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  1. new album with him , the weekend , max martin !
  2. i hope the weekend , stuart price , dijon , max martin collaborate for the new album, maybe duet with kylie no bevonce i don't get the hype for her
  3. i hope she is hungry to record some new songs and make a new album !
  4. hope they will make a a new duet song together
  5. i really hope she will work with some top producers again old and new ones and give us a killer album with no filler/shit songs and with great lyrics and vocals and production
  6. i really hope for a new album with old and new top producers/writers ( the weekend , max martin, patrick leonard , stuart price ..... ) from the past to create a top killer no filler album :-) And of cours bring nicki & donna back for Backing vocales
  7. i really hope for some new madonna songs , i don't really care so mutch for the tour , specialy afther a few shows , nothing new will happen
  8. i don't really care for that project , for me its whas not my thing so NEXT
  9. the big quastion is better make decent classic killer hit songs and looking a bit normal or being crazy , vulgar doing what she things is art and nobody give a shit anymore ?
  10. will she release a new album in the future , we don't now how long the tour will last and will she make a new album afther that or will she being bussy 2 years editing the tour and live album
  11. i damm miss new album news , its been so long since she released a album
  12. Mirwais produce more minialistic music , stiff strip electronic sound , i love more layers and melody
  13. she can work with the weekend again afther the tour and if they release a song together again make a decent video and promote it . maybe this is just try out without really promote ...
  14. who produced blinding lights , save you tears , in your eyes , take my breath ? those song are the best of the weekend
  15. i add stuart price to it :-)
  16. wow madonna sings really good on this track , not my really type of music but it's a good produced chill groovy song. finaly some decent lyrics, hope it does well in the usa . would be great if she does a duet again with the weekend and make a song like blinding lights , save your tears and take my breath or her new album
  17. yes i want more melodic song from madonna hope a full only madonna soon
  18. we don't know how long vulgar is more then 3 min ? she posted the remix with beyonce and that whas not a real duet
  19. sounds good , hope they sing a verse together
  20. maybe she post or promote it when its released ?
  21. hope they will release it ,she sometimes record songs that she does not release afther at all or maybe making a few songs and release the best one
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