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  1. scion

    Tested positive a month ago, recovered x ayham you and your loved one are in my thoughts x
  2. While the haters can be cruel, she really did deserve the criticism for this disaster... and to commemorate it a year on. It's like celebrating a failed exam.
  3. scion

    On the topic of EY and KIT... yes it's obvious they're massively improved vocally, especially that second verse of KIT.
  4. scion

    Get with the program BM4H
  5. scion

    1. DWT - best sounding performance by far. 2. BAT - it's just iconic. 3. WTG 4. RIT
  6. scion

    Other artists are recording home performances... Such a shame she can't just do that... but it wouldn't be 'artsy' enough.
  7. Rights to nothing last forever... and even if it's on a 100 year lease, rights can be renegotiated and its obvious they don't want to do anything with it themselves...
  8. scion

    Okay... Rebel Heart Promo Tour 1. Hold Tight 2. Devil Pray 3. Revolver 4. Ghost Town 5. Rebel Heart/If I Had A Hammer 6. Living For Love (with heavy Papa Don't Preach string sample) *suspense break* 7. Borderline 8. Take a Bow
  9. Haha here's hoping. I just wish there was hope for an incredible quality WTG show... but alas, no :(
  10. I'd actually prefer Yokohama to be released. She looks at her best, her vocals are better than any other show on the tour and she isn't traipsing around the stage effing and blinding. Personally it's the ideal show for me. I can't imagine any big fan of Madonna's not preordering an official BAT release regardless of the show... That said, I'd be far less interested in buying Nice or Barcelona because she sounds horrendous and the source material is crap... I'd buy it when it's reduced.
  11. Come on, you're one of my fave members with impeccable taste, lighten up. Don't take offence. Sometimes when someone makes loads of topics about things that seem a bit, don't take this personally, pointless, if can grate on people! You're a star, don't stress it. So personally I'd just take my Ciao Italia DVD, but if I have to choose... Ghost Town American Life Love Profusion You'll See Beautiful Stranger Get Together Justify My Love Bad Girl Whos That Girl Like a Prayer
  12. scion

    Indeed. But then again we all know iPhone footage doesn't react too well to stage light, regardless of resolution.
  13. scion

    Really? I'm the opposite. Although it's how it's arranged that makes a big difference... BU on RIT sounded meaty and fleshy whereas on RHT it sounded like a cheap Ameritz karaoke track with some plastic chords on top.