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  1. Now if each section contained 2 80s songs, two 90s and one 21st century it would be phenomenal if split into 5 sections. the issues occur if we separate 2000s and 2010+
  2. The issue is, starting off with the last decade or so will bore the hell out of the general public… doing it a decade at a time is going to create serious pacing issues. I mean what from 2009 onwards can the general public actually get excited for? It was bad enough at the RHT as you had the lukewarm enthusiasm for Iconic (great opener for fans, not exciting for the GP), followed by BIM which was just a boring performance of a song nobody cared about, followed by a non-hit from 1983 (my fave M song of all time however) and then a new non-single with 60 seconds of Vogue… Us hardcore fans quite enjoyed it, the general public sat in their seats 😟
  3. With the right production this would be amazing.
  4. I said pretty much every… are you always this cantankerous?
  5. Even if on Guitar… Imagine a stage in the round, with a really long modern intro and then you hear the 80s vocals ‘gonna dress you up in my looooooooooove…’, loads of heavy guitar and then there she is, centre stage on a descendiing podium with her guitar… The crowd cheers…. 1… 2… a 1… 2…. 3… 4… Into dress you up… Thafs how you make an iconic entrance without any real physical effort… think Tina on her last tour, or Celine in 2008.
  6. Why would her performing pretty much every 80s single mean she can’t also do those songs?..
  7. So if the tour really is going to focus on 80s hits I imagine we can reasonably expect every 80s single pretty much, even those that weren’t hits. I imagine Dress You Up will return on guitar, although I’d love her to open with it like VT.
  8. Medleys I imagine. It’s not as though she hasn’t done them before… I mean even the Super Bowl was essentially one giant medley…. Of course not an entire show of short numbers but I can imagine a few!
  9. Because she isn’t Dolly? 🤣
  10. I was there… aged 15 in the gold circle!
  11. Millennium in Cardiff has a retractable Roof. Can’t remember the new name
  12. I mean, November isn’t even that cold… better than December or January 🤣
  13. Madonna: The SmartPrice World Tour
  14. Exactly. There’s been loads of time to prepare, what is an other 30 days when a tour has been heavily rumoured for six months.
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