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    Leaking here on this forum... is a sure way to get permanently banned. So, maybe thats why?

    This is not a lie... you can set your clock to this sadly.

    Its been the most hyped of all from Madame X.... we all sort of have big anticipation for Dark Ballet.

    I would like to kindly disagree. Her recent every night rendition of La Vie En Rose was stunning and raw. She still has it. But, I will give you this... I think she doesn't like sounding like she used to. She wants to sound different and not just overall but I think from song to song.

    So, I have been reading in this thread and wanted to pop in with a history lesson on Madonna working with Mirwais and her vocals. So, specifically with Mirwais.... going back to 2000... Which song did they work on that didn't have obvious vocal manipulation? Autotuned, vocoded & manipulated vocals are the norm for any Mirwais/Madonna produced track.... We should not be surprised and should expect it. Its what they do best: Music Impressive Instant I Deserve It (final chorus) Nobody's Perfect Paradise Not For Me Don't Tell Me Future Lovers Let It Will Be American Life (all tracks except the ones Mirwais didn't write/produce: Easy Ride, X-static Process & Nothing Fails) just wanted to put into perspective, the processing of the vocals is part of the art of being a recording artist these many years. I'm looking forward to how Madonna will round out this album on June 14th. I'm sure the vocals will be spectacular! Every single song they have officially released has a heavier presence of vocal manipulation. I love it!

    Not bad, definitely a filler track to me. I find it interesting that of the 4 songs from her own album we get 3 collaborations first... that is not typical. I think there has to be a strategy in play, but I also think the release concept is 100% Madonna's choices and no label is pushing this record.
  7. Please return to the topic: Crave

    So the trick is... none of those stage concepts will work in most of these theatres. The venues can't handle a stage set that big
  9. Aww Thanks! My I Rise is almost done... its not the one I posted last week. Its all new never heard before and does justice to the song and the lyrics. Its a beautiful pop ballad being released on a huge remix project with other Madame X and a lot of other very *specific* Madonna songs this summer... exclusively from Madonna Remixers United.
  10. Ok. I loved it immediately. Crave is growing on me too.
  11. of the 3 that we've heard... I like Medellin & Crave... but I Rise is an instant amazing song
  12. hi, where did you find it? i wanna listen to itttt :))))


    I love I Rise!!! Wow! I feel like it is in her "How High" voice from COADF...
  14. I have fallen completely in love with Medellin! I needed some time with the song without all the hype and anticipation. I am so excited for this era

    yeah... I don't watch is anymore, its not fun