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  1. Nothing except the Iconic backdrop for Rebel Heart tour - her videos for me have been downhill since the AL era (Except the amazing RIT backdrop for Bedtime Story)
  2. @bertrand i will stop moaning about the shite warner campaign for a change and pitch in - just to get spotlight unmixed i would pay at least $80
  3. Of course not ! I’m a fan - why else would I be here - this campaign has been 2 years of foreplay 😜
  4. The Warner deal was supposed to bring us expanded releases for her landmark releases that fans have been waiting years for - I don’t think that meant hologram covers and vinyl singles of stuff we’ve had for decades - the FEL rainbow edition was the final kick in the teeth if you ask me so I’ve given up on this deal now …
  5. Oh I love this film but doubt it will be a great transfer - it need a proper scan by Warner archive who seem to ignore 80s films the last 6 months but I might just buy it anyway as I love it 🥰
  6. Terrible video imo - it’s more criminal we don’t have art masterpiece videos like oh father and bedtime story RIT in at least 720p
  7. A few people have mentioned that we weren’t promised unreleased material which begs the question ? Why bother with this deal then ? If we are getting curated editions then what is the hold up with this stuff if she is just approving the same old stuff we’ve had for decades ?
  8. Totally agree - look at how many unreleased M songs and studio files have leaked on here and M has probably lost thousands because her and her team have no foresight to put this stuff out officially- I mean it’s nearly 2 years since the deal was announced and what unreleased stuff have we got ? Fuck all !!! 🤔😴
  9. So what happened recently with the RIAA certification on the immaculate collection ? Has it sold 11 million in the USA now ? Does this mean her other albums are being looked at ?
  10. i just still dont get why more vinyl only releases ......
  11. wasnt hollywood a flop too ? it was her first single to miss billboard hot 100 since 1983 - if you are going to compare flop songs and why we shouldnt have longer eps then at least do a proper comparison - also BS song is a masterpiece compared to all songs on AL and post hard candy.... anyway we have all these songs so i dont understand why people still bitch about whats not and what is on streaming...
  12. I don’t like most of the remixes used on TIC - they sound like they were recorded in a toilet 🥹- I only ever listen to rescue me ( obvs) and live to tell which I think sounds more haunting with the extra ambience
  13. So far has anything decent been mined from the vault though ? They don’t seem to be digging that deep since this announcement 🥹
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