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  1. She totally did the Celebration Tour to fund this damn movie didn’t she. it’s cursed from the start, but she’s so stubborn that she will make this movie whatever the cost. It’s gonna get trashed before anyone even sees it. Just give us an album for fucks sake.
  2. This is really difficult to pick just five. Apart from the terrible single choices, there’s some great songs on this album. It gets so much hate from her fan base, yet I think it’s aged pretty well. I’m Addicted Some Girls Love Spent Beautiful Killer Falling Free
  3. Imagine putting all that money into making a documentary concert, then you choose THAT as the cover.
  4. This sounds great. Stuart always delivers the goods.
  5. Some of her tracks are hitting Highest Daily Peaks on Spotify. ‘Blame it on Rio!’ From UK Mix: Madonna's Top Songs on #Spotify (Monday): *NP* = New all-time peak Top songs Popular – 1,613,064 Hung Up – 526,640 *NP excl NYE* La Isla Bonita – 471,254 Like A Prayer – 416,371 Material Girl – 356,415 4 Minutes – 296,748 Vogue – 254,010 Like A Virgin – 249,905 Crazy For You – 169,948 *NP* Holiday – 140,701 Papa Don't Preach – 116,125 Live To Tell – 115,437 Music – 105,605 *NP* Into The Groove – 105,001 Frozen Sickick Remix – 102,829 Sorry – 97,466 *NP* Open Your Heart – 79,900 Nothing Really Matters – 78,326 *NP* Frozen – 74,622 Sorry Blondish – 74,363
  6. She didn’t attend this year then?
  7. I just want new music…We have waited long enough for a new album. Give us Max Martin & The Weeknd goodness
  8. So so tired today. Worth staying up till nearly 7am to live stream it, thanks to my partner for finding a link that works. It seemed a nightmare from the Globo play app playing in the uk. Found an amazing HD of the whole show here now too:
  9. Also worth pointing out that she cancelled ZERO concerts for The Celebration Tour. After her health scare that’s pretty amazing.
  10. IF she is indeed returning to the studio after the tour, that means that we won’t see a new album until next year. It’s already been FIVE YEARS since Madame X. I'm still hopeful that we will get the Max Martin track premiered in Rio.
  11. Thought we would have an update from her team on how to watch this live by now.
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