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  1. o_g_c_x

    She looks better without the injections. More natural.
  2. o_g_c_x

    I must confess I am losing interest in her new music with all this teasing interruptus.
  3. o_g_c_x

    It's my fav Robyn album
  4. o_g_c_x

    I didnt get any thrill with the new video. It seems a recap video from one of her bday parties. She should work with new people.
  5. o_g_c_x

    It's funny somebody is asking for the tour when there is not even an official date for new music.
  6. o_g_c_x

    Is this the longest she has worked in making an album in her career?
  7. o_g_c_x

    Heartbreak city
  8. o_g_c_x

    And sung with grillzs
  9. o_g_c_x

    I have no words...
  10. o_g_c_x

    She looks amazing
  11. o_g_c_x

    Bad girl
  12. o_g_c_x

    I was waiting for a change and it seems she is ready for it. So happy with it!
  13. o_g_c_x

  14. o_g_c_x

    If she choose to do smaller venues than RH prepare the credit card without limit... and sold outs in 3 minutes..