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  1. anyone else here remember the 'wheels on the bus' hoax?
  2. SOD......why. I still don't think any new music in the form of a random EP is on the horizon unless it's to do with her biopic.
  3. Fateseeker

    her biopic hasn't released yet so doubt it's a new album from her yet.
  4. Fateseeker

    I'm thinking Perfume ad
  5. Fateseeker

    i ditched DCFMA and replaced it with Nothing really matters, seeing as i have evita anyway.
  6. the good intention was there... bit like a cake fail.
  7. Fateseeker

    i'm still praying for this
  8. Fateseeker

    i loved the pink ombre she had in bitch i'm madonna
  9. Fateseeker

    Ray of light on Oprah is up there. It's her best performance of that song
  10. Fateseeker

    it's experience that makes you strong
  11. Fateseeker

    The same but not my father, my ex, the lyrics 'i got away from you, i never thought i would'. i listened to it one night on the way home form work. I felt free and i just cried.
  12. Fateseeker

    i only have an MP3
  13. Fateseeker

    same same same