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  1. wtg1987

    Terrible song but I do like Maluma’s cheeky laugh at the end though 😍
  2. cant you just accept my opinion ??? Jesus :((
  3. Well she did say in that question and answer session with fans that she would release a demo album but in a series - I won’t hold my breath though 🙄
  4. well demos for tell me, first is a kiss and love attack are not our there so theres no reason why she cant put them out plus there could be others we dont know about - angels with dirty faces was after all a complete surprise to many fans so there could be a lot more ....
  5. wtg1987

    i wonder if she will ditch the pony tail and go back to her curls for the Europe shows :))
  6. Vinyl ! yawn ...... i just want some unreleased demos please - i dont care about who owns the masters - surely this as an easy project for her to oversee ? all she has to do is listen to the demos and decide if she thinks they are good or not - or better still - invite fans to listen to them for their feedback - its an easy money maker if she just takes orders on demand through her shit website :))
  7. Well i guess i dont care for critics so i will go for fan underrated or songs i think fans dont really talk a lot about in high regard but are songs i listen to a lot. rescue me words la petite jeune fille some girls supernatural
  8. Are we talking critically under rated or fan under rated - there’s a huge difference I think ?
  9. I would love a live album recording all her classic tracks - remember the production of borderline on the Jimmy Fallon show - I’m not usually a fan of Kevin Antunes but he did good on that one - either this or of course we all want unreleased demos - I’m not too fussed on remastering old albums because what does that even mean now - if you look at the prince re-issues they are great - you get demos , edits , remixes and the accompanying tour on dvd all in a nice package ;))
  10. wtg1987

    Her last great tour imo - great set list and wonderful music direction from Stuart price - wish we had this on blu ray 🤣
  11. wtg1987

    The bond films are so bland and generic and they can’t even come up with an innovative title - just like the shitty Star Wars films 🙄
  12. wtg1987

    I think her choices so far have all been spot on but I think the below should have been singles Spanish eyes words ( imagine the video she could have done for this ) i want you ( yes I know we had a video but I would have loved a proper single) rebel heart love spent
  13. wtg1987

    I only have the Medellin one but it wasn’t cheap 😫
  14. wtg1987

    Would prefer a US Promo CD like what we got with Medellin :((
  15. wtg1987

    Imagine if she had done a video ? It could have been a fincher collaboration and maybe a sequel to Oh Father 🤗