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  1. Why is this news to anyone? Did some really think she wouldn’t make this movies? What’s the no sense about “she told her story on tour perfectly”? 🤷🏻‍♂️. I just think it should be a miniseries. There are too many stories to tell within her life story. Maybe they can do both. A feature movie length situation and then a 5 hrs director’s cut.🤣
  2. Aaawwwrgh THANK YOU I’m traveling a lot since last October so I missed it. Marvelous. Thx again. 🤗
  3. I'm aware but what I'm wondering is if there's a better quality video out there. Here's the link to the one available online: https://dn720403.ca.archive.org/0/items/madonna-rare-sex-book-making-of-workprin-t-footage/Madonna RARE Sex (Book - Making Of) Workprin t footage.mp4
  4. I saw this many MAAAANY years ago and downloaded it. It was poor quality but I fkn loved it. Cannot find it anywhere really. Has it ever leaked in decent quality? Does anyone care to share? It's truly a bit of a masterpiece.
  5. Awww. Thank you. It makes me happy when people enjoy my re-works. A lot of time goes into them.❤️ While I was working on Popukar Survival I also made an ambient mix of Survival which I finished months later. I had totally forgotten about it but it turned out great.🤗
  6. Biopic mini series or split up in three feature length movies (released over 18 months or 3 years.) Her story is too broad for just a movie accompanied by re-releases of her albums in chronicle order including demos and new remixes. With one off performances for each album with a full band and background support from Donna and Nicki Harris, performing every song from each album. Like “storyteller” on MTV back then. each re-release could have a new track inspired by each album era. and an OnlyFans account. Ha ha.
  7. Those poor hosts have to fill the time with so much talking. Now they started playing the LAV video on one of the channels I’m streaming. Ha ha.
  8. 22:30-23:00 seems to be her favorite time to come on. 🤣
  9. NordVPN set to Sao Paolo + globoplay.globo.com = Works for me so far. You’ll have to create an account, easy. No need to provide phone but email.
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