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  1. Alleged insiders are claiming that Madonna did her vocals already, it's possible that the interview with her manager is pre-recorded.
  2. Apparently Madonna did her vocals pre-Corona. This is so exciting, and a real way for Dua to be "blessed" as the next pop girl generation after Madonna, Britney etc.
  3. Yup! Plus, it's unlikely that the single will do anything in the States (Don't Start Now only just dropped off the top 10), so they would be smart to focus on making it a big single in the UK.
  4. It would be lovely but I doubt it. It seems more likely that it'll be Kylie, which would be equally as impressive! The person who confirmed there would be another artist on the single said that the artist chosen was "suprising" and a "legacy artist".
  5. Justice is a concept that can be applied to many things in a multitude of ways. Just because someone feels a work of art is underappreciated does not take away from the charitable work they may do for those in need, too.

  6. Normality will return, but I don't think it will be at least for another year or so. There'll be a sense of normality as the restrictions start to loosen up, but we won't see life as it was pre-COVID until at least around 2022, I would say.
  7. heartcore

    This was actually a really tasteful tribute and I'm so glad that they brought up how much of a trailblazer she is, as well as the ageism controversy.
  8. heartcore

    I'm SO excited for this, I feel they never play Madonna enough respect on RuPaul. Though I am a little worried because I think a lot of jokes will revolve around her age.
  9. heartcore

    I think because it's too similar to Miles Away, they left it off
  10. I'd love for the remaining Rebel Heart tracks to leak, as well as the Hard Candy mixes that were left off @Curtains's HUGE post. I don't really see the point in hoarding these ones now that we have the sheer majority of tracks.
  11. heartcore

    Had to stop reading here - big yikes!
  12. What do you need?

    I have alot of kylie in flac & wav



    1. heartcore


      Thanks for the offer! I'll see what I have 

  13. heartcore

    All the ones in the main thread in the audio section are real, they just don't sounds massively different from each other.
  14. heartcore

    In the age of streaming, the definition of a single is far more ambigious than it was previously, but this is how I categorise them using the definitions of times old: Medellín - Single #1 I Rise - Promo Single #1 Crave - Single #2 Future - Promo Single #2 Dark Ballet - Promo Single #3 Batuka - not a single, just a video God Control - as the remixes are coming, I'd say this is probably promo single #4