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  1. Says someone who insults all the german fans here in the forum with one sentence..
  2. To be on the safe side, I ordered 2 picture discs because I had no luck with the FEL box from Canada last year because I never received it. Now my order from the Warner store in Australia is being returned because it cannot be imported to Germany and the one from the US store is on its way to the Netherland Post for whatever reason, I hope they can find me in Germany. At least today I'm getting the AL Holographic sleeve that doesn't fit as a consolation 😅
  3. my record looks cheaply made, it's cracked around the edges and in the middle and it's very wavy when I play it
  4. There will be no problem getting a refund, they can't prove to anyone if the package arrived if all were sent without tracking. I still can't understand why they send a package of this value without a tracking number and I didn't have an option to choose which shipping method to use when I placed the order.
  5. they replied to me yesterday that i will get a full refund because it is not possible to resend the order
  6. Nothing for me either, I wrote to them again yesterday but have not received an answer so far
  7. After waiting 7 weeks I almost gave up hope. my only hope is that maybe they get my order back and ship it again, this time hopefully with a tracking number. They wrote me that after I asked if they could ship the order again.
  8. yes and i'm still waiting for it...i didn't get a tracking number, just a shipping confirmation number that i can't do anything with and nobody can tell me where my order is. after october 17 I get a refund if it hasn't arrived. I told them I'd rather have the box than a refund, but they can't tell me until october 17th if it's possible to send it again.
  9. My first time was the who's that girl tour in Frankfurt. I was only 15 years old, it was my first stadium concert and my third concert ever (I had seen nena and A-ha in my hometown) I was very impressed by the mass of people who just came to see Madonna for the first time in Germany. I felt like the whole country was excited. The newspapers and TV were full of it. I only saw her in the size of a pin, but to hear and see her on the screen was magical. My second time was the blond ambition in Dortmund, we drove there the day before and stayed in the car so that we could sit in front of the hall very early. When the doors opened we ran forward, got lost but both made it to the front row. I can still remember when she came to the right side of the stage for the first time for express yourself where I was standing. It was so unrealistic and magical, I think I'll never forget that. The show was so bombastic and new, and without the internet you didn't really know what to expect. It was all very impressive for a 18 year old boy who came from a small city. My third time didn't happen because the concert of the girlie show in Frankfurt was canceled. There was no chance to get tickets for another country without the internet and I had to wait 8 years to see her again at the drowned world tour in Berlin.
  10. Hi is there anyone who will only buy 2 tickets today for paris and is willing to share his code with me? I am afraid to get no code for monday or only to get bad tickets on the day. Thank you
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