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  1. o_g_c_x

    Maluma is hotter than the sun
  2. o_g_c_x

    The song is totally adictive. My favourite part: We built a cartel just for love Venus was hovering above us (Oh, yeah) I took a trip, it set me free (Mi reina) Forgave myself for being me (Ay-ay-ay)
  3. o_g_c_x

  4. o_g_c_x

    I dont like when she or whoever re-uses images from videos for covers and back covers. She didnt do that in Rebel heart album. It's giving me feeling of cheap product. I wish she did a specific session for the booklet and back cover...
  5. o_g_c_x

    Medellin is one of her best lead singles in my opinion. So it deserves it.
  6. o_g_c_x

    This era is a dream come true for us, the fans
  7. o_g_c_x

    Maluma is so adorable
  8. o_g_c_x

    I'm gonna keep it simple: I am totally in love with Medellin. Thanks Madonna for doing #Magic
  9. o_g_c_x

    I am absolutely in love with the standard cover. Is iconic at a glance. Deluxe is growing but not iconic at all.
  10. o_g_c_x

    There is a countdown on her insta
  11. o_g_c_x

    My hype is going to the moon right now I love Diana Kunst
  12. Nude and drinking white wine