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  1. You're right! My mistake! Thanks btw for the videos!
  2. I found! I didn't know this video! https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=536001921423669
  3. It was "A hard day's night" from the Beatles, I'll try to find the video tomorrow and to upload it
  4. I think there were also more great hits in the Blond Ambition than in the Girlie show : BAT : Express yourself, Open your heart, Like a virgin, Like a prayer, Papa don't preach, Material girl, Into the groove, Vogue, Holiday Girlie show : Vogue, Express yourself, Like a virgin, La isla bonita, Vogue, Holiday The BAT was also a huge good surprise because her previous tour Who's that girl Tour was not so elaborate and this feeling is still in memories
  5. That's great news!! Thank youuuuuu!!!!!
  6. This is a really sad news... RIP Jamie...
  7. Another cam on Time Square, with sound
  8. Thanks!! Tho there is a glitch at 1.16.59, at the end of La isla bonita, and the sound of the rest of the show is not sync anymore.. But it's great to have all this before like this!!
  9. Borderline Material Girl La isla bonita The look of love (Who's that girl) Into the groove (You can dance) Spanish Eyes He's a man Bad girl Love tried to welcome me Another case in another hall (Evita) I'll remember (Something's to remember) The power of goodbye American pie Hollywood How high Heartbreak city Turn up the radio Joan of Arc Looking for mercy Most of these are still my favorites from those albums
  10. Uhmmmm Madonna is not YOUR grandmother and she is not OUR grandmother! And my grandmother is not an artist, she is dead! Other question then : would you like to see a picture of your own daughter the same way released to the world? (just to say your ageism is silly) Just stop to imagine it's someone of your family, and let people live their life!
  11. Big yes, because she proves to the world a woman in her 60s can still have a life and be a sexy woman!
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