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  1. Lola just arrived in a beaded pink gown
  2. This is not a productive post. It has an intention of disruption by nature even in the poster didn't realize it.
  3. from my understanding.... Pat Leonard is working on the soundtrack for her Bio pic. The Weeknd and M have something secretly being cooked up for or around the SuperBowl in February....
  4. Its been the most hyped of all from Madame X.... we all sort of have big anticipation for Dark Ballet.
  5. hi, where did you find it? i wanna listen to itttt :))))

  6. Madonna has already stated when the very recent bio-pic was in production that nobody can tell her story like she can and when she does she will set the record straight... This was big news within the last 24 months or so. Likely Madonna will do something in her golden years before officially retiring that is some form of a retrospect. She has told us at least for now, she plans on doing something.
  7. WOW! I'm so excited to be here! :whip:
    I hope you wouldn't mind, if I'll share Cosmos Digital booklet, I worked so hard on :angel:
    I'm sure the your fans will like that too


  8. Andymad is correct. Madonna while during the Pre-Madonna years as an adult always had gay influencers on her... her teachers, her friends, etc., that is one aspect. She was always on the side of us gays from the beginning. Now, in general, the pop stardom and appeal aspect of the gay draw to Madonna was as strong and alluring as gays to Barbra or Judy or Liza or Cher or Bette... there is just something from a pop star aspect that was like a magnet for us to be attracted to Madonna's light. I have not found in modern post madonna history many other types of magnetisms... For some, I guess Gaga or Beyonce for sure, likely Britney... But all of them in one form or another still look up to Madonna as their role model and know the feeling of what is was like being an early Madonna fan... it was such a ride.
  9. I think Liam and Magic .... you both need to stop replying to each other. Let this go. Take a moment and stop.
  10. That was not a real demo...it was me just playing fun...if you read what I wrotte you would get it...

  11. yes. The "unexpected Madonna" has proven often years later to have been a great choice. I am open-minded for the future sound. I do really hope that the album isn't poo-pooed on ad-nauseam before its ever heard. Thats why i think every album should have less tidbits dropped.
  12. ' I agree. I originally responded to this post by using Madonna's own response to someone directly asking Madonna on Reddit... Her reply was "No."
  13. OMG! That is so fucking funny and true!!!
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