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  1. It’s been mentioned many times but at this point there is about as much chance as getting a tour book as getting an expanded release of like a prayer with all the demos 🥹🤓
  2. thats the problem i guess with using backing tracks i guess ? but it defeats the purpose of using them - i would love to get my hands on them though as the mixes stuart has done are amazing
  3. why can’t we get M videos like this quality ? Just don’t bother then otherwise 🙄
  4. Prob because they are not real HD - there are millions of videos on YouTube like that - not just Ms team
  5. Does her team even know what HD is ? Why bother just upscaling it - it’s a bit like fans on here saying they have “remastered “ their audience recording of a celebration show when clearly they haven’t or even know what “ remastering “ even means ? 🙄
  6. Tourbook ? Still no sign ? 🥹
  7. Yes but I don’t have warning signs or the LAP demos to burn to a disc ? 😝🤓
  8. This thread isn’t long enough 🤣 surely an Easier way to post this information?
  9. If the next “ treat “ is another vinyl only release I think we can assume this campaign is a complete loss and we aren’t getting anything special 🥹
  10. There’s something so erotic about fit guys in boxing shorts and gloves 😘
  11. Amen 🙏 my point since August 2021 and I’m supposed to be grateful for vinyl with the same shit we’ve had for decades and be excited that I can stream the same stuff on my phone 🙄
  12. Don’t you have these mixes already in a computer or laptop ?
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