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  1. She should do a Blond Ambition part 2: Still Ambitious. Or a Platinum Blond Ambition Tour😆
  2. I loved it. Thought it was very funny. Still waiting for the follow up "life without my sister Madonna" 😆
  3. She advertised for Gap and H&M , you would think she would have an idea what a regular t shirt, but I am positive she has no clue. Premium prize for a charity t shirt? Come on!! Thats just stupid. totally agree the charity would benefit more of reasonably prizes. Hell, I probably would have bought 2. I will pass on this without any problem. Its a T shirt. Probably costs a few dollars to produce , maximum.
  4. I do wish they had made some extra prints or something available to not Millionaires.
  5. Survival, this used to be my playground and thief of hearts i would say.
  6. I feel the book should have been "Fetish" instead. I feel there are some artistic photos of fetishes. The Sex is mostly implied.
  7. Where is sticky sweet st Petersburg available for purchase?
  8. https://youtu.be/6HR3jlH4ODc. Breakfast with Madonna and Dinner with Madonna are the most interesting and genuine interviews. She and Kurt Loder had great chemistry. The interview Rupert Everett did for behind the music was also great. She is almost relatable in those 😆
  9. Can be downloaded free on this site: https://remixsearch.net/get/179dee59b57a0123/madonna-secret-juniors-luscious-single-mix-2022-remaster-4-13-124-mp3/#google_vignette
  10. This madame X persona didnt work as well AS the Dita persona. She always having to explain it. Should have done a spy themed video. I didnt get the connection between the songs and videos and Madame X. It seemed like a theme she had with photographers. The show incorporated it better, but I am still a bit confused about Madame X. When Cher asks "What the is MDMA?" I ask "WHO the fuck is Madame X?". Let me finish with saying i've loved Madonna for over 30 years. I worship her legacy, but this part of it will be forgotten soon. Hurts me to say but she should lighten the fuck up. Its pop music!!!
  11. Oh no. I dont think so. I get reshoot feeling through out. Why you think that?
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