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  1. Thought we’d get ‘Die Another Day’ Maxi It was released 22nd October… or ‘Nothing Fails’ Maxi was released 27th October..? But NOTHING.
  2. How long does it usually take her store to send from the US to the UK? Are we thinking a few months..
  3. This is truly wonderful video of Madonna I just love it
  4. But MANCHESTER UNITED?! Surely they’re talking about Manchester. does that mean that M is here in my city?
  5. Got the email too. My picture disc is on the way! Just seen this on official charts update in the UK: Madonna’s compilation Madame X – Music from the Theater Xperience (Live) could see the Queen of Pop net a 26th Top 40 album (39).
  6. This. If they’re gonna send anything to Release Radar, it has to be the Dallas Austin Mix
  7. Looks cute I wish her team would upgrade The Immaculate Collection artwork on Spotify. It looks like horrendous quality!
  8. ‘Popular’ will hit 250 million streams on Spotify tomorrow
  9. I was also gonna say that the rumoured Max Martin track could be the one 👀
  10. Sex Book The Immaculate Collection (Blue & Gold Vinyl) Erotica (White Vinyl) Ray Of Light (Clear Vinyl) Confessions On A Dance Floor (Pink Vinyl)
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