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  1. The most successful female artist of all time aka Queen of Pop - Working with the most successful pop songwriter of the last 20 years. Just let that sink in.
  2. I just realised why she looks so good. The eyebrows!!! They’re back! The hair!!! No braids!
  3. Looking back at this artwork, really makes me miss those days when she would work with great graphic artists. Now we have Aldo Diaz…
  4. It looks set to be certified Silver by next week in the UK
  5. Wow 3 feats! Looks likely that at least one will be a proper single then I guess?!
  6. Love Christine & The Queens Finally a collab worth getting excited for!
  7. I always imagined the Veronica Electronica side-project to be William Orbit’s alternative versions, like what he did with Frozen and ROL remixes.
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