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  1. To me mythical material relates to unreleased demos like warning signs, LAP demos - it doesnt relate to her already known catalogue unless that article was just bullshit...
  2. Plus you should have mentioned that you “ sweat a lot better in the dark “ 😂😱🤪 I’m down for any format except cassette or vinyl - I’ve never understood the vinyl revival - yes it looks nice having the album in a 12” size box but logistically it’s way more hassle listening to it - I still think cd is the best for convenience ( car , home in the garden etc) I will buy digital songs in wav but only if it’s a particular song that is hard to track down on a cheaper physical cd or if it’s an album where I only like 1 or 2 songs
  3. I would like a more polished edit of Shame and a remastered version of dear father and actions speak louder than words - I don’t think there are any other unreleased songs from this era but who knows ? That’s what’s so frustrating about this whole campaign so far - it just feels like we are getting scraps and not the full monty . If it is erotica then just damn well announce it woman 🤪🥺😱
  4. It was just a general feeling - it wasn’t specific to a past year 🙄
  5. I just wish she would make great music again …. 🥺 and not feel the need to come across as an over sexed 🥺
  6. Totally agree - complete lack of sense with all these vinyl and cruddy remixes 🥹
  7. as a fan for over 30 years i never thought she could sink so low in terms of quality and depravity the last year or so but here it is ? i could care less about the "messages" of this video - i see people arguing about queer and trans - personally i couldnt care less- what really bothers me is M is trying to appeal and win over a newer "younger" audience and seriously thinks trash like this will ??? come on M - what fucking planet are you living on now ? "younger" people know she is over 60 and her die hard fan base are just getting tired of all this now - she is getting to the stage now where she is alienating her hard-core fan base - you know, the ones who have worshipped her for many years despite all the bashing she has got . i seriously became less of a fan of hers today - if she wants to have fun then have fun- just dont film it please and get on with preserving your legacy and get those album re-issues going before she has no fan base left !
  8. so this disturbing video is what M thinks will win over a new generation of fans ? someone please tell her NOOOOOOOOO :(
  9. Sorry I don’t like song or the video - I don’t know why she’s still doing duets with nobodies young enough to be her grandchildren- there I said it ! 🤪😂🥹
  10. Fighter - the previous admin guy on here says that Ms team reached out to him and warned him the forum would be shut down if anyone leaked that song on Minfinty - he says it was the only time her team ever contacted him ( I’m pretty sure that was the story in a nutshell ) I don’t know what was so special about that song and the dozens of other songs that leaked on here from the same era but would love to know why ??
  11. Still waiting since Aug 21 for an unreleased song from M's archives - M stop teasing with crap remixes and pointless vinyl re-issues ! :(


    1. Neon Fever Dream

      Neon Fever Dream

      Yo momma is a crap remix.

  12. where is the confessions tour on blu-ray warners ? or is this another item that needs Madonnas shite curating ? :(
  13. i did notice this but couldnt be bothered to mention - luckily i have another wav rip so dont really matter - guess her curating skills are about as reliable as annoucing the first album re-issue !! so far not really impressed with this Warner deal - she and guy sucks once again with preserving her legacy ...
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