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  1. Blank

    Yeah, I think I read somewhere that she was asked to do the All-stars 2 but turned it down, but I don't remember the specific reason. Even though she was the most deserving winner, I don't think Dela would have won in the end as I think the eliminated Queens would have not voted her into the top 2 just to spite her.
  2. Blank

    She performed better than Kennedy. I had to look on Wikipedia to confirm: Bebe won twice and was in the bottom once. Kennedy won once and was in the bottom four times is all I'm saying. I'm not saying I thought Bebe would or should win overall but I think she was more deserving over Kennedy for making the top 2 for me personally. I think Kennedy should have gone home before the finale (and I think she possibly would have the week Dela did, if she didn't eliminate herself)....
  3. Blank

    I agree with@Fighter's thoughts. I personally thought the top 2 should have been Shangela and Bebe based on track record, but I was ok with Trixie being part of top 2 (and winning TBH, as it's not her fault how things went and I did really like her in the end). Kennedy being part of the top 2 made no sense to me at all. She performed the weakest over the season out of the top 4. I think the eliminated Queens put Kennedy in the top 2 with Trixie so that Trixie had more chance of winning. If Shangela was in the top 2 with Trixie I think Ru would have picked Shangela instead TBH (and if she was in the top 2 with any of the top 4 really). I thought the one take video was brilliant but similar to the challenge where the Morgan came back, it was almost not necessary as it didn't feature in any sort of deliberation or decision to determine a top 2 or the winner etc.
  4. Blank

    I think Dela was edited out TBH after maybe being seen as slapping RuPaul in the face by daring to quit self eliminate????
  5. Blank

    Yeah, she's been in the bottom the most (and only had 1 win?) so not really a glowing performance for an All Star winner I'd say. I don't think she's that memorable compared to the others either TBH. I think Trixie will win but I want Shangela to. She's been great and has really come full circle since she was on season 2 & 3.
  6. Blank

    Yes, Me too. It was aaaaamaaaazing!!
  7. Blank

    Yess, same here! I also loved Paradise (Not For Me) on Confessions Tour and even though there seems to be no HQ audio available I still think You'll See from the Drowned World Tour is one of my top 3. For the vote though.....i'll go for You Must Love Me (S&ST)
  8. Blank

    Yeah, same here.I didn't actually realise what happened immediately lol. I was expecting Kennedy to be on the lipstick and I didn't quite compute that she'd put herself until everyone was like "huh"??? and in shock.
  9. Blank

    okay, I didn't choose my words too well lol..... I think I meant that at least in regular seasons the decision is made by someone judging a group of people, which doesn't include themself.
  10. Blank

    Ok, I only saw my first ever episode of Drag Race 3 weeks ago (All-stars 3 ep 3) but since then i'm totally up to date with AS3 and watched all seasons 6, 7, 8, 9, 2, 3 on Netflix (I'm not working at the mo and I've been sick so had a major binge) and now a few episodes onto season 4 so I've quickly absorbed and familiarised myself with the show. As soon as I saw Dela on the first episode I saw, I thought she was great and after catching up on the previous episodes she was the obvious winner for me. Anyway with her excellent run I thought, it's hard to stay on top and started last week's and this week's episode thinking "I bet she'll get eliminated this week" but was relieved/happy that she was safe (last week) or won (this week)......well until she quit lol. I think it was obvious throughout the series she hated the politics of being responsible for elimating other contestants. I can empathize with her, I mean isn't that what the judging panel is for? And if contestants eliminate eachother it's likely to be based on personal things such as "do I like them", "have they insulted me", "am I jealous of them", "are they the strongest competition so I'll get rid of them" rather than based on talent etc. At least on the regular seasons Ru makes the decision so everything is done in a fair way and is not done by the people who you're competing with. I think the weight of elimating people, the pressure of staying on top and the possible fear that next week might be the week she underperforms, or is outperformed, ends up in the bottom and then being eliminated as she's strong competition. She maybe didn't want to be the girl who was killing the competition for 5-6 weeks then got booted out the following week. She went on her terms and though I was really shocked at first i got her reasons and thought "good on you" after.
  11. Blank

    Well, funny you should say that... I'm kind of watching season 6 and 9 at the same time on Netflix. 6 cos i'm rooting for Bendelacreme now in Allstars3 (I just saw the season 6 Snatchgame ep. - so funny!! ) and 9 coz I wanted to watch a roast and went for the one of Michelle Visage (I didn't know where to start so I just went for an episode I thought would be good). I've never seen this on UK tV before ( and never looked for it TBH), but hey're showing the latest season and I got Netflix now and that has seasons 1-9 so I may end up having a binge watching session.
  12. Blank

    I'd never seen this before but there was nothing on TV on Saturday night and i flipped through the channels and caught the most recent UK episode, when they were doing The Bitchelor. It was so hilarious (most were, some not so) that i went back and watched the first 2 episodes On Demand. I'm glad I did, coz I've not laughed so much in ages as I did when I watched Bendelacreme impersonating Julie Andrews in the 2nd episode(?)!! Loved it! Quite possibly my TV highlight of the last 5 months. I've suffered with depression in the past and have been in a miserable/depressive way for a few weeks and that performance, and the show in general put a smile on my face and helped me forget my depression.
  13. Over And Over (instead of Dress You Up) Thief Of Hearts (instead of Bad Girl) Intervention or Easy Ride (instead of Nothing Fails) Future Lovers (instead of Get Together) She's Not Me or Beat Goes on (instead of Give It 2 Me) Voices (instead of Miles Away) Lovespent (instead of Turn Up The Radio)
  14. Blank

    Yes, apparently it was not in the arena so no ticket required. There is a box office on the outskirts apparently this is where it happened. I don't know if you can wk into the box office/foyer area unchecked or what. I can't remember. I have to say though, in my experience going there, women have their handbags searched, but me, a man, gets no check. No metal scanning, no frisking or whatever. So people could get right in arenas like this with something under the clothes maybe?? Sent from my Y635-L01 using Tapatal