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  1. Fateseeker

    Drowned world tour HD please mumma
  2. Fateseeker

    oh i see sorry lol, yes i think so too
  3. Fateseeker

    what does that mean?
  4. Fateseeker

    i preferred the mdna and rebel heart performances of candy shop, more interesting mixes
  5. Fateseeker

    Try Here https://madonnadiscography.pl/sizes/cd-single?letter=n
  6. Fateseeker

    I didn't think i was going to get to the record store so decided to leave it, THEN discovered they were actually selling it all online which means i could have got Robyn's album if i had known. I thought the whole point was to support local businesses rather than let joe bloggs from wherever buy them all up online then flog them on ebay for triple the price .
  7. Fateseeker

    The way i've structured my collection E.p = a few different tracks Maxi Single = remixes of the same track Single = up to 4 tracks
  8. Fateseeker

    Thanks, there is one in particular that just wastes everyone's time with fake posts....blocked!
  9. Fateseeker

    Easily my favourite Madonna album and he Drowned world tour is right up there for me, i had just left school and was just discovering myself, it was the beginning of my love for all things Madonna, the Music album really kicked it off for me.
  10. Fateseeker

    I believe it's just this
  11. Hello!!!

    Do u have art of this,please?

    Ray of Light - Orbit Uncut Edition (Emaster)(WAV)

    1. Fateseeker


      Hi I only have this. 



      I don't really bother with back covers etc, one day I will take some time to make artwork for my folders. 

    2. Paulo Azulai
  12. Fateseeker

    this is blasphemy
  13. I can't see it happening although i hope i'm wrong. I'm wondering if the czech site had listed it in anticipation for 30th anniversary but haven't taken it off. We got the release containing 'Supernatural' instead. As the first 4 albums have been re-released on vinyl i'm hoping warner will release this.
  14. Fateseeker

    That's the same as the itunes version, lucky star and borderline are the longer remixes
  15. Fateseeker

    Can anyone make a continuous mix? I'm no good with mixing.