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  1. Ah yes, I read in the other thread that you were on the floor at the Dallas show. Which section were you in? I was Sec 17, Row A, so first row after the catwalk (although there were 2 rows in front of me, they were a section above me). Hopefully you couldn't hear me singing off key
  2. Has anyone else gone to YouTube and tried to find yourself in a video footage from the night you attended? I'll embarrass myself by going first: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJq-mf5QWA0&t=371s This is my mother and myself. It's so surreal watching yourself watching the show. Its like living vicariously through yourself, but yourself was also there in person? ANYWAYS, does anyone else do this? I think its fun watching your own natural reactions to the show, not knowing someone is (inadvertently) filming you. All that being said, post yourself in video footage (if you're comfortable doing so)!
  3. I was at both Dallas shows, so here are some small things I noticed: Night 1: -She started about 15/20 min later than she has been these past few weeks and I didn't really think anything of it until... -During the Burning Up speech she said she was in a mood, but I think she played it off really well and even told the crowd she was feeling a lot better during the Express Yourself speech. -During Celebration, she was saying her thank-you's and she made a very vague apology to Bob, like "Thank you Bob, and I'm sorry for that thing that happened". I wonder if something happened before the show between the two that put her in a funk? IDK, pure speculation. -The show was PHENOMENAL! I was at the 3rd row after the end of the catwalk so I saw her up close during Hung Up, Don't Tell Me & Express Yourself. Seeing her so close almost... humanizes her in a way? Not sure of the right term, but I just kept thinking "Wow, she's 20 feet away from me. And she's just a normal person". You get so used to seeing her in wide stadium shots on DVD and on TV performances and think she is this untouchable entity, but when you're that close she just feels so normal. Like performing is just her job, she just happens to be incredibly good at it. I'm still on a high from seeing her, so this probably doesn't make much sense. Night 2: -I was in the 2nd row of the highest section, so I got a more birds-eye-view of the show. Both floor and upper levels have their strengths and weaknesses. -She was in a GREAT mood all night, and I felt was a lot more chatty with the audience. -Her voice was a little more hoarse than normal so it cracked a few times. Nobody seemed to care. -During both shows, she really stressed her love of being a mother. I think she said night 1 was David's birthday so I think she was in a reflective mood. -Some of the things you think might not really work, surprisingly do when you see it live. I never hated the ending, but thought it could be improved. However, the audience went crazy with all of the reincarnations, so I think it kind of distracts from some of the weaker points of the encore. OVERALL, 10/10 concert. Super looking forward to any streaming/video release so I can re-watch in pro quality.
  4. I think it depends on if you are a hardcore fan or a general fan. When I first got into M, it was during the Celebration era (I'm only 29, so I missed the golden years). I figured "Well, I've heard shes got some great songs, so let me give it a listen", and then I immediately fell in love. However, after becoming a hardcore fan, the obvious most important collection of hers is The Immaculate Collection, as I consider it the pop Bible. That being said, I'm still going with Celebration. The mastering errors are egregious and some song choices are questionable, but I don't think the general public would think twice in those regards. I don't think they'll say "I can't believe they included Miles Away instead of Deeper and Deeper". I think the general public took it as a reflection of one of the greatest artists of our lifetime, and as a potential invite to explore her discography (as it encouraged me to do!) Just my opinion, I'm open for healthy debate
  5. I also noticed when Beyoncé did her Europe shows, the audience seemed less engaged. But I also read that that is common in Europe/Asia as the audience is more calm and collected whereas the US audience is more vocal and audacious? Again, just an observation, no judgment either way
  6. Mar 24 – Dallas, TX – American Airlines Center Mar 25 – Dallas, TX – American Airlines Center
  7. I feel the exact same way. I think the album is a complete masterpiece as a whole, but I usually don't listen to the songs individually (except for Vogue, JML & RM). I think it was perfect for casual fans who didn't have every detail of the original songs ingrained in their minds but loved the overall familiarity with the songs. I'm a tiny bit surprised Madonna didn't get a jump-start on the "Deluxe" bandwagon with this album. I am a millennial so I'm used to everything having a standard and deluxe version. But looking at how so forward thinking Madonna is, I'm surprised she didn't release a special edition that included a second disc of songs not on the original album (excluding Holiday Collection, since none of the songs were QSound). I think it could have been sold for a pretty penny, but with the limitations of CD's at the time, it might not have not been worth the effort.
  8. For those who ordered the 6LP from Warner Canada, I got 2 back to back emails this morning, first was that it has shipped, and then that it was out for delivery. The package arrived at around 3pm. Since I'm in the US, I have to imagine everyone who ordered through Warner Canada will get theirs this week if you haven't already. I was expecting to wait upwards of a month for mine to get delivered considering I'm in a completely separate country, so needless to say I'm thoroughly impressed with ordering through Warner. And there were no additional taxes/fees when it went through customs, so that was a bonus.
  9. Mine is shipping to Texas, USA, which will probably take weeks... So go ahead and pick up mine too and I'll drive up and get it
  10. I was JUST about to ask if anyone who ordered from Warner Canada had theirs shipped yet, because mine has not either. I haven't emailed them, but please let me know if they respond. I'm not too worried but I am starting to get a tad nervous. Where are you having yours shipped to?
  11. For everyone that keeps tabs on which website has which versions in stock, THANK YOU!!!!!! I was able to get a copy of the 6LP from Warner Canada. I was worried I would have to pay insane re-sell prices a few years from now. For those wondering, they will ship to the US, and if using PayPal, they will allow you to pay in installments if needed.
  12. Of course I was at work and missed it... I even signed up for notifications if they were back in stock but never got an email. I need everyone to stop buying extra copies so I can get one And thank you for keeping me in the loop about it being back in stock, I really appreciate it
  13. If anyone knows anywhere that is still selling the 6LP edition (able to ship to USA), please let me know. By the time I got paid, it was already sold out everywhere
  14. Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I was wondering about the vocal sample in the chorus of the Nothing Really Matters Demo that leaked earlier this year with the Demo Assembly. It starts around the 49 second mark and continues throughout the track. Is it a sample of another song? What is the man saying? Its sounds like he's saying "whatcha told me" but that wouldn't really make sense with the concept of the song. Any info would be appreciated
  15. I think it all depends on what you feel is considered a "ballad", per-say. Ballads don't always have to be slow, mellow tunes. They can have uptempo beats or even heavy rock (Take for example Bon Jovi, Livin On A Prayer). I actually think all 5 could be considered ballads, albeit in different forms of musical genre's.
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