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  1. I was the one who compiled all the opening acts on wikipedia and GOD it was so hard to find her!
  2. I remember I dreamed about being in a MDNA soundcheck (think of this video where she sings Physical Attaction with fans, that energy), and I got to ask her what had actually happened on the Santiago concert, saying how we had the right to know and had a closing on that after so many years. i woke up with tears in my eyes and i still don't know how to feel about it.
  3. that's the thing about wikipedia, you need an actual publication, say an article in a reliable media as reference, so as far as no one posts the actual setlist with the correct act divisions and samples, we can't use them as reference for it. rebel heart had "justify my love" as a sample in Virgin cause this one article said it and you gotta stick to the source, until another article appeared with the correct information. the same Celebration article puts the "gangsta" sample on Hung Up I think because the reference being used says so.
  4. I believe Instagram account MadonnaLiteral posted a set of pics identifying each of the Madonnas on that number, I'll have to look for that one post specifically edit: FOUND IT!
  5. this source from March 2004 mentions the Babylon name as almost official tho
  6. Nobody Knows Me Tour would have been interesting tho do you imagine of the show had had more tracks from American Life instead of technically being a greatest hits thing?
  7. it's a different mix than the album version but as far as i know it's been played at the end of every show
  8. The mexican run starts soon! anyone going to the 5-night stay there? keep collaborating on this playlist! remember, it's not what the DJ plays, but what plays while the stage is empty, waiting for the show to start, before and after the opening act.
  9. Usually her acts last between 20 and 25 minutes, it's crazy indeed!
  10. she could have easily just learn it phonetically, she keeps saying she doesn't speak spanish.
  11. has anyone else gotten any new song not listed here? note we're not looking for what the opening dj plays, but the songs that play while the stage is empty, before the show starts.
  12. he was super selective with his collaborations, particularly in his late years. he turned coldplay down by email ("it isn't really a good song, is it?"). now question is, is M willing to explore that darkness of 'hours...', Heathen and The Next Day without thinking too much about the charts? MDNA was supposed to be a dark album but she worried about the audience and that's when the whole project shiftshaped into not so good. Never Let Me Down is the perfect example of what happens when you put other's expectations before your own, they had to later redo the entire thing 30 years later cause indeed let people down!
  13. i wasn't really seeing this until i read it again and damn, it makes sense! so now all these non-album singles are her Earthling era? will the next album be her 'hours...' sound?
  14. cut this tracklist at 12 and make that the standard version?
  15. well in 2006, the Rolling Stones performed for free at Copacabana, as part of their A Bigger Bang Tour, for what i've read its the biggest audience ever in a free concert, 1.5 million people. there's professional footage of the show
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