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  1. Not my favourite album but had tickets for the show and she had to cancel, was looking forward to seeing her in a smaller venue too. I don't have paramount so if i miss it then i will just wait for the dvd.
  2. I put TST with and Beautiful stranger on Music, BS seems to go well with Amazing. Here's my version https://mega.nz/folder/HCplGAZD#NBOglyDZyoEIvx22VlS38g *paradise is the edit version
  3. not my favourite album but like most tracks. I didn't get to go to the concert either, we had tickets but she cancelled. Interested to see what she did with the show.
  4. I ditched DCFMA, added in Nothing really matters, fever and the meagamix. Also swapped Music for @RCB's edit of Music.
  5. I became a big Madonna fan around that time, I couldn't go to the show but played the dvd over and over again. One of my favourite tours. Time goes by....
  6. yeah i figured as i have Erotica anyway it was nice to hear the album with some differences so used the Erotic promo version. I don't think justify my love is actually the official explicit one, might be fan-made https://mega.nz/file/DbAWQJKD#7EhXt0yA41poEBP1MicJJG66xQKY8N40L1njOQCLyf4
  7. My digital version of erotica. Erotica - SEX Edition 01. Erotic (Sex Version) 02. Fever (Edit One) 03. Bye Bye Baby 04. Deeper And Deeper(Sheps' Deep Makeover Edit) 05. Where Life Begins 06. Bad Girl 07. Waiting 08. Thief of Hearts 09. Words 10. This Used to Be My Playground 11. Rain 12. Why’s It So Hard 13. In This Life 14. Goodbye To Innocence 15. Secret Garden 16. Justify My Love (Explicit Mix) 17. Love Hurts (Erotica Demo) 18. Deeper And Deeper (David's Klub Edit) 19. Fever (Hot Sweat 12'' Remix) 20. Rain (Acoustic feat. Niki and Donna) PLUS - Sex book (digital Format) and would have a steelbook case with this cover
  8. 6 years later and i just heard it....
  9. When I first realised 'time goes by so slowly' was taken from Love Song
  10. I'm in love with Jessie Ware's new album
  11. Tina Live - 2009 show from Arnhem, Holland
  12. I believe he quit, which is what he was belittling Meghan and Harry for. Good riddance, he was a blot on the landscape
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