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  1. aprilshack

    Is it absolutely certain a video for FG was shot?
  2. aprilshack

    What was the question? Something to do with the dvd, but what does it say?
  3. aprilshack

    From where?
  4. aprilshack

    Ooh, unused Polaroid’s....
  5. aprilshack

    Give yourself some time to think and reflect. Just in case you may regret your decision.x
  6. aprilshack

    There was about £40 not refunded, inc the fees and insurance.
  7. aprilshack

    I think the binding may not take having to be completely flat on a scanner?
  8. aprilshack

    Refund arrived today less than a week after i threatened them to involve my bank. Keep tweeting and DM’ing them.
  9. aprilshack

    VIP book up for pre sale on stores. £175/$225.
  10. aprilshack

    They really are dragging it out aren’t they?
  11. aprilshack

    The other forums are the same over this topic.
  12. aprilshack

    With nearly 3,000 people in attendance & people who have travelled from all over the world and will have to travel back, why would Madonna’s show be an exception?
  13. aprilshack

    There needs to be was planning on going to multiple shows but they were cancelled option!
  14. aprilshack

    Great album, great videos, one of my fave eras visually. Loved seeing her in a tiny theatre. That was a real treat that won’t be repeated. Not so great was my cancellation of my Paris show & the way her team handled the cancellations, the lack of quick communication regarding those. She really needs a new team around her next era. It been a bumpy ride but worth it in the end!
  15. aprilshack

    Wonder what will happen to the unsold stuff?