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  1. im probably the only M fan who just doesnt dig this song or video :((
  2. The 10.5 GB file is the one to get - it’s perfect sound and picture 😍
  3. Finally watched this in all its 65” tv and 5.1 audio glory ( was also surprised my copy had full song subtitles too which I don’t think she has included on most concert releases ? ) I thought the audio mix was much better than rebel heart tour - her vocals were more centre speaker fixed and there wasn’t too much over processed audience noise I thought it was photographed beautifully but the editing did let down some of the fast paced songs but I didn’t find it as distracting as the last tour I think everyone’s enjoyment really depends on how much you like the Madame x album as this is not a greatest hits experience- I thought the rescue me and Malik typewriter scenes were terrible sorry - I love rescue me so much and for it to be reduced to dancers exhaling like they were going to be sick was an insult to the song( I also didn’t like crazy or thre fado song ) apart from that I really enjoyed it - obviously this is never going to have the same impact as past stadium tours and the choreography was a bit flat and uninspired but i don’t think this is that kind of show ( she’s certainly slowed down since the last tour) I loved future , frozen , I rise , don’t search , come alive and wow how cool was human nature ( loved the upside down editing ) will definitely watch it again though 😘
  4. where is the torrent for this then ? lol :(
  5. Finally ! Been waiting for this announcement for months - I’m. Kind of disappointed there is no full live concert though as I heard there were some pro shot tours from South America but there are some cool songs on here 😘😍
  6. Yeah and me against the music is probably one of the worst collaborations ever 🤢🥺
  7. I saw this and remember it quite vividly- it was funny and i couldn’t believe I was seeing Madonna so close 🙀 I certainly didn’t pay £500 to see it either which when you think about it is how much you would pay now to see her in concert - I haven’t seen her in concert since 2008 and there was the awful sticky and sweet tour which sounded terrible in Wembley stadium - sorry M 🥺
  8. Which interview are you referring too ? The one I posted ? If so I don’t know why you would say that as the interviewer clearly asks about the song bad girl ??
  9. I saw it on YouTube too as it’s never been released on dvd or blu ray and the quality is shocking bad but you won’t forget the ending - at least bad girl video has a sort of happy ending 😢
  10. I really hope we finally get the uncut Virgin tour under the new Warner’s deal 😉
  11. Jesus more bitching on here - this forum is really turning ugly now 🙄
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