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  1. Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I was wondering about the vocal sample in the chorus of the Nothing Really Matters Demo that leaked earlier this year with the Demo Assembly. It starts around the 49 second mark and continues throughout the track. Is it a sample of another song? What is the man saying? Its sounds like he's saying "whatcha told me" but that wouldn't really make sense with the concept of the song. Any info would be appreciated
  2. sdvsr2fan

    Sorry to re-hash an old topic, but is it safe to assume that Hard Candy and Celebration will be getting the re-issue treatment as well? They were both released under Warner, which Rhino Records is a subdivision of, so it definitely shouldn't be a ownership issue. I'm just not trying to pay $300 for a copy of Celebration on vinyl.....
  3. sdvsr2fan

    This is great news! Now if they could just re-issue the Celebration vinyl so I don't have to pay $10 million on ebay, that would be gucci!
  4. sdvsr2fan

    This is exactly what I experienced. I thought the reissues stopped at "Something To Remember" until I saw a ROL vinyl with the same hype sticker as the rest of the recent reissues. And I too noticed the cover was much better quality than the previous vinyl, but for me: Music quality > Cover Quality, but I'll stick with the new one if the sound qualities are similar!
  5. sdvsr2fan

    Thank God, they're making it super easy to fill the holes in my vinyl collection!! Did anyone get the Ray Of Light repress that came out with the last batch and is it better than the German pressing from a few years ago?
  6. sdvsr2fan

    I think it all depends on what you feel is considered a "ballad", per-say. Ballads don't always have to be slow, mellow tunes. They can have uptempo beats or even heavy rock (Take for example Bon Jovi, Livin On A Prayer). I actually think all 5 could be considered ballads, albeit in different forms of musical genre's.
  7. sdvsr2fan

    If you rip the CD on your computer to MP3, it is not lossless. The highest an MP3 file can go is 320kbps. The audio on a CD is 1411kbps. If you want the CD quality, you have to rip the CD in a format such as WAV, FLAC, or Apple Lossless. There is no way for CD's to hold the 24-bit 192kHz data, it's too large for commercial CD's to hold. That's why 24-bit songs are sold online, since you can just download the file without any compression.
  8. sdvsr2fan

    I'm also still kind of new to lossless/FLAC, but this is what I've learned so far:CD's are the highest quality available for most commercial recordings. Audio on CDs are stored at 1411 kbps, as that's the highest amount of data that commercial CDs can hold. CDs don't hold the quality that is achieved from a song that is straight from the studio, as that quality will be far superior. I believe there is always some sort of loss of quality when being transferred from studio to CD. However, there are new things such as HDTracks that provide original studio masters which are around 1536 kbps, but they generally cost more and are mostly older albums. FLAC torrents of albums are mostly the real deal, BUT, it is possible to turn a lossy MP3 into FLAC, but it doesn't increase quality and is not considered to be true lossless. But every torrent I've ever downloaded that claimed to be FLAC was indeed lossless, and came directly from the CD, without any compression. The only Madonna albums that I know are available in higher quality are the first 3 albums + Who's That Girl, all of which are available on HDTracks at 1536 kbps. I hope this answers your question, and if anyone has anything to add/correct, please feel free to comment
  9. Not sure how to embed youtube videos, but this one has some EXCELLENT screen footage for a good 20+ min.
  10. Overall, best concert I've ever been to. The crowd was so into it and it's the most I've ever seen her interact with the audience! If anyone takes the time to put together the audios/videos of the concert together, please let me know. I would love to relive this night over and over!
  11. Thank God she said "And I love you" at the end so M could work off of that sentence instead!
  12. After she said that, literally everyone in the section I was in went "......Huh?" It was so incredibly awkward!!
  13. JUST bought my ticket. Section 106. I am beyond excited!!
  14. Well, I'm still looking for decent tickets, but hopefully I'll be there too! Just read about the after-party, that would be the perfect ending to a great weekend!