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  1. o_g_c_x

    I have ticket for the 18th In Lisbon!!!
  2. o_g_c_x

    She sings Future with Grillzs on, right?
  3. Is the same as the v4 leaked?
  4. o_g_c_x

    Im not legacy 😭 hope there is hope for all of us on Saturday...
  5. o_g_c_x

    Anyone knows where can be bought online for Lisbon?
  6. o_g_c_x

    No way. With Rebel Heart she did Grammy, Brits, Italian tv, France Tv, UK tv, Billboard... a lot of performances.
  7. o_g_c_x

    Is there going to be more promo with Madame X or with the Eurovisiongate we will have to forget about more performances?
  8. Not a single good review in the media today...
  9. I dont agree. I expect her not to be boring and repetitive. She was yesterday.
  10. I dont agree. He was out of the place and totally disconnected.
  11. You cant compare the chemistry of Madonna +Maluma with Quavo. Besides Maluma has real talent
  12. The media in Spain is saying it was a total disaster https://www.20minutos.es/noticia/3644782/0/madonna-hace-esperar-deja-actuacion-desastrosa-eurovision/
  13. My point of view is that the thing that made this performance one of her worst is not the singing. It was the wardrobe, the lack of chemistry between she and Quavo, the monks...I mean it was all random and boring as hell.
  14. The first problem was the song choice...
  15. Im not sure if I want to