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  1. Niagara31

    Live Aids 1985, i loved her performance!
  2. Niagara31

    Oops sorry!!! I didn't pay attention! lol!
  3. Niagara31

    "Absolutely no regrets"
  4. Niagara31

    I'm just.. disappointed! lol! After the teaser, i expected something longer..
  5. Niagara31

    The B roll was not supposed to appear?
  6. Niagara31

    Seems fake to me.. Sounds like the normal version, just added some echo before the rythm at 1.16, and the ending seems to be with different synths.. Probably from some karaoke version.
  7. Niagara31

    Spanish eyes, Across the sky, Be careful (with my corazon), Never let you go, Thief of heart, Words.
  8. Niagara31

    *drools and agrees* Hey Spencer, when do you release your own calendar? :wink: