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  1. I took the time to read all the album credits and officially she's only credited with cowbell in Holiday and acoustic guitar in Falling Free.
  2. Bad Girl Lucky Star ot Little Star?
  3. Looks really amazing! I really hope her team gets us a decent 30 anniversary reissue, like U2 did for Achtung Baby back in 2011. Imagine having a 1CD, a 2CD, a 2CD+DVD, and different boxsets for the 30 years of Erotica. I know I'm asking a bit to much to what she got us accostumed, and I'm ready to be disappointed, but I can still dream. Like a Prayer 30 was just a compilation of remixes.
  4. Human Nature Dress You Up or Into the Groove?
  5. someone mentioned it already, but yes, Kevin Antunes as lead music director for her last 4 tours. It takes away the "live" sound experience from her shows. He has said he prefers to sample from the original steams and tapes to "respect the producer's original intention" but dude, I don't pay for a live show to hear exactle the song as on the album. I wanna hear real drums, real guitar, a real bass. I believe the only moment with real instrumentation on the Rebel Heart show was the title track. the Madame X shows had this hybrid thing that kinda worked in some tracks and didn't in others. but she deserves a real band with a real live sound.
  6. You'll See Give Me All Your Luvin' or B-day Song?
  7. this was maybe the best she did, it would have came back to haunt her to these days, and her detractors would still use it. I can't imagine myself defending her for that.
  8. I would focus on some lead single choices. I keep thinking the 00s and 10s albums had the wrong song chosen to lead promotion (except for Confessions on a Dance Floor and Hard Candy). American Life should have had "Intervention" as the first single, MDNA should have been "Girl Gone Wild" instead of the mess that was GMAYL, Rebel Heart could have been perfect first presented with "Body Shop", and all the Madame X concept is encapsulated in "Batuka", "Medellín" should have been 2nd. and yes, Instagram, as she is handling it, is a mistake. she could still have opened it and keep the mistique, have it managed by her team to make announcements or celebrate release anniversaries. look at what U2 has done there for example. speaking of U2, their and M's manager. her biggest mistake.
  9. why is it that fans sometimes have better ideas than her own team?
  10. I'm relaly loving this idea! The Celebration project had so much potential and I feel it didn't really meet some expectations, but on the other side, it was nice to see a good compilation of her hits. This tracklist really fits an ideal selection.
  11. dear jessie. die another day or american life?
  12. honestly? I don't even wanna try, I won't give my money to a cheap cashgrab. By information on the covers of the LPs I have seen in front of me, these "live" shows are mostly FM broadcasts, then YouTube rips transfered to vinyl. if that gives you an idea.
  13. here in Chile it's the same thing, I'm seeing those bootleg fake LPs everywhere
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