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  1. Me too. I adored when she changed some songs in RHT. Hope she performs other hits in the acoustic session.
  2. This is simply HORRIBLE. No design, only photos. I hope this is only a project of his own.
  3. I love Katy. I really hope it's a proper song and no something like that 'thing' she collaborated with Sam Smith. I would love a feat with Kylie as well.
  4. Both. I don't think Frozen Remix was horrible, but if I had to choose, Rain would be my choice. Anyway, a mash-up would be amazing
  5. I will survive acoustic version had a meaning last year, it was nice (not great as the original arrangement), but this is her greatest hits tour. Express Yourself is one of her strongest song, a very big and missed hit in the setlist and even it deserved a better production, the acoustic version is cute and she sounded very good. I hope she replaces it over I will survive.
  6. WoW. Hope she incorporates this song in the setlist definitely. A very classic and it's (her) greatest hits tour.
  7. I really hope so. A retrospective of her amazing career.
  8. I totally agree. IMO, Vulgar is the worst Madonna collaboration ever, it's a kind of bad joke song. I can't understand why she agreed to record this horrible song. On the other hand, Popular is a very good collaboration with The Weeknd and the general public enjoyed the song a lot. So, it overshadowed Vulgar and it's a completely forgotten song now.
  9. SlenderMadonna What a bad filter, Jesus! On stage she looks 1000 times better than in those instagram photos.
  10. Ray of Light Confessions (not my favorite, but it was a huge global success) And although it could be dated by now, I would love Like a Prayer part 2
  11. I read somewhere in this topic, she cut Music and Four MInutes due to her health problems. I hope she incorporates those songs in the American Leg. And I agree with some other commentaries here: she should switch Rain for Frozen and vice-versa in some dates. Both songs are classic hit and amazing. And the last thing: The Tour Book for sale.
  12. Well, The Celebration Tour version is not a performance, but an interlude. It'll win this poll by far. IMO, Girlie Show is the worst by far.
  13. Laserdisc was never a popular format as you said. There are many articles about it. This format failed when DVD's became a fever and the laser disc and VHS were discontinued. https://history-computer.com/the-real-reason-laserdisc-failed-spectacularly/ So, since the 90's we never got a popular format release for Blond Ambition tour, her most Iconic tour.
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