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  1. god? are you there god? is me, Laganja.


  2. didnt we have this same exact thread a month or so ago?
  3. The Deplorable Tour Act of Contrition I'm a Sinner Looking for Mercy Superstar Come Alive AutoTune Baby Crazy Candy Shop Body Shop Graffitti Heart Voices Did You Do It Fuana Dance 2Night Give Me All Your Luvin I'm So Stupid Mother and Father BDay Song Devil Wouldn't Recognize You Addicted Love Makes the World Go Round
  4. anyone here have any HQ scans/digital re-creations of Eartha Kitt artworks (album and single) i cant find good ones anywhere

    (her artworks on streaming are of poor quality and most of her single artworks are only available on google images as phone/camera images of the physical release)


    1. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark

      it's a tragedy that needs readdressed 


  5. interscope also rejected the original ARTPOP concept to have an experimental side and a more radio friendly side like this rebel / heart concept smh
  6. it looks like a sheet of metal (rather than a bar) with a round hole cut out
  7. i think commissioning new remixes should be left for the album reissues campaign as a separate bonus disc or have the full album in re-mixed form a la (except it'd have just one or two remixes of each song in the original tracklist order)
  8. anyone know why theres that stupid black bar at the top of self titled's artwork? its always pissed me off :dead:


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    2. McDonna


      @PrayerI agree with it being part of the original design.  I just thought there were copies without, but maybe I'm mistaking? I looked at my CD and it has the black bar as well.  And yeah, I don't believe someone "forgot to crop it out" either. As you said, it's on the inner sleeve as well.

    3. Prayer


      @tscott I was checking Discogs and it was on every edition of the album, even on the cassette:


    4. McDonna


      @PrayerSo I must be thinking of when I've seen the actual image a zillion times without the bar throughout the internet. For instance when you google Madonna's debut album cover, there are images where the bar is cropped out.  :)

  9. just three tracks? thats it? arent there like ten+ remixes for this song? edit - also, if this thread already exists - im sorry, please move or delete x
  10. idk but my first real contact was i think the song Music that was used in some game segment on the Ellen Show and i didnt like it (or so i told myself) cos i was a core Gaga stan at the time. then it wasnt until Living for Love's music video release that i gave her a real chance and loved the song and video. after that idk but i do remember listening to the itunes bonus track version of Celebration a lot and playing youtube playlists of her music videos
  11. i havent seen any b roll footage yet but i would think that they had to have had plans to use that footage in the final product but ended up getting removed in favour of what they went with? just my two cents.
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