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  1. People complaining about her vocal delivery should check out Diana Ross at Glastonbury. She’s getting older and failed to hit any of her famous notes, but nobody gave a shit, they were too busy living their best life and dancing and appreciating a legend. People need to get off M’s back…the fans most of all.
  2. That would be amazing if that was true, but I’m not too sure. It may be worth asking someone at ukmix or official charts company, there’s bound to be someone in the know there.
  3. I hope she has a relationship with a woman next. That would really piss people off. Bring back LesbiDonna!
  4. Not seen this footage of Celebration before, it’s great seeing her with the queens and she obviously loves Bob The Drag Queen
  5. Just noticed they seem to be promoting the album with this remix on the Release Radar playlist. Still wished they used a vocal version of Thin White Duck Mix, but here we are…
  6. I will still never recover from the fact that she didn’t put the Thin White Duck mix of Hollywood on this. I mean, it’s THE ultimate version she performed at MTV and is much much better
  7. She looks amazing. I would 💯 let the security guard ruin me too.
  8. It so great to wake to a Madonna performance that is back on par! She looks fantastic and like she’s having fun. Only a Queen could perform two versions of songs that are not included on an album she’s supposed to be promoting! That aside, I hope we can hear the new versions on streaming soon…
  9. Moira McFarland “I remember looking at her bush”
  10. $500 for a neon sign?! They should do one that reads ‘Absolutely No Money’ or ‘Absolutely No Chance’
  11. Is the MG Rap version a mash up with Saucy Santana? Also, Celebration? Really?!
  12. I’m sure Ricardo will be there to work his ‘magic’
  13. She looks fierce! So it’s pretty much confirmed from the choreography that she’s doing Hung Up
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