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  1. even worse than BIM ? that would be a tough contest
  2. I just want oh father , die another day and bad girl remastered from film reels as they are her most cinematic videos - plus maybe EY 🥰 bedtime story 2004 would also look amazing
  3. I found with the Prince release most of the unreleased songs weren’t really that great to be honest - most I listen to once so I think they definitely oversold them but I love the idea of having live content bundled in too - that’s what has been so frustrating with this campaign- we still don’t know what the format is going to be - I have a feeling we won’t get the VT on any format as she probably hates it now 🙄 not realising these sets are for the FANS 🙄
  4. I have those sets too and also mentioned many times this is the kind of stuff she needs to be putting out but some seem happy with just vinyl reissues and every single edit and fade on streaming so as long as they lap them up there is no chance - I just don’t think she’s interested in this kind of thing -of course I would love to be proved wrong
  5. Why would they release oh father , dear Jessie and the look of love on digital ? None of these singles had exclusive versions on them ? The whole point of this Campaign is to share remixes surely ? Not a fade or edit of a song - if all you guys want it for is the artwork then that’s just ridiculous- you can download the artwork from the web ? I don’t get these endless debates on this ? sure it’s nice to discuss the beautiful artwork I love them too but some fans on here seem to live for this ??
  6. AI - possible the worst creation after mobile phones and social media .....
  7. The oh father video is a masterpiece and is worthy of a full remaster from original film reels but all fans on here care about is getting the edit in streaming because they don’t have to time to listen to the full album version which is 25 seconds longer 🙄
  8. Sounds like an arrogant douche bag if you ask me - once again no one asks an insider on her team about the reissues ? 🙄
  9. So which 3 reissues are ready to go then ? I’m breathless ( not a studio album version ) , hard Candy and Mdna 😀
  10. ok who seriously chose the abomination of Auto Tune baby - own up ??? tough choice between has to be and supernatural so i plumped for supernatutral simply because i adore those background vocals
  11. Here we go again discussing this terrible version of BU 😩😂😜😜
  12. mercifully no it wasnt performed and is safely confined to one release
  13. The dark ballet video was amazing - I just wish the song was a bit better and she was in it more like the directors cut - she looked so majestic in it and I don’t know why she cut her scenes from it ?
  14. Who said she was working on legacy stuff the next 5 years ? The same person who says 3 expanded releases are ready or the one who says she’s recording with pat Leonard ? 🙄😩😂😜
  15. I got the alanis morisette jagged little pill Dolby Atmos blu ray and it sounds amazing - another missed opportunity for this campaign 🙄
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