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  1. Tina Live - 2009 show from Arnhem, Holland
  2. I believe he quit, which is what he was belittling Meghan and Harry for. Good riddance, he was a blot on the landscape
  3. The song 'Swim' and 'Pure shores' by All Saints come from the same track by William orbit. Listen to both and hear the similarities
  4. DIscovery is the soundtrack of my teens, a very sad day.
  5. Trying to decide on my next re-invention after lockdown.
  6. SOD......why. I still don't think any new music in the form of a random EP is on the horizon unless it's to do with her biopic.
  7. her biopic hasn't released yet so doubt it's a new album from her yet.
  8. i ditched DCFMA and replaced it with Nothing really matters, seeing as i have evita anyway.
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