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  1. Fateseeker

    Thank you, I will. Let's keep living for love
  2. Fateseeker

    I am in Brighton, we are ok, it has not spread at the rate of other countries in this town but we still have the worst to come yet.
  3. Hello!!!

    Do u have art of this,please?

    Ray of Light - Orbit Uncut Edition (Emaster)(WAV)

    1. Fateseeker


      Hi I only have this. 



      I don't really bother with back covers etc, one day I will take some time to make artwork for my folders. 

    2. Paulo Azulai
  4. Fateseeker

    this is blasphemy
  5. I can't see it happening although i hope i'm wrong. I'm wondering if the czech site had listed it in anticipation for 30th anniversary but haven't taken it off. We got the release containing 'Supernatural' instead. As the first 4 albums have been re-released on vinyl i'm hoping warner will release this.
  6. Fateseeker

    That's the same as the itunes version, lucky star and borderline are the longer remixes
  7. Fateseeker

    Can anyone make a continuous mix? I'm no good with mixing.
  8. Fateseeker

    Welcome back! Nothing really matters, love is all we need.:
  9. Fateseeker

    Thanks, i'm so annoyed zippyshare doesn't work anymore