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  1. for some fucking reason while i was at work, i saw a perfume named QUEEN (by Milestone) and i thought (because of the logo) that it was a perfume released by the band Queen. i still like it, but im bummed that its not a perfume released by the band Queen.

  2. i would like to think one version would be a full show from a single date and another version will be a mix of performances from various dates seamlessly edited into one video like how Marilyn Manson did for the Guns God and Government tour video in 2001 and the separate Live in LA performance
  3. when you make an audio rip from cassettes, how would you "remaster" it to remove the low hiss?

    1. Chris


      specifically in Audacity

  4. "true fan" my ass just because idk a specific person who was somehow attached to madonna's career before i was born makes me a fake fan? okay..
  5. Queer-core >>>>>



  6. you never see my face but you see the back of my shoulders and my hat edit - this is the first and only live performance ive ever attended.
  7. does anyone know how to mix down Dolby Atmos mixes into stereo? ive seen some DA mixes use alternate vocal takes and lyrics to reglar album versions but my music players cant play DA files

    1. wonderboy


      I use MediaHuman audio converter. its a free app download & super easy.

    2. jmrgby88


      I just stick it into Audacity and it usually does the job!

    3. Chris


      @jmrgby88 i did try Audacity but it gave me a message saying it'd mix it into mono. i want stereo

  8. doesnt matter which version of the songs or in what order they are in, the whole album can go. ill keep my Gang Bang + GGW two-track single in my library though <3
  9. theres a lot of madonna references throughout the whole series.
  10. i really wouldnt compare STR to FEL since the only song remixed was LDLHA. the rest of STR was the album/single versions. all of FEL were either in their remixed form or their 7" single edit
  11. well if its an ai edit, someone should share the original/unedited version to compare
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