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  1. If I remember correctly, it wasn't the third Burton Batman film but actually the third Schumacker Batman film. That film was supposed to have the Scarecrow and Harley Quinn (in the script she was a toymaker and the daughter of Jack Nicholson's Joker). Schumacker revealed lots of this in interviews over the years and that he wanted Madonna to play Harley Quinn (this would've been in 1999 / early 2000s) and that this Batman film would've been much darker than his campier versions (in his script the Scarecrow kills Robin and Batgirl). However, because the film Batman & Robin did so horribly bad, Warner Brothers shelved any and all Batman projects for many years until the restart of the franchise with Batman Begins. The third Burton Batman film would've had Robin Williams as the Riddler and Billy Dee Williams as Two Face but Warner Brothers thought Batman Returns was way too dark and scary for children so they pushed out Tim Burton and went with Joel Schumacker to take over the series and make it campier and lighter.
  2. I took it as the section with Don't Tell Me is about how she made a comeback after the backlash from the SEX era and found herself as a mother. The section after that with Bedtime Story / Ray of Light / Rain is how she found spirituality again and embraced club music. I take it as this section starts with the early 2000s (hence the 2000s video game graphics in Bedtime Story) then evolves to the 2010s of dance club music then Rain is more about spirituality and overcoming the sadness she's faced in the story.
  3. Right, even when she performed Don't Tell Me on David Letterman in 2000/2001, she said "I just learned how to play guitar"
  4. Based on the narrative of this tour, I'm not sure what other song would work as the ending but I agree that the choreography, mixing, and stage exit of the final song seem to lack in performance compared to her final songs of other tours.
  5. This is better than the alternate corset. I'd say my favorites are the all black one, then this one, then the one with the single stripes. I do wish these alternate corsets would be as long in the front as the original one. These ones show her panties and look like they don't fit because of the cut
  6. What would it be a music video for though? She's not releasing new music while touring the greatest hits. I highly doubt she's going to make a new music video for an old song (who would be funding that? and why?)
  7. I think it's fake too for the reasons you said and the advert is in 5 different fonts. No professional ad has that many fonts. Looks like it originated from some foreign bullshit Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/madonna_historica
  8. Yeah, it's strange that she's dressed up like that. Normally she's dressed like a homeless lady.
  9. So his beef is because she didn't say "hi" to him?
  10. Standard tickets, not resale: https://www.ticketmaster.com/madonna-the-celebration-tour-pittsburgh-pennsylvania-02-05-2024/event/16005E2777DA16A3 The resale are the pink dots. Regular tickets are the blue and orange. Tons of seats still available on the floor.
  11. I think this is all valid as to the reasons. Plus with Madonna's fanbase aging, not like a Beyonce or Taylor Swift crowd, it can be hard to sell tickets since there aren't as many fans. Maybe she'll do some US interviews when she gets here that might help a little. I have tickets to the Pittsburgh show in February and Ticketmaster shows a majority of the arena still available for sale.
  12. When Bob does his opening monologue, when he says that she kissed Britney Spears at the VMAs, the Madonna audio that follows is "look it up" but it should be her line from Me Against the Music where she sings "Hey Britney"
  13. In the videos I see on TikTok of the show, with her having the grillz in, it looks like she's wearing false teeth. You know, like the really old men who are wearing false teeth that are too big for their mouth. If she wants to wear those, she should wear them only for Bitch I'm Madonna and leave those out of the rest of the show
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