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  1. Imagine the swifties when they see this ? They will probably bomb courtesy’s house for saying awful stuff about they precious Ms swift
  2. She’s never talked about rescue me video which has always irritated me as it’s ones of my fave songs of hers ever - I think a video was not filmed because she never wanted it released as a single plus she was rehearsing for the Oscar’s performance and editing TOD with Alek so that’s prob why - I thought CAC was inspired by the WTG film and her character with London - not Sean ?
  3. Probably another colour vinyl 🙄
  4. if her team follow prince re-issues - there is no reason we cant get both unreleased songs and live recordings - so far its just been the same old crap pressed on different colour vinyls - no thought has gone into this yet ...
  5. thats all very nice but according to a lot of people we arent getting anything unreleased from her vaults making this campaign a complete a waste of time if you ask me ...
  6. I don’t think anyone knows what “ remastering “ is now - it’s probably my most hated word on this forum now - all people do is just turn up the volume - remastering actually means going back to the multi tracks like Stuart has done with the celebration tour remixes - god I wish M would release those on streaming when the tour is over - I’m so over these single releases now and yet people want the same stuff we’ve had on our computers for years ???
  7. Something M seems to be avoiding … and yet all people care about is an edit of ITG and LTT 🙄🫤
  8. Imagine if she did a duet with Taylor swift ???
  9. Just listened to Air Moon Safari CD 25th anniversary in Dolby atmos and it sounds amazing - i think ROL could sound this good :) 

  10. It was liz Rosenberg sorry - not liz smith ( or the validator as she is referred to in the icon magazines )
  11. no but i did visit the parc sceaux in paris where she played to 120,000 fans in 1987 - it was very surreal
  12. Speaking of Angel which I love 😘 I was reading an old icon magazine from the 90s and liz smith says Madonna wrote it about Karen carpenter ? I never knew that ? 😘 I always thought this used to be my playground was her tribute to the carpenters
  13. I would have thought that seeing as she is on tour - a special or one off release could have been one of her concerts ? They literally have a dozen to choose from ?
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