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  1. I remember I read somewhere she hated the direction by Matthew Rolston and in the end, she fired the director and edited it by herself with somebody else. Anyway, it's one my favorite videos. There is an alternative edit, but in very poor quality.
  2. Do you think it's a WHOLE Madonna's music section? In Madonna's 40 years in music celebration? Your expectations are so low, lol
  3. The Blond Ambition jacket is a very interesting item and that's it. If I wish a Virgin Tour t-shirt, I can make it for myself for a cheapier price. But I just wonder: why we never get music stuff in her store? It's her damn-40-years in MUSIC and nothing interesting yet. I'm not interested in t-shirts, hats, caps, pillows, keychains, bottoms, etc. I'm old enough for this kind of teenage and silly stuff. Where are her music (re)releases? I miss the Icon days.
  4. Like a Prayer Vogue The Power of Goodbye Love tried to welcome me Physical Attraction
  5. Did you not read I like half of Rebel Heart? I'm not the only who didn't enjoy the Interscope years. On the other hand, this kind of embarrassment about other people's opinion doesn't work with me. I have my opinion and that's it. I didn't enjoy Madonna's releases in the last years, but I'm still a fan of her previous work. If you think she changed for good with Madame X and the remixes from the last years, great for you, but they didn't work for me. Sorry, if it bothers you. Anyway, I'm thrilled about GREATEST HITS tour and also the forthcoming EXPANDED LANDMARK ALBUNS.
  6. I think the same about fans like you. Eveything is great, untouchble, living in a bubble. Go ahead, and wait she performs Material growlllll, Hung up on Toskicha and Sickick'S Frozen on tour. I will expect Material girl, Frozen and Hung up. And you are wrong. My latest enjoyable album is Hard candy (and half of Rebel Heart).
  7. But that's your opinion. I'm excited about the new tour (but only because it's a greatest hits tour, I'm not interested in anything she released in Interscope), but not about a new album. Since Madame X album and then the questionable remixes she released last year and also a strange song like Vulgar, I'm not excited for a release of a new album anymore. I prefer a re-release of her old albums with deluxe editions, etc.
  8. I don't think it's a bad album, but it's like Evita soundtrack. Two albuns I used to listen when the movies were out, but I don't care about them for a long time, since they are not a Madonna Ciccone's album, but a character's album. The only song besides Vogue, I still listen to is Sooner or Later. The Oscar perfomance was outstanding and I never get bored about this one. I don't like Cry Baby, I'm Going Bananas and Now I'm Following You. And Something to Rember is an ok song for my taste, but one of her weakest ballads, IMO.
  9. +1 I wish Ain't no big deal in the final tracklist along with the others because I think the lenght of songs on the first album are very long.
  10. Her dress was short, so it's fake, although it's nice
  11. Madame X whole era Children's books Her movies after Evita Tears of a Clown Ricardo Gomes photoshoots
  12. Wow. What an unfortunate comment. Mostly demos are floating around except some few ones from the 80's. Fans are expecting only an official release in physical formats in the expanded albuns and her official stream channels and making Madonna even more rich, because we already have them in our HD's for ages or even in unofficial youtube accounts. I can't believe fans want Madonna dead only to get Warning Signs or Each Time you break my heart in HQ. And even after the day she passes, there is no assurance Warner or her team will publish unreleased stuff. It's the most infelicitous comment I read in this forum by far.
  13. lap


    A video with Madonna would be very welcome.
  14. When some members say Madonna or Warner didn't promise anything to us, I wonder, as english is not my first language. What does it mean exactly? "Madonna will personally curate expansive deluxe editions for many of her landmark albums" I understood there will be extended deluxe versions of each album? Am I nuts?
  15. A nightmare that never ends
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