everybody has the right to air those views... and all views are valid.
  11. Of course she can be. Have you never been to one of her tours?
  12. No, of course not. But for the most part, her performances are usually delivered 100 times better than this. The woman is no Adele, but she is a fantastic live singer.... but it didn't show at all this evening.
  13. PWCCA

    I don't think any of the HK ones did have a backing sheet
  14. I think it has been uploaded to the download forum... but the original broadcast is still available on YouTube on the Eurovision channel
  15. I misheard her words... but again, she wasn't wrong. It's pretty juvenile to create a post encouraging people to terrorise this woman's social media accounts just because you got your knickers in a twist over a very simple comment. Many people are saying the same thing.... she just said it publicly... big deal. Time to grow up and move on.