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  1. wtg1987

    Who’s that girl tour - that image of her shadow behind the screen still gets me - the beast within would be number 2 though - no one does a video intro like M 🤗
  2. wtg1987

    Bedtime Story RIT ( please give us a HD version before I die M 😂 ) Paradise DWT die another day s&s nobody knows me mdna sorry confessions tour the interludes on rebel heart tour were rubbish 😫
  3. wtg1987

    I’d love an instrumental of this song - it would be fierce track
  4. wtg1987

    They all sound the same to me but I love that artwork 😉
  5. Probably not but we are still hoping for this - the LAP re-issue could certainly include most of this stuff plus I would love a blu ray of the remastered tour and music videos from this era - imagine how amazing vogue , express yourself and oh father could look 🤗
  6. I love Prince but I think this would not have been released if he were alive now - I don’t think M is interested in anything from her past albums unfortunately 😫
  7. Well judging by how poorly the album has sold commercially he won’t get a lot in royalties anyway 🙄 the demo sounds cool though
  8. BIM so cringe in every way 😫
  9. Only really like Music and Ray Of Light but music is more fun and I love the animated part of it too so I plumped for that - his other videos are very mediocre
  10. wtg1987

    And what a shocker Beyoncé was nominated for that shit song she did for the awful lion king film -that’s surprising 🤔
  11. wtg1987

    This really ticks me off - no doubt Taylor swift and Bruce Springsteen we’re nominated - the Grammys are bull shit - it’s all about popularity now and old sexism towards females like Madonna
  12. God I m hoping this release is true 🤗🤗🤗
  13. wtg1987

    Im not loving this show from this - too much backing tracks yet again - I was hoping for more live sounds 😫
  14. wtg1987

    That typewriter at the beginning is sooo annoying 😫 thanks for the rip though
  15. wtg1987

    Yes Madonna is still officially the best selling female artist of all time - I think Mariah and Celine Dion have outsold Madonna in the US only and Mariah has had more number ones - fuck knows why though - it’s annoying because Madonna’s has a lot of number 2s on the billboard hot 100 ( 6 in total ) so if they had been number 1 she would be even higher on this list but let’s face it - Mariah is selling walkers crisps on TV now and M is selling ( mostly) out on a critically acclaimed world tour and had a number 1 album this year so we know who’s had better staying power 😉