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  1. American Pie - American life is a garbage song and just sounds like it was made on a cheap computer - the production is awful and that rap 🙄🙄🙄
  2. I’m sure a collector got hold of it and will keep it locked up now 🙄😫
  3. This would have been so cool to have in full and better quality - I would love to see justify my love rehearsal 😢
  4. Spotlight 🥰 Im currently spinning the you can dance cd 😀😀
  5. wtg1987

    Bedtime Story but that’s just because I prefer the song and it’s the only time vocally she has performed it (RIT is not a relevant performance)
  6. wtg1987

    Great collection - I love those CD long boxes you have - I used to have tons of stuff like this but now all I have are CDs , dvds , laserdiscs, a few posters and sheet music 😖
  7. I think bitch I’m Madonna and American life should be on the worst songs list best songs I would have picked those plus drowned world and open your heart
  8. wtg1987

    Exactly - the only duet I ever liked M do was with Ricky Martin ( Be Careful ) her duet with Prince was disappointing and the one with Britney was embarrassing she doesn’t need to duet anyway
  9. wtg1987

    I think lady Gaga is pretty mediocre now to be honest - her video to stupid love made me think of Nicki Minaj and that’s not a good sign 🤔
  10. wtg1987

    That’s a very cruel topic - it’s like asking what are your favourite children or dogs 😫 all A++++ - probably her best director
  11. The whole like a prayer blond ambition era needs a serious recognition from M and her team and not just dumping inferior quality stuff on YouTube
  12. Thanks for this - I loved his story about how they recorded Oh Father and Madonna calling him a dummy when he didn’t realise he did the bass on the song Like A Prayer - we never get to hear much about the making of her old albums so this is gold 😍
  13. wtg1987

    Her team have never given a shit about the quality of her video work they dump on YouTube so why is everyone surprised? 🙄 they couldn’t even put a stereo audio track on the paradise not for me backdrop video and stereo sound had been around since the 70s im sure the constant video upscaling topics on here someone could bastardise all these videos and make them look better ?
  14. wtg1987

    Thanks - she should have more had not been to her lack of airplay in the UK the last 10 years but at least she’s the top female 😍
  15. wtg1987

    I’m not surprised