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  1. @Leona Helmsleyhow are your bets for tonight concert? Will she sing Express or Survive? Will she rest Take a Bow and bring Rain? @True Blue 84feel free to give your guess too, you too @Lorx, @FraP, you too, @Spanky1995, by the way, I have no problem in being taken for someone else than me, especially the BITCHES IN MY GANG like Dave, @Honey Little, @Would You Like To Try, and even @Blue Jeanwho is now my lost then found brother from Australian continent!!! You may say I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one I hope someday you'll join us And the world will live as a ONE!!!! #IAmBecauseWeAre
  2. @Jackie so sorry for this hell - it has been very exhausting to be a Madonna fan, esp to us the fossils who lived much better at times when we refrained ourselves to play the fools as we've been doing nonstop thanks to the presumable comfort of a hidden account(s)... ...I just imagine how it's so hard to M herself to endure these recent times... ...#DownWithInternet #GoReadABook #TouchSomeGrass #LiveYourLife and here we go Taaaaampa!!!!
  3. Honey's Argentinian, well American living in Argentina. Dave's Italian. Me is Brazilian. And u?
  4. Who has named who? Oh gosh are you still believing me and Dave are the same? Well, Dave, just let them believe it so!!! Hanky panky, nothing's like a good spanky... I just love stupid people! How does it feel like getting a warning point? May I call you @MCL_1993 so???
  5. Oh... just in case you are thinking about the two people who have similar mindset in THAT thread you're talking about... Both are different guys - if they're the same person I do chapeau bas to them because I'd love to have such an alternate personality!!! Anyways... Who's ready for Tampa??? Flooooorida here we go!!!! Let's make DeSantis and his minions piss on their pants!!!
  6. I had to take back the latest actions I had to him - I'm sorry people can't run out from their DNA...
  7. And @Pedro Beltran and @True Blue 84: I have plenty of evidence through that "what song are you listening to right now" thread. Shame that that person has become the way they're now.
  8. Are you thinking the same suspects of mine or are you thinking of me and Dave? Pedro, your jail bitch would love to live in Italy, but Rio's fine to me. I am already used to the 104°F heat of my Irajá. Anyways, to see my suspections go to thread of the maxisingles reissues campaign, a coupla pages back from last one (I guess). And about M's tiring conditions: I suppose some should be tired of this discussion. I just remember Truth or Dare when tour hit Europe. And this was more than 2 decades ago. I'm not Joan of Arc, not yet, I'm only human...
  9. Well, much likely I was right all the time about@Alpha as I am to @McDonna; won't tag them anymore and hope I'd never have to mention them anymore. And back to discussing Angel, Into the Groove, Crazy for You etc. maxis'n'mixes. Please someone send me a DM when some of them come actually to streamings; otherwise I feel being here STUPID.
  10. An open letter to all Infiniters who are my lovely haters:




    1. Leona Helmsley

      Leona Helmsley

      so sad her new album go so bad........

    2. Leona Helmsley

      Leona Helmsley

      there are plenty of amazing songs......

  11. Oops Marcel, I didn't know I couldn't talk about myself...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Leona Helmsley

      Leona Helmsley

      an amazing Jlo video would be perfect right now....... don't you think so @Nahash?

    3. Nahash


      Stream This Is Me...Now on your favourite platform:

      Rebound, rebound, rebound, reeeebound... We go up and down...


    4. Leona Helmsley
  12. Lisa, as I told you, I have blocked @Alpha; so it's useless answering me through them. Haven't I asked you for a fourth account? Anyways, feel free to use Alpha as you want to; as long as this thread doesn't interest me for now - after all, Angel maxisingle won't come in a blink of an eye - I don't need to read what you say as Alpha; I just recommend you to change a lil your tricks because, as I noticed this thing, other people can do too. I just think you just didn't need to behave like that - I thought you were a sane person after all. Have a good life or lives at all. All my luvin' to you.
  13. Sorry goody-goody for starting derailing this thread again and God knows how much I despise SayHey - but I cannot help wondering myself if we are in front of a scheme SayHeyers have always accused each other: that some newbies are actually old members that were banned for any reason. This obviously don't apply to the @Alpha's and @McDonna's case as both are active members as well as other members I won't tag here in respect to who they used to represent to me; but is @MPoweredright when he claims goody-goody has not two, but multiple identities, that they cannot disguise as all play the similar stupid tricks?? Hate to go back to the bitch route and especially being to HER, but... ...Lisa, how many accounts do you have here on Infinity? Don't be shy to answer. I have blocked all 3 suspected accounts - but you can answer me to a fourth one. Sorry for such invasion of privacy.
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