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  1. M released Hey You 12 years ago today. who knew.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. professormouse


      When Doves Cry was 35 years ago !

    3. Fighter


      her last good song

    4. RUADJAI


      I just spit the dick out my mouf  :Madonna009:

  2. they're on the wiki page for the album, the Madame X production team did this one.
  3. let's hope M puts Soltera on the tour!

  4. mr00mister

    as you should be. congrats to everyone that got something!
  5. there's a vertical video for Medellín in spotify! it has alternative takes and a different edition all over. it could work perfectly for a backdrop.

    1. KaitoXD


      Please do record it! I can't see it when I played the track on Spotify. :(

    2. Enrico



  6. mr00mister

    i'm not sure if i've posted here before but confirm me in!
  7. mr00mister

    ok no, but you know what? i'm so excited about this entire theatre format! she could sing a setlist one night, and then a completely different one the second night, or hve a structure with replaceable options for each song each night, making every concert a different experience! and this could finally put the focus on what really matters, and what should have never lost focus. not the dances, not the costumes, not the screen videos, but the music.
  8. mr00mister

    if they ever answered
  9. been updating the tour page on Wikipedia since the first announcement. hope it looks awesome after the tour is over.

  10. mr00mister

  11. mr00mister

    7 SHOWS • SEP 12 - 22 BAM Howard Gilman Opera House New York, NY 4 SHOWS • OCT 15 - 21 The Chicago Theatre Chicago, IL 5 SHOWS • NOV 12 - 17 The Wiltern
  12. mr00mister

    the LiveNation site just updated!
  13. i don't think it's comparing how the songs sound similar with the other, but it's more like in a context. La isla Bonita was the sound of central and south america in that moment, and Medellín is the sound of Latin america right now. if you look at the Latin American charts, you'll see it's mostly urban reggaetón sounds, and it's been for the last 5 years or so.
  14. someone said on release day that in these times of instant response and gratification, it was logical to wait such a harsh reaction to Medellín. but it's totally a grower. luckily M didn't debut the video on the same day, she had to let the song grow into us. also, i want to think i was certain on the reason for the song being released on a wednesday was that Maluma was releasing another song on that ffriday. it took 3 days for M to get 6 million views, and La Respuesta, the new Maluma song with Becky G, had 10 million on its debut day with no problem. imagine if M had released her song on that same day.
  15. mr00mister

    this is supposedly what you'll see once the jewel box is open, not the actual backcover.