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  1. https://x.com/basedylan5/status/1807277590647902500?s=46&t=kj5WbTrCCfxrcVwKefQscA off to bed. Gnight. 🤗
  2. https://x.com/insideout2dad/status/1807275721598857609?s=46&t=kj5WbTrCCfxrcVwKefQscA
  3. https://x.com/phil_tbh/status/1807275306291527986?s=46&t=kj5WbTrCCfxrcVwKefQscA
  4. https://x.com/mnicabellucci/status/1807270284652654652?s=46&t=kj5WbTrCCfxrcVwKefQscA
  5. Why is this news to anyone? Did some really think she wouldn’t make this movies? What’s the no sense about “she told her story on tour perfectly”? 🤷🏻‍♂️. I just think it should be a miniseries. There are too many stories to tell within her life story. Maybe they can do both. A feature movie length situation and then a 5 hrs director’s cut.🤣
  6. Aaawwwrgh THANK YOU I’m traveling a lot since last October so I missed it. Marvelous. Thx again. 🤗
  7. I'm aware but what I'm wondering is if there's a better quality video out there. Here's the link to the one available online: https://dn720403.ca.archive.org/0/items/madonna-rare-sex-book-making-of-workprin-t-footage/Madonna RARE Sex (Book - Making Of) Workprin t footage.mp4
  8. I saw this many MAAAANY years ago and downloaded it. It was poor quality but I fkn loved it. Cannot find it anywhere really. Has it ever leaked in decent quality? Does anyone care to share? It's truly a bit of a masterpiece.
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