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  1. heartcore

    This release was likely handled by Warner and they're not allowed to release anything new without Madonna's approval, so don't expect Angels With Dirty Faces etc to be released until she agrees to it. It's a shame this version isn't complete (why they skipped Promise to Try & Act of Contrition, I have no idea) but I'm thankful that we finally have Supernatural on streaming! Next stop - to upload all of her 7"/12"/remixes...
  2. heartcore

    These titles all seem very fake. Throb in particular seems like it was invented by someone who hates Janet. I doubt there’s any truth to these.
  3. heartcore

    Honestly, I adore both of these records equally. They’re both utterly fantastic and it’s a shame that Hard Candy has never received the critical/fan acclaim that it deserves.
  4. Pretty good movie! Wasn't expecting this at the end.
  5. Do you know if it was someone in the thread who said they would leak it or...?
  6. I would be happy to help too, but I won’t be able to send any money until late March! If all 43 of us decide to contribute, that would mean it’s £23/$30 each for the CD, or £13/$17 each for the WAVs!
  7. heartcore

    Why does it matter?
  8. heartcore

    I’m sorry, but then what makes you different from the person who has the CD by hoarding it yourself...?
  9. I don’t think you’re allowed to use GoFundMe for this kind of thing, I’m pretty sure it’s against their rules.
  10. heartcore

    We could always organise a group-buy for this where we all contribute a couple of £/$ or so, get it shipped to somebody reliable and then have them leak it? But then again, there is always the chance that it's going to get leaked soon.
  11. heartcore

    Case in point. Calling out M on some of her bullshit, such as her use of racist language, has everything to do with her. I have no problem with her, but her behaviour can be rather problematic at times.
  12. heartcore

    Just because someone disagrees with you and is able to understand that Madonna is flawed like the rest of us doesn't make them a hater. I love Madonna to the Earth and back, but I can freely admit where she's been problematic during her career. The use of the 'n' word on her instagram, for example - that was poor.
  13. heartcore

    Then you are part of the problem.
  14. You would think this is GagaDaily with the amount that she gets talked about here by annoyed M fans...

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    2. poserdemadonna


      I don't know her

    3. heartcore


      3 hours ago, Dunk96 said:

      Straight facts. The obsession is real. :Madonna056:

      It's just silly at this point. They're both in VERY separate lanes, and both masters at their craft. So why compare?

    4. wtg1987


      i love them both - although gaga's music has waned in the last few years - i just think her performance was really overrated in this film - im not bashing her as i think she works very hard - it just baffles me the praise she is getting for basically playing herself thats all - should M have got an oscar nod for desperately seeking susan then ?