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  1. Listen to The Bottle and S Express, you'll definitively know from which one it's sampled
  2. This remix was made after Vogue and took the samples from Vogue. You can hear the sample from S-Express in it (Uno dos tres quatro) from 1988
  3. Fan since: 1985 Favorite Album: True Blue / Like a Prayer Favorite Single: La Isla Bonita Favorite Video: La Isla Bonita Favorite Tour: Blond Ambition Tour Favorite Movie: Desperately Seeking Susan
  4. It's not exactly the same tshirt, and it's not Madonna, the proof is in the video, "Papa" thinks it's her, and when she turns around, he sees it's not her.. But here's a mix and video I made few years ago using some scenes from "papa want's the best for you"
  5. I was not mean saying it, it's the opposite, I knew about it just 3 years ago because a friend sent me a link to the video, i was kinda shocked because nowhere it was mentionned about it, "a sequel to Papa don't preach"!! And if that one friend didn't tell me, I would discover it today with your post.
  6. Not everybody, I learned about it only few years ago
  7. It's funny he took the opportunity to do this song and video after Papa don't preach, especially after reading what he said in 2013 in an interview : http://www.madonnarama.com/posts-fr/2013/02/22/danny-aiello-travailler-avec-madonna-a-ete-une-experience-horrible/ I translate : February 22, 2013 News Danny Aiello: Working with Madonna was a horrible experience Danny Aiello, the actor who played Madonna's father in the video for "Dad Don't Preach", was interviewed by US radio station Fresh 102.7 . And when the subject Madonna comes on the carpet, he responds with as much pretension, confusion, as bad faith. In detail, transcribed and translated by Madonnarama… It was my daughter who made me do it. Personally, I didn't want to do it, because I don't make videos, but my daughter Stacy loved it and asked me to participate. Working with Madonna was a horrible experience. I didn't want to do it. It was Sean Penn who asked me that as a favor, because Madonna herself asked him. I didn't know her personally, but Sean asked me, “Would you like to play the role of her father? ". I told him that I didn't do music videos, I'm a serious actor. Then I returned home. At the time, I didn't even know who Madonna was, to be perfectly honest. Stacy said to me, “Dad, it's Madonna… oh my god! So I called and said I was okay with being in the video. They paid me 450 dollars, which I immediately returned to them… I felt that I had to return this money in order to keep some credibility as an actor and to convey the message: I am an actor who does not of video clips. At that point, I said “It works, provided my daughter is present on the set, and can take pictures. » Afterwards, as soon as she arrived on set, my daughter expected to be able to take pictures, but Madonna told her “Not right away. My daughter resented her for that and hated her. Yet she still loves him today. Musically, it's not so bad what she does. She hasn't changed too much, although I think she was a better singer when she started. I think everything has become too organized around her, in terms of provocations. She was very cool with me. Kind of like a father/daughter relationship.
  8. My only question would be : "Hey Madonna, when will you smile again?"
  9. You're right! My mistake! Thanks btw for the videos!
  10. I found! I didn't know this video! https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=536001921423669
  11. It was "A hard day's night" from the Beatles, I'll try to find the video tomorrow and to upload it
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