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  1. Steven Klein >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ricardo Gomes
  2. I made some retouches back and front to be perfect for the 8th October party.
  3. What is the doc everybody is talking about? I am missing something...
  4. It's ridiculous how slow she is compared to other artists that have released albums, videos, online shows during the pandemic... we have a CGI Instagram profile that has nothing to do with reality...
  5. So Madonna doesnt manage her own image in her IG account.
  6. She is a grown woman, 63 to be exact, she wants it that way.
  7. Because the filtered Madonna doesnt exist in real world. It's an Avatar, an NPC.
  8. I prefer the after party look, she should have used it in the MTV opening it's linked to her first performance in MTV. Whatever is better than the leather hat...
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