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  1. Another nobody bolstered by more pointless tiktok nonsense 🙄😴
  2. I have this on pre order so will let you know how it looks and sound - can’t wait to hear my favourite dialogue “ that’s what I do - I fuck “ and the classic line “ have you ever seen animals make love frank “
  3. autobiography please and include a demos cd .... so glad its been scrapped - sorry M xx
  4. The tour kicks off the same month as the 40th anniversary of the first album - I think it’s obvious what this “ new album” will be imo …
  5. M is a night owl so I totally get her being late - if people aren’t used to it after a decade then don’t go - simples millennials will spend most of their time on tiktok posting their usual narcissistic 30 second dancing twat videos - just make sure they’re phone has enough charge for the evening is all they will give a toss about - not the fact they are seeing one of the last great music icons we have …
  6. Glad ciao Bella is getting listens as I love it way more than back that up to the beat 😛😂
  7. I don’t suppose she mentions the reissue campaign does she ? 🥹 I’m dying to know anything about what we may get this year 😢😢😢
  8. Why do we think January 17 ? I hope it’s not a tour and it’s the lap reissue 4 cd and dvd set 🥰😜
  9. Agreed with most of your comments - I find much of MX a downer and too dark especially songs like killers, extreme occident , looking for mercy and dark ballet
  10. All I want is a rescue me interlude video with her looking gorgeous with long blonde hair like the bedtime story RIT backdrop video and her actually lip syncing the song finally 😜
  11. That’s like comparing bitch I’m Madonna with holy water - different levels of crap 😂
  12. simple - back that up to the beat revival on tiktok - apparently this whole re-issue campaign is being driven by twats on tiktok and their 30 second self indulgent posts - screw the fans who've worshipped M for years and have wanted unreleased demos ... thats not important to Warners or Interscope...
  13. I thought this was the name of a new unreleased M song 😂
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