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  1. o_g_c_x

    And Steven Klein keeps on following her but didnt give his like to it...
  2. o_g_c_x

    Ill remember. One of her best songs.
  3. o_g_c_x

    Patrick Leonard and Madonna wrote the best songs in her catalog. Ray of light and Like a prayer are materpieces because of that and her most acclaimed records by critics. What I don't understand is why Madonna is not working with him anymore and prefers worst musicians these latest years ( and bring worst records than in the past)
  4. o_g_c_x

    It's strange she puts that on IG about Steven Klein but she keeps the unfollow....
  5. o_g_c_x

    Then I think you're gonna be lucky
  6. o_g_c_x

    I know we havent heard the new single But what do you prefer?: 1. A classic pop song full of quality like Like a Prayer or Frozen 2. A generic urban/ reguetton song featuring Anitta, Maluma, whoever...
  7. o_g_c_x

    She used to be a leader...how sad... Maluma...Anitta...sad...
  8. o_g_c_x

    I was hoping that the next album would be a timeless classic like Ray of light or Like a Prayer without stupid collaborations with one day singers. Unfortunately I was wrong. I have lost interest with all these rumours now confirmed. I think Madonna is totally lost with her career since the latest tour ended.
  9. o_g_c_x

    Both deleted the story
  10. o_g_c_x

    I thought Liz retired...
  11. o_g_c_x

    The IG story by Bianco is throwing shade on Gaga. There is no doubt about it because the Gaga Meme is viral. And she reposted it. So she thinks the same.
  12. o_g_c_x

    Wow the hate comments in her Instagram...
  13. o_g_c_x

    LOL the shade to Lady Gaga is real...judging her latest IG story...
  14. o_g_c_x

    I hope the Katy Perry rumour isnt true. She is totally out of the game right now.
  15. o_g_c_x

    Batuka Matata