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  1. I made a custom poly sleeve for the hologram itself. I made it from 2 cut poly sleeves because the thickness of the hologram cardboard is too tight to fit in a regular poly sleeve. Just had to tape together. What i mentioned before is the MDNA vinyl album with poly sleeve will fit inside the hologram sleeve perfectly. So all is protected.
  2. Got my 2 copies today. Arrived in perfect condition thanks to Live Nation packaging in thick cardboard. These are much nicer than I expected and well worth it if you're a serious collector. Absolutely No Regrets! My sealed MDNA vinyl slips perfectly inside the hologram sleeve even with a poly protector around it. It’s perfect housing. See pic below.
  3. I got a confirmation email too that my order has been shipped. I’m in the USA. Hopefully have it by the end of the week.
  4. Rebel Heart Tour Purple Galaxy Swirl 2 LP Vinyl is back listed on Amazon. Walmart also has it listed now. Both $59.98 Madonna - Rebel Heart Tour [Purple Galaxy Swirl 2 LP] Amazon Madonna - Rebel Heart Tour - Purple Galaxy Vinyl Walmart
  5. Silver Vinyl available for preorder on Amazon USA Amazon.com: Finally Enough Love (Amazon Exclusive Silver Vinyl)
  6. Hopefully we get shipping confirmation soon as they were planned to be shipped April 20 as listed on the Madonna Store when purchasing. I’ll be sure to post here when I get a confirmation.
  7. Ok, got it done. Sent you a link for the download.
  8. I have a 1990 pressing of the Debbie Voller book with the cover of Madonna at the MTV Music Awards performing Express Yourself. It has one black and white page of the UK discography at the back of the book. So it has no color record images. Guess they removed it in this edition to put more photos. It has her releases up to 1990 so it would be more comprehensive than the 1988 version you previewed. I have the book out and will do you a scan if you like within the next few days.
  9. Wish it was easier and cheaper for us fans to get ahold of M items. Sometimes it feels like a scavenger hunt with major obstacles in the way and disappointment in the end. Fingers crossed you get your magazines in perfect shape and in a timely manner.
  10. V Magazine USA Winter 2021 (V133) Steven Klein (4 Covers)
  11. They had a collectible box set for $440 only 20 available. Sold out!
  12. Even if they are not the best covers she's appeared on they are still a nice collectable. They are selling on ebay for sure. If you hold on to it for awhile longer it may be worth more. Good luck with whatever you decide! As a die hard Madonna magazine collector I couldn't pass on any of these. I bought two of each of the four.
  13. My subscribers issue #4 has been stuck in pre-ship status for days and days. It now states expected delivery by Tuesday or Wednesday. Anyone else had a delay on any of their V mag orders?
  14. Not sure why it happens. I'm using my google photos like I do on everything. I can see them. Here is a link to the group previews. https://photos.app.goo.gl/M1cDLRVN9yHyep2t9
  15. Here's the interior Madonna pages. https://photos.app.goo.gl/M1cDLRVN9yHyep2t9
  16. Nothing unseen, but I will take some shots of the inside and post shortly.
  17. I just got 3 out of 4 in the mail today. The 4th collectors edition (subscribers issue) is on the way- probably get it tomorrow as it was mailed a day later. I got some scanning to do. https://photos.app.goo.gl/M1cDLRVN9yHyep2t9
  18. I actually thought the same thing. They probably have enough material to do one. It's way overdue for them to do a follow up to X-static Process book. Some of the photos released so far aren't the best but I'm always up for a new Madonna book.
  19. I got confirmation on all of mine being shipped as well. Hopefully I will have them in hand by the end of the upcoming week. Lots more to scan now.
  20. I picked up two copies of the new Rolling Stone with Madonna and Maluma at Walmart today. They only had that particular cover and only 3 copies. One was slightly damaged so I got the other two. Only three pics inside of the two of them together from the shoot. Rolling Stone is now $9.99 - it's a nice mag but if Madonna wasn't on it I would not pay that much. UPDATE: DOWNLOAD https://photos.app.goo.gl/ntYg3n5bYdJXmkKm6
  21. I like the supposed cover with pearls for #4 but just hope it's more clear and not as grainy and pixelized like the instagram photo represents. It almost looks like a still shot from a video that is blurred from movement.
  22. Based on Madonna's latest instagram post about a subscribers issue of V magazine I was thinking oh no another cover to find in addition to the 4 that have been on presale. After going to V mag site again and reading it sounds like the #4 issue is going to be the subscribers issue. Kind of relieved. "Please note Cover 4 is sold out for the pre-order period and is now only available to V Magazine Subscribers. Head to our subscription page to secure your copy of the Collectors Edition (Cover 4)" https://shop.vmagazine.com/products/v133
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