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  1. I'm listening with Jet Audio (android app) - hugely enhances the audio. Best a Madonna concert has ever sounded to me, I just wish her mic level was a tad higher.
  2. Best concert night of her career. To me she should retire now as a Queen on top. She has nothing left to prove.
  3. Yeah. Stuart Price used the rehearsal audios for Confessions. I imagine they'll go the same route this time. My preferred option of course would be to use the first four nights of the four and compile an excellent raw live album.
  4. I'm not gonna lie, that fake long note at the end looks absolutely ridiculous. However, it sounds better than every other show. To be honest, the musical director should have had the balls to say to her that her performance of that part doesn't work and offer a better solution musically than either murder it or use playback that doesnt even sound like her voice in her prime. Into The Groove also sounds far better, like the prerecorded vocals she used for the first verse in 2008. However I'd still personally take bad vocals or average vocals over pre recorded excellent ones. That's just me, I appreciate the live stuff and never really enjoy the mimed stuff. However, with it being the last few shows of the tour I don't mind! They'll likely use rehearsal audios for the release anyway, and just be using a mime track here for the energy.
  5. I was positioned directly in front of one in Stockholm. They were more like stage monitors, heavy on the mic vocals.
  6. She sounds terrific. They aren't going to have to dub this concert.
  7. Mercy doesn't play a note live. Just like M didnt play Future live, and Lourdes didn't play Devil live. None of them actually played the piano live in concert. None of them have the form or sound of a genuine live pianist. And that's fine. It's a pop concert. To be honest I'm surprised anyone in the audiences could be thick enough to believe any of them were playing when their eyes and ears should be saying otherwise.
  8. I mean to be fair she's had 40 years of reports of people behind the scenes that have said she's pretty unpleasant. Other celebrities of equal stardom saying she's rude. Multiple interviews where she is unpleasant. Multiple accounts from former co-stars on screen. Multiple concert videos where she is rude to her audiencd. Various documented poor interactions with fans. I've literally stood 6ft from her crew saying she isn't particularly pleasant at times. It's true she isn't a nice person, there is far too much evidence to ever argue otherwise That doesn't detract from my admiration for her as an artist and performer but I don't doubt for a second that she is a horrible person to those around her and whom she seems beneath her.
  9. I mean seriously, she's acting like an absolute nobhead here. Exactly. It's really odd.
  10. I think for me, the comfort of 20,000 paying guests should be paramount over the vanity of a singer and her 'vocals' that she puts no real effort into anyway tbh. The whole AC off bullshit is just a flex or power. She even did it during Confessions where over a quarter of the show was generally mimed anyway.
  11. Well my dear friend (it's been a while!), we all know she's a pretty rotten human being when it comes to her attitude and general personality. I just find the best way to admire her is to admire her artistry and performance but not to admire her as a human being because she just isn't a likeable person. Although I believe she has admirable political stances her overall contempt towards her fans and crew tells me shes a seriously horrible person and there's nothing admirable about that. The guy who films near the B stage was talking to fans in Stockholm about how she isn't nice to be around if there is a problem. But she's Madonna, I guess she doesn't have to be a nice person.
  12. Yeah I've seen a video of me and M at the moment we locked eyes and she sang some of Rain towards me, but nothing clear enough :(
  13. No you don't. I arrived about 4pm for the Stockholm show with a gold circle ticket, literally walked to the front row when the gates opened, I didn't have to run and people were walking in half an hour later and people were still getting first or second row. Having to queue to get the front row of a Madonna concert is just not the case anymore. She doesn't have the young audience anymore.
  14. don't be a damn fool my friend, she is replacing it with One More Chance, and she will sing it in every key all at once just like Take a Bow.
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