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  1. If you want to feel old, the span from the Reinvention Tour to the Celebration Tour is as long as The First Album to the Reinvention Tour
  2. Not sure if intentional or not but each section has an element to it - 1st section: wind, 2nd section: fire, 3rd section: earth, 4th section: water
  3. I always wondered if there's some type of meaning to the dancer's costumes during Vogue. They all seem pretty random and I don't think Madonna does just random, everything in this show has some type of meaning.
  4. Nobody has a billion dollars. Net worth is different from income. Adding in the value of her personal assets, I assume its a couple hundred million (i.e. art, properties, stocks, jewelry, clothes, bank accounts, etc.). So let's say $200 million. Her business assets, would be licensing to her name and music as well as her music catalog which includes songs, copyrights, and future royalties from licensing. Comparably Michael Jackson sold his music catalog for $1.2 billion, the Beatles most recently went for $1 billion, and as someone else said Springsteen sold his for $500 million. Assuming Madonna falls in the middle of those figures (her musical catalog will increase sharply post mortem), I'd estimate her catalog is worth $800 - $900 million factoring in the future value of it someday. So she's probably just at $1 billion or very close to it in net worth.
  5. Just random ones I can think of: The graphics behind her during Burning Up feature some of her song titles (i.e. Angel, etc) Open Your Heart features artwork inspired by Tamara de Lempicka which is a nod to the music video, same with the chair choreography The stage represents Manhattan with uptown, downtown mid town, east and west. Before Holiday the dancers are dressed as famous people from that era (i.e. Andy Warhol, Basquiat, etc) The Like a Prayer costume is a nod to the Blonde Ambition tour costume. Papa Don't Preach dance is from the Blonde Ambition tour also. Holiday - the coat costumes are a nod to the Girlie Show rendition of this song. The stage designers said the round center stage is a nod to the Like a Virgin VMA performance. The pink wig could be a nod to the pink wig she wore in the 80s. During Nothing Really Matters, toward the end, the stage goes counterclockwise to symbolize going back in time. She also sings "in your arms" 4x to represent 4 decades. There are musical nods to Where the Party, In This Life, Updown Suite, Deeper and Deeper, and I Want Your Love
  6. I don't recall being negative in October. I was excited about the Drowned Madonna teasers and was curious how a greatest hits tour would work.
  7. In retrospect, it's kind of wild how this whole tour played out. After that clumsy performance with Maluma and her face at the Grammys, I thought this tour was going to be a disaster. Then her near death illness happened making me think the tour would be permanently cancelled and she'd never perform again. In the end, she bounced back and put on one of the best shows she's ever done culminating in a performance in front of 1.6 million people. I never thought any of this would've happened.
  8. I think that's a newer corset. I don't remember the nipples being that big before and looks like more silver on the back
  9. That's Bob talking about the GMAYL intro. I still hear from that rehearsal audio the GMAYL drums that blend right into "Hey Mr. DJ..."
  10. Someone on Twitter zoomed in: To my observation, it looks like the full stage that we've seen. I see the 2 side catwalks that unite into the main center one. Those square things to the left and right of the end of the main catwalk look like structure to hold up her box thing she flies in which connect to the main stage. That's if this image is real. Lastly, regarding that Music rehearsal audio, to my ear it sounds like it blends in with the drums from either Bitch I'm Madonna or the GMAYL intro, which if I'm hearing it right, she's either adding Music before or after Bitch I'm Madonna.
  11. Could be stress and anger of the upcoming Brazil event. I'm sure planning and perfecting the show for that is a headache
  12. If she can really get 2m people, that would be such a success story for her considering what happened to her last year to almost dying to now performing in front of 2m people
  13. Originally I thought the Celebration Tour opening was bland but seeing it again and seeing it in person it is definitely in the top 4. The Blond Ambition opener is somewhere in there too.
  14. Agreed as said before. I see minor changes. I could possibly see her adding a big jump up-and-down song like Music at the end to fit the massive venue but nothing major. She's almost 70, she's not going to be secretly rehearsing a brand new show while rehearsing an existing show
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