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  1. Excellent stuff this... Works for me. Cannot generally stand Beyonce's music but this absolutely works for me.
  2. I’d say all is not lost though - if she filmed a couple of TV specials to be broadcast for her 40th Anniversary globally where she performed THE HITS - kinda like Elton did at Madison Square Garden for his 60th she could probably reverse a lot of damage. Unless of course she starts charging the audience for selfies and riding around on a tricycle.
  3. Bloody love Elton. He actually performed a concert at the top of my street, and I’ve seen him live too
  4. Erm, his millions of adoring fans that pack our arenas and stadiums to see him annually 😅
  5. No issues from my perspective… haven’t blasted it yet, so I’m going to blast it in the car in the morning 😀
  6. Nobody gives a shit? You obviously missed Twitter then.
  7. Devil was over such a loud studio backing track it’s hard to call it totally live when she was barely audible singing it for half the tour… Yes she was singing live but she could barely be heard as her mic was so low in the mix. Those notes in You Must Love Me were excruciating. It’s like she hit them in Cardiff with such precision and then decided not to try thereafter. I’d argue they’re some of her worst in terms of stay on key/pitch.
  8. Like a Virgin was fine. You Must Love Me was off key literally every night except Cardiff. Spanish Lesson I can deal with. Devil was barely live… Oh absolutely. RHT she wasn’t half as bad as 2012… although those Body Shop and True Blue vocals in Manchester and Glasgow which I attended were painful.
  9. She really was pretty stellar in 2003/4. It’s 2005 her voice seems to dip and I’m presuming that’s when the menopause hit because there was a huge tonal shift, which became even more apparent around 2008. By 2012 she seems to have lost all control her voice, which is something that seems slightly regained since
  10. There isn’t much complaining going on - I think most people have seen this performance as refreshing
  11. And not that place she did La Isla Bonita last year 😐
  12. We know her idea of comedy stinks 😅 Maybe Enrico you could create a separate thread to discuss the current form of her voice?
  13. She’s 64, I wouldn’t expect she could get much more fit really…
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