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  1. ''…that her head is ultimately so far up her own ass that she can’t help herself .'' That's why she's so tall
  2. i liked some of these, can they be remade? improved? not sure i currently have them
  3. Maybe extensions in this one.
  4. Thanks to everyone, I fully appreciate everything posted, may this forum go on for a long time to come.
  5. NYE wasn't really that long ago but she's been in Africa. Warner may have asked to 'clean up' her image but when has anyone ever told her how to be , her whole MO is to rebel so i'm not sure it's the case. I think resetting her IG is to allow the promotion stand out and attract attention.
  6. @Curtainsthank you for everything, i hope fortune will turn in you favour soon, times are tough, wish i could help in some way, stay positive and hope to see you here again, take care x
  7. The non-stop express mix was on the 30th anniversary edition so it's getting confused somewhere, i guess it works much like ID3 tags.
  8. The day I was born On October 13 1983, Madonna performed Burning Up, Everybody and Holiday at Camden Palace’s Thursday Party Night in London, England. Plus I am in UK so she was here for me.
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