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  1. Bold of you to think that Madonna will ever pass! She'll be around till the end of time with Cher.
  2. Quality aside, it's the album that (along with True Blue) cemented her as a pop force to be reckoned with. The debut record is excellent, don't get me wrong, but Like a Virgin really showed her power as a pop musician and cultural icon.
  3. Pink's whole thing for this album's promo has been about attacking and trashing other women. She's trashing Madonna now, and she trashed Christina Aguilera earlier. I guess when the music isn't good, you have to rely on other means of promoting.
  4. It's not Give It 2 Me. Nelly has a song called Give It to Me (note the different spellings), which is the instrumental to the video, with a quote from Mean Girls played over the top.
  5. The Madame X version managed to turn a mediocre song into an absolute banger.
  6. Some of these replies are quite...dense. Terri Joe is a very popular TikTok personality, her whole schtick is about being rude and Christian. She's gone live with many celebrities before, including Doja Cat. The whole thing is an act, taking the piss out of people who are actually that right-wing and delusional.
  7. It's disappointing we've gotten such little news or really anything substantial, aside from Finally Enough Love. I wish Madonna would do something similar to what Mariah did with her #MC30 and #Butterfly20 campaigns.
  8. The 1-cd version is the tip. The 3-cd version is the full 9 inches.
  9. Oh wow, I'm so grateful! This is truly the best site for Madonna fans and I was so sad to see it go, very grateful for all those continuing to maintain it.
  10. I don't want to get my hopes up, but I think it's possible that we will get some unreleased songs, demos, or rare tracks. We got Supernatural very recently and Pat was happy to share Angels With Dirty Faces.
  11. This is honestly so exciting. It feels like her legacy is going to start being handled properly!
  12. Her lawyer, Sam Ingham, was not hired by her. She has not been allowed to choose her own counsel. Her lawyer is very much part of the same game as Jamie and the rest of them. He has no desire to see the c-ship end because it brings him a lot of money, too. He never told Britney she could petition to file it and she had no access to any resources to do research about the c-ship until very recently.
  13. We've known she has had issues with her father since the inception of a c-ship. She has been against her father being in charge ever since then. Even before that, she had issues growing up with him. Just because it's not always been publicised doesn't mean it isn't happening behind closed doors. Numerous people have come out in support of Britney and talked about the things they've seen happen to her because of her father, or some of the things her father made her do. Oh, sure. Let me claim to have friends who work with Jamie Spears who have told me that he is actually a giant lizard mutant. We can all play that game! She didn't specify that they put it in her, but more that they refuse to let her take it out. She could have easily chosen to get an IUD herself pre C-SHIP and they refused to let her remove it since. Either way, it's very easy to do it. Disabled women are frequently sterilized in the States. You claim this is a publicity stunt...for what exactly? How is this at all beneficial for any party in the situation? Stop being so dense.
  14. Don't be silly. Celebrities don't have to speak out to be doing something about it. She could easily by trying to get into contact with Britney herself or trying to help in another way.
  15. Nobody really goes on websites anymore for artists, social media accounts are far more important.
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