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  1. wtg1987

    I don’t think Katy Perry is in the same league as Madonna when M was in her prime but either way it’s sad - the music charts are so sexist and ageist - I haven’t seen Madame X in any of my local U.K. supermarkets but they were all selling Bruce Springsteen new album 🙄
  2. Nooooo - I hate that song and it ruined the albums success - it should be kept in the archives along with Hanky Panky, BIM and TUTR 😫😫
  3. That’s why I hate cardboard packaging - I will always try and obtain jewel case versions - sadly we don’t have those for the 2 cd version as well as RH deluxe and Confessions tour 😫
  4. wtg1987

    She’s dropped to number 14 in the U.K. charts - that has to be her worst second week placing for a new album 😫😫
  5. wtg1987

    Mine too and her best video from the 80s too - that or Oh Father 😉
  6. wtg1987

    She has a very eclectic and broad age fan base so yes not everyone will love what she does - I’m just happy she’s still making music and videos whether it’s a masterpiece or not 😍
  7. wtg1987

    I would love crave to get another us promo cd and include some mixes - what’s happened with the Tracy young remix ?
  8. wtg1987

    I’ve only seen silver pressed cd for Medellín remixes that was sent to USA clubs - I bought it on eBay but keeping it sealed - I think all other CDs are fan made CD-R - and sadly I think cd singles are on their way out - all anyone wants now is vinyl 🙄 ?
  9. wtg1987

    I was thinking that too ? It’s not a great video imo and the song plays second fiddle to the visuals and won’t be a big seller either so promotion wise it’s not a plus for the album - it kind of reminded me of the Music video but 20 years later but i love the message of it though 😍
  10. I really want her to do a live album with live musicians like she was going to do after the girlie show - a greatest hits plus new songs from Madame X all re-worked 😍
  11. wtg1987

    Yeah but I would imagine it will short lived sadly - I wonder how it’s doing in the second week 🤔
  12. wtg1987

    I don’t think it will be a hit but I’m looking forward to the video - I hope it’s not going to give her negative publicity though - people like to dump on her a lot lately unfairly of course 😫🙄
  13. wtg1987

    Do we know how much it has sold worldwide though ? I’m curious and I’m thrilled she at least made number 1 in the USA especially after not hitting number 1 in U.K. 😫
  14. It’s a fun song and I love the name dropping especially Prince whom I adored but I wonder why she didn’t mention MJ ? 🤔
  15. Some interesting theories here but you are all forgetting she didn’t live in the U.K. in the 90s or was married 🙄 and she had plenty of hits ....