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  1. So in theory my 3 fave artists are all putting out special editions this year 😘😘 Prince, MJ and M ( hopefully)
  2. Still waiting for the MJ estate to release the remastered thriller video on blu ray that was shown in 3D a few years ago - his videography like Ms is unparalleled and clearly needs a remaster overhaul too - don’t see what other demos hey could roll out for thriller seeing as the previous 2 releases mined all of those ?
  3. I was wondering that too ? Like this remix and hope it’s an unreleased one
  4. for the record I don’t hate the album - it has a couple of good songs and I don’t comment on every Madame x topic - you’re the one being mean now . Why so defensive about this album ? Did you buy stock in it or something? 🤨
  5. its not being mean - this album didnt resonate with a lot of fans and no time will mean its classic madonna for a lot of us - just get over it ?
  6. if she works with Mirwais again solely then i dont want any more new music sorry - i think hes too limited as a producer and songwriter - i think the timeline above is possible but who knows i dont know about anyone else but this biopic seems to have been in pre-production longer than titanic was ! ultimately like all her previous movie projects i dont predict good things for it - she is far too ego driven to listen to anyone's advice. unless she works with some producers who will tell her whats good and whats not then left on her own this whole project could end up just a vanity movie like W.E. ended up( i thought it was a nice movie though) and we all know what a financial disaster that was. i dont know why shes still hanging on to this obsession with movies anyway - just let it go M and move on. i would prefer someone else to direct it personally(Maybe Alex Keshishian) she can produce or write it instead. of course as a stan i would love to be proved wrong its just Madonna + Movies is never a good match ...
  7. A 264 page about Madame x album ? 🥴🤔 definitely a hard pass for me thank you but I’m sure other fans love it so enjoy 😘
  8. Seeing as we have all demos from erotica now I would prefer lap or tb - I’m dying to hear any unreleased demos from those eras the most plus im hoping for an unreleased wtg tour concert ( dream would be either Paris or London ) and yes baby I will keep 😁🥴
  9. Actually M said “ I hope he’s not there when I get there “
  10. Don’t know why she would include this song over spotlight or the other YCD edits - I don’t even class physical attraction a dance song anyway ? I love it for sure though 🥰
  11. I dont live too far from london and have never been to one of these events before ? im 46 though - does that make too old for this kind of thing though ??
  12. The people hating on Mdna - are they still buying the holographic cover though 🙄
  13. so is her mantra now " vaginas are here to disturb the peace " ! see a lot of comments about wanting new music but seeing as she cant even chart in the singles market albums sales have been steady decline and drop off the charts after a few weeks her popularity is at an all time now and no spotify/tiktok numbers do not count imo where is her incentive to record new music again plus i dont see it happening with this warners deal now someone start a rumour she is recording with pat leonard for the biopic ......
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