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  1. It sounds completely different to some of the previous shows and very very live. I wouldn't call it raw though, it's definitely well processed. I'm sure its been mimed on some shows to a new vocal.
  2. 10pm outside of London is the rough average. Your parents should be fine.
  3. That Live To Tell performance from last night is a disaster. Also, her vocals are so good there is NO reason to have a backing track underneath. If there was no backing track it would have seemed a bit better.
  4. The quality of the posts on this forum has deteriorated beyond redemption.
  5. Yes the nose makes a difference. Hence why we get a stuffy nasal voice when we have a heavy cold.
  6. She looks great but she looks as much like the Music Promo Tour Madonna as she looks like Bart Simpson.
  7. I certainly was. Pre-recorded songs are: Everybody (chorus), JML erotica, BIM (most) and maybe first verse of LAP Nope. Different kind of bad, it's just too high for her and needs bringing down. In all honesty they're not great. She sounded terrible singing it in Stockholm, but she did sound unwell.
  8. I didn't say poor, I said poorly (English people use the term poorly to mean unwell/sick). I wouldn't say there were any brilliant vocal moments but no awful ones either besides Hung Up and Crazy For You. Overall she sounded better than she has since RIT, but with rough moments. Bad Girl and I Will Survive are probably her strongest moments.
  9. If anyone is interested https://news.madonnatribe.com/en/2023/we-dont-need-a-biopic-we-have-the-celebration-tour/?fbclid=IwAR2Ok8HjO5KYIV6g-AC6YeJkmHgA-3qDkGcHlBqRr-grBa-oFjzmPOJdgDw
  10. She was brilliant but I'm very concerned about her health. She sounded very very strained tonight and barely managed Crazy For You. I was however directly facing an under stage sound monitor speaker and could tell exactly what was live and what wasn't, and let me tell you, it's pretty much all live. Erotica and JML are not live, neither is the chorus to Everybody or part of LAP from what I could tell. The concert was amazing and tbh I'd say it's the best of hers I've been to, but vocally she is sick. Because of the speaker position we could hear her very very clearly, the issues started during Open Your Heart but she still sounded good. The only song that sounded awful vocally was Hung Up.
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