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  1. Is it possible she recorded some vocals with her grills still on? In songs like 'God Control' and 'Crave' you can hear that weird lisp she has when she's got her grills on. I get some of that is her intentional mumbling to appeal to the younger, mumble rap crowd, but I keep picturing her singing with her grills on in my mind...
  2. Always loved Nobody Knows Me. Very underrated album... still relevant today, IMO.
  3. Great job! Loving the cloudy background!
  4. On June 28th 1990, Madonna’s Vogue single was certified double platinum (2 million units) – the biggest-selling single by a female artist ever at the time. In 1986, Madonna’s Papa Don't Preach single debuted at #42 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the USA. Eight weeks later it would reach #1 on the same chart.
  5. @@Fighter I remember those videos too, the GGW one still slays! Loved how you mixed the Justin Cognito mix with parts of the album version. I liked it so much, I actually made my own version and included it in a non-stop mix I made in anticipation of the MDNA Tour back in the day. @@devilpray This is an awesome thread idea and I can't wait to see other M fans work. I haven't been very creative lately, so this thread might inspire me to get off my ass and work on something. I need to check my old files and find something interesting to share.
  6. Same, I don't know anyone who's a fan. Then again, I don't have that many friends. I'd love to be friends with an actual M fan. We could watch concerts and sing along and dance around the room, lol!
  7. This is a great idea! Voted 90s, btw
  8. Unfortunately, I believe everyone experiences betrayal at some point in their life. It was life-changing for me as well, because several betrayals occurred in a relatively short period of time when I was at my lowest. This was around 10 years ago. I've been guarded and had issues trusting people ever since. Opening up to a person whom I considered safe just to be betrayed again a year ago did not help. I guess all we can do is follow in M's footsteps and pick up our crowns and carry on.
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