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  1. thank you very much for the madonna remixers united project

    hope to see those enjoyable new remixes somewhere in 2024

    happy holidays!


  2. Yesterday's yes, Madonna Remixers United streamed good audio and poor video from opening night. I still think tonight's performance will have Hold Tight as Drowned Madonna promised.
  3. Hmmm, I really could see on a farewell tour I'll Remember and This Used To Be My Playground... but not yet.
  4. yeah, but she made it a single this year and its widely popular
  5. I second the sentiment of the emotions for opening night. Now we know she is mobile and on the mend, we can all have a collective sigh of relief that some normalcy can be attained. I am not sure we will see a tour this year. This is only a guess and I have no solid reason to say, but my guess is the whole tour is being rebooked. If Guy/LiveNation/TicketMaster don't say anything in about 48 days, then they risk auto-refunds I believe. They don't want that. My guess is the silence is them all working to rebook. Why not start in Mexico top of the year and then move from then on after she has had time to completely rest/heal and rehearse. All in all, great news today.
  6. Here's the thing... or rather some advice as everyone is extremely trigger sensitive about ANY word of the tour, Madonna's health, tickets/travel, etc., and clearly there is no knowledge of when to expect any info/update, why doesn't everyone find a TV show to get caught up on, or read a book, or go outside and play. There is too much inference, assuming, speculating, gossiping, etc. Its a true test of learning to be present with oneself when you have zero control to rectify something. Matthew didn't deserve any backlash. But that is level of this crazy frenzy at the moment. Constant threatening of Guy O online, none of this is going to bring about a meaning result or response. Everyone needs to breath, think before you post, and chill.
  7. Well... considering the paparazzi camping outside of her townhouse... I'd think she'd get more rest in the Hamptons.
  8. I wish I could instantly shut all this chat down about her behaviour over the last few years. I don't believe she has followed the same healthy strict lifestyle we've known her to live in her years past. My guess is, to avoid another Michael Jackson-esque scenario, and insurance carriers and promoters being put on notice about her health, age and daily routine, for the tour to continue she may need a monitor or a non-negotiable person to oversee her health to make sure the $$ backing her is secured. this is only a guess, but I would expect powers that be would want someone to make sure she is ok to proceed and ... once she does proceed on tour, she must stay in that zone of better health. its not uncommon in big showbiz, for high profile people that may not be 100% prior to a huge project to have to be under strict guidelines in order for the project to proceed. If I were her, i'd welcome it.
  9. What we know: Tour is launching July. Madonna has been working on new music in the last year with various remixers/producers what we don't know but can easily conclude: New album/EP coming (whether part of the tour or not, we don't know yet) I'm just super excited to be on this ride again with Madonna!!
  10. LOL (just having a little fun with you.... But seriously... just take the next day off LOL)
  11. I gave Taylor's album a good honest try/listen. They all sound the same and was missing catchy pop hooks and the special "something". I am perplexed how she does so well with that body of work, but its not up to me to judge... apparently she has some magic I just can't grasp. But more power to her and good for her! Its just not for me.
  12. You seem like you need to be right on this topic. Ok, I concede... You're right. But what I said wasn't wrong. We can debate about many things and that's great discord. But what isn't debatable for most concertgoers, is being able to tell the difference between enjoying a show in an arena or enjoying a show in a theater. We can make that distinction pretty easily on our own.
  13. oddly, I agree about the audiences for Madame X tour... I tell people all the time, When you walk into an arena or stadium to see Madonna... There is an energy/magic/force that is palpable. You can feel it. I never felt that for the theatre venues she did for MX tour. It told me clearly that Madonna's power live comes from a large venue to showcase her spectacle. I think for the MX tour, Madonna under-estimated herself... It didn't need to be in those small venues. MX tour could have rocked harder in arenas. If M can pull of an amazing, soft, touching moment like True Blue or powerful, sad, intense Heartbreak City/Love Don't Live Here Anymore on RHT, any track from MX tour could have worked very well in an arena.... Not sure the theatre option was best... for her mystique and power. Just my opinion.
  14. I hear you and respect your position. But you've also proven my point, somewhat. And I will agree with all of you that had to wait 3 hours. after an opening act, that is not common where I've been to see Madonna. Maximum about 1.5 hours after opening act.
  15. Never in the history of popstars.... has any popstar... started at the start time of the time on the ticket. Ever.... That's the time the Venue (usually) opens its doors or the opening act begins. Usually, the main act starts 30 mins to 1 hour after the opening act ends. So lets count the time. Even if the opening act begins at 8pm, and lately for Madonna that means the DJ act spinning records will end around 9pm-ish. She's not starting until closer to 10pm generally. This should not surprise anyone and if your transportation issues are ever in question or possibly may not be running by the time the show ends, that is still the responsibility of the concert goer to arrange. Not sure how old people are, but if you've been going to concerts (in the USA) since the 80s, you should know this. Carry on.
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