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  1. wtg1987

    Yay another upscale of something that was only shot on probably vhs or dvd - just what this forum needs 🙄
  2. wtg1987

    I think we all hope for that 🤨 but I think being in a smaller venue the cutting will be even more rapid to give the impression it’s more fast paced and less in scope than the stadium tours - I hope I’m wrong though
  3. wtg1987

    Where is this from ? 😮
  4. wtg1987

    I’d be happy with a LPCM audio - they always seem to fuck up the 5.1 mixes - the rebel heart DTS HD didn’t even use a centre channel 😫 shocking mix - her vocals should only be heard through the centre channel that’s the whole point of 5.1 sound - no point in doing it otherwise. Might as well just go with stereo surround like ciao italia
  5. wtg1987

    I know right ? Why couldn’t it had the extended version like papa don’t preach and la Isla Bonita had - where they extended the album version and just added some extra touches 🥺
  6. Watching INXS live baby live blu ray remastered in widescreen 4K from Wembley 1991 - looks amazing and wish we had Blond Ambition in this quality 🥺

  7. Wow who would have thought a topic about an old song streaming would generate 6 pages of comments 😂 Imagine if she had streamed Warning Signs - this forum would explode 😍
  8. Invincible is probably his worst album imo so whatever is in the archives from this era they can keep to be honest - let’s face it he wasn’t in a good place early 2000s from a creative perspective I just want his videos remastered to blu ray and also maybe another pro shot tour from the bad tour plus captain EO remastered - I think Disney owns that though so no way we will get it anyway 🥺
  9. wtg1987

    Don’t we have enough rebel heart demos Jesus 😤 I think I have over 50 at least
  10. I think MJ and his team have mined the most of his unreleased songs haven’t they ? All that’s missing now is a tonne of video work including a widescreen remastered Captain EO , Ghosts , his complete videography and some history concerts
  11. I watched this film the other day and forgot how great it is 😍
  12. She’s had plenty of opportunities to release legacy stuff but still we get nothing - I don’t believe that LAP cd / dvd box set was ever a genuine release and I think it was just a rumour hyped by fans - pretty cruel if you ask me Going back to Prince though - I know he’s recorded a lot of songs that never made his albums but I still think he was much more about quantity over quality and I don’t think he would have wanted all these songs released- I have all his special edition cd box sets and I can honestly say most of the unreleased stuff is pretty mediocre - I mean I think he’s a musical genius and performer ( he’s in my top 3 fave icons ) and I think the estate are doing a great job with all these releases - I’m more excited in getting in concerts remastered for dvd as up until now most are in very poor quality ( nude tour and parade tours are the worst ) the CDs to me are just filler for the most part
  13. wtg1987

    🤔 it’s a pretty lame lyric in my opinion- I think it’s the worst part of the song - I love the rest of it - M has always said her lyrics can be read on many levels
  14. wtg1987

    I agree but I’m suspicious as to it’s validity- why would it have been filmed and not surface all these years ? Of course I would love to be proved wrong 🤗😉
  15. I just don’t get why she is so slow to this - I mean Alanis is on the ball and she is nowhere near as a visual icon as M 🙄😉