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  1. Stop abusing nicknames

    Can you get rid of a butthurt mod who cannot take a April fools joke?
  2. what happened to having fun on here? I'm done with the fuckery. Talk about abusing the very little power you have. bye doritos

    1. Andymad


      Girl you got your Dorito fantasy?

    2. BringUrLUV


      Cool Ranch tho, right?

  3. Stop abusing nicknames

    Isn't self promotion banned?
  4. It's been a very generous week on here. Thank you to all of those who have shared. :)

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    2. poserdemadonna


      True Blue demos would be very welcome

    3. Stop abusing nicknames

      Stop abusing nicknames

      Yes all RH demos are banned. I hope someday they are unbanned. A lot of the RH demos I have are in piss poor quality

  5. Stop abusing nicknames

    Would you like some water to quench your thirst?
  6. All this hate over adopting a child? smdh

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    2. Fighter


      by who, disgusting...

    3. Stop abusing nicknames

      Stop abusing nicknames

      most of the people in the comments section, esp Daily Mail

    4. Andymad


      I think it's absolutely fantastic. Mamadonna to the rescue!!

  7. Is there a megapost for all the Madonna instrumentals out there?

  8. Stop abusing nicknames

    We get it James, you desperately want that recording contract. Pipe down...
  9. Stop abusing nicknames

    Has it aired in the US yet?
  10. Stop abusing nicknames

    I'm pretty sure that it was going to be used in the scrapped HBO special, that later turned into TOD. I remember hearing some rumors that it was just a test recording / was going to be used for some AIDS organization???
  11. Stop abusing nicknames

    If so, they will properly do what NBC did with Confessions, cut some songs, but have the full concert on DVD. I hope anyway. Any news of UK/international broadcasts yet?
  12. Stop abusing nicknames

    ^ +1. Plus is it really necessary to create a new thread everytime you want to give yourself promo?